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  1. Just to clarify a point: Q: Can I claim a refund after 14/28/90 days? A: There is NO set time limit in statute or case/common law. The law does state however that the consumer is entitled to a refund if he returns the goods before he has accepted them. Q: What do you mean by "accepted the goods"? A: A consumer accepts the goods when he keeps them for a reasonable amount of time without informing the seller that there is a fault/error in description etc. Q: When I bought my goods the seller made me sign a slip saying I accept the goods and am no longer entitled to
  2. I really wouldnt reccomend insulting the people who help run this site ...... Because the people who have got thousands upon thousands of pounds back from the banks because of our help just might have something to say ;-) . Just three a day of the Humourzoid? :o Might "just" make me smile I suppose.... 8) Tom
  3. I'm sure you've seen my "Laptop Faulty, Tesco Wont Act" thread . TBH they are getting worse. They told me that Tesco policy meant that nothing could be done without a reciept. I asked them to write it down and they asked why, I told him that the comment was unlawful and that I'd be having his job . "Sorry sir, its not Tesco's policy for staff to write down statments" . But to be fair, if you opened the strwaberries andslipped some poisen into them, and put them back and someone else bought them and fell ill. The CCTV of you being seen opening them in front of staff without b
  4. Charming....... Will all users who are making defamatory, personal remarks about individuals, please stop immediatly! Is it helping people re claim their unlawful bank charges.....? NO? Then it doesnt belong here. CAG and BAG are not condoning any comments made by any users of the site, and reserve the right to remove any post they believe is potentially libellous. As is stated in the rules of the forum. Tom.
  5. And sign up all 30 email address's to adult sites, gambling sites and sign them up to the weekly newsletter of the local mental hospitals and then post them all on an open forum for spammers to get hold of.... Then they'll get the message . (BTW "DONT" DO ALL THAT!! ) Tom
  6. Plonk the laptop on the PcWorld counter and inform him the obligations they owe you havent been met and that the contract is being terminated....and that you want it sorting out...... Or tell Iain where your gonna be stuffing the laptop should he like to mess you around ?
  7. The law specifies that where a specific date hasnt been agreed, goods must be delivered within a reasonable amount of time. This is an implied contract term. If you want to, write to them and tell them that there breach of contract has resulted in you buying another sofa, and that you claim the money for the new sofa, back of them.
  8. UPDATE EVERYONE:- This evening, I took my original letter, in person to my local Tesco store. I asked to see the manager to hand it to her personally, she asked the customer service lady, on the phone, what I wanted to speak to her about. She came down, new exactly who I had spoke to, and then asked me if I'd be happy to come to her office. We went up, and she apoligized for the attitiude of her staff and said that she will be personally investigating. I handed her my letter, she read through and told me how astonished she was by the way I had been treated, I then informed her tha
  9. lol, get on to your local Trading Standards department. Because saying that they never give refunds, in my opinion breaks the law. tom
  10. Hey everyone. Tesco wont do anything with my faulty laptop. Read a copy of my letter to Tesco below: http://www.freewebs.com/tom3131/upload%20tesco%20letter.doc Any thoughts/suggestions? Thanks. Tom.
  11. I agree with the above poster, dont pay a sole, this forum is free for everyone and if you can, and feel the forum has helped you, we ask you to donate. If you have any problems, you can PM me, email me : [email protected] and i have skype etc. If anyone approaches you offering to help you for a fee, please report it immediatly. Thanks Tom
  12. Its a private parking company and ive never ever heard that they have taken somebody to court and won. Forget about it. If your really concerned, send them a letter saying you dont think there charge is proportionate to your breach of contract etc. and that they should sue you if they want the money. Tom
  13. you have a statutory time period to cancel the insurance anyway... read your t&c's.
  14. No unfortuanly, your right to a refund ends when you "accept" the goods, this is when you take them home and use them as your own without reporting any faults. About 2-4 weeks in my opinion. You are enititled to the "damages" caused by the breach of contract. These will be: 1) Provide you with a working TV, whether it be repaired or replaced with old or new. or 2) Pay you a certain percentage of the sale price back, ie: if they think you've had 30% of the TV's life usage then they may just offer you 70% back. 3) I think you'll end up going to court if you want the engi
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