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  1. I have had the £250 overdraft for over 12 months in the last 6 months I have not asked it to be increased or decreased so unsure why they have charged as it has always been £250.00. I am moving the account to Halifax as they don't have such daft charge. Its just another money making idea!!!!
  2. I never received anything that said that they would be charging £25.00 each year. I have contacted the Halifax and they do not do this they only charge if you go over your limit. I think they just make it up as they go along. I just can not get my head round the fact that they charge you when you go slightly over your limit, then they have the cheek to take another amount. Surely I have paid for it by paying the initial charges!
  3. I did get some T & C's through the post however there was no mention of £25.00 charge its an absolute joke!!
  4. I really can not believe this bank. :mad: I have been with HSBC for over 10 years since I was a graduate and on checking my bank account online they have kindly took a £25.00 charge from my account as an arrangement fee for an overdraft that I have had on the account for over 3 years. On contacting them they say that this is a fee that will apply to everyone each year for those customers having an overdraft!! I thought this was a bit strange so I rang and got another operator and she states that if you have gone over your overdraft in the last 6 months they charge you a fee of £25.0
  5. Hi I think I purchased the phone about September time so not had it that long! Cass
  6. Hi Everyone I am currently tied in to an 18 month contract with Vodaphone with an LG chocolate phone. I have been having problems with the phone or it may be the network, halfway through a call it always cuts off and says Network Busy and sometimes when I try to make a call it says "searching" and this happens in places where I have never had problems before when I was a customer with TMobile. My partner has the same phone with Tmobile and he has no problems. I know that I am tied in for 18 months whats the chance of changing the phone to something more easier to use like a Nokia or
  7. Thanks so much it does seem like they are making it up as they go along. In about 5 days the overdraft will be reduced it was just a temporary fix as I am waiting for some money from my savings account to go in which takes about 3 - 5 working days. After this money has gone in I am going to request it back as Bong says ""There are also other conditions such as if you have not exceeded your overdraft before 1 November 2006, no arrangement fee will be charged"". The overdraft will not be exceeded. Thanks for your help. Cassandra
  8. Hi Everyone Hope someone can help. I rang HSBC up today to temporarily increase my overdraft as I had to wait 5 working days for some money to be transferred over. I was told that I would have to pay a £35.00 arrangement for this............! She then told me it was to discourage people from just increasing their overdraft every month. How ridiculous is that some people may increase their overdraft to stop that dreaded charge appearing on to their statements but you get charged by the bank anyway for increasing it catch 22 I think. Do you think I could claim this back and what wo
  9. Hi Everyone.... please Help! I currently have a mortgage with SPML because my partner has a history of bad debt, so we struggled to get a high street mortgage. The mortgage I have is a variable rate it has gone from £472.00 per month to present £510.00 a month. I am wanting to change my mortgage to a high street lender as their interest rates are set lower, however I know if I do the application with my partners details we would be declined due to his past debt. What I would like to do is apply for a high street mortgage with just my details and then have my partners name put onto tha
  10. Thank you so much for that your advice is really appreciated!
  11. I currently have a joint mortgage with this company but recently me and my partner have split up I contacted SPML with regards to taking his name off the mortgage they sent me an application form to fill in but unfortunately it was declined. So I am tied in with this company until 19/11/2007 with my partners name still on all the details. My partner does not want any setlement from me he has been very amicable and is fine just to have his name off. However since SPML have declined my application I am considering applying for a high street mortgage as it was my partner who had the history of
  12. My friend has her mortgage with RBS and also a personal loan she wants to claim back unfair charges on her current account but she is afraid that she will have to pay the rest of the loan off or cancel the mortgage. Can they do this ?? Thank you:-)
  13. My friend has her mortgage with RBS and also a personal loan she wants to claim back unfair charges on her current account but she is afraid that she will have to pay the rest of the loan off or cancel the mortgage. Can they do this ?? Thank you:)
  14. It is exactly the same policy that I have had for the last 2 years nothing has changed on the policy
  15. Hi I was hoping you could help, my buildings and contents insurance has just been renewed by the same company that I had last year. My mortage company have asked me to send the new schedule to make sure they are still the interested party on the schedule. They are also going to charge me £25.00 for this. All I can see them doing is looking at the schedule and filing it. It is exactly the same policy as last year only the payments are slightly cheaper. When this happened last year I wrote a letter of complaint and they did reimburse me the £25.00 fee and they did state that would be a one
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