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  1. Well finally got round to finishing the spreadsheet and posted it to Nat West Customer services at Borehamwood today. Sent it 1st Class recorded delivery with the Prelim letter from the Templates Library as per previous posts. Will start the 14 day count as soon as the tracking slip says its been signed for. Now waiting to see what the Bank does with my claim...hopefully it should be straight forward from now on. Just in case have already read up about MCOL, if they want to get awkward then I am ready for them!!
  2. Thanks Nattie..... Will carry on as planned then. Will update with progress when I have something new.
  3. Nattie, Yes there are late payments fees on the CC. This is what I will be reclaiming as all previous posts indicate that these are refundable? Should this be a seperate claim to a different address then?
  4. Blimey...that was quick Nattie!! Just need confirmation about part 1 of my query and will post to Boreham Wood on Monday. Has anyone else on here made an AVG claim using 1 spreadsheet for both the Bank and Credit card portions of the AVG account??
  5. Have now received all the statements to pursue my claim and have worked out a figure and started to fill in the spreadsheet with the details ready for posting. 1. Am I right in saying that as this is an AVG account, the money being claimed for both the Bank Account and the Credit Card (NW Mastercard) can all be entered onto the same spreadsheet or do I have to send 2 seperate spreadsheets, one for each portion of the account? 2. Have just noticed also that on some months I have been charged £40 for account fees instead of the £12 for AVG. From Natties previous post/sticky I assume th
  6. Well spoke to a very helpful young lady in Edinburgh office (0131 626 1117) and as suspected the bank statements come from them and the Mastercard statements from Southend. Asked that they checked the request had been passed to Southend and received a confirmation phone call from them pm today saying that the Mastercard request was received on the 14/02/07. Was assured that they were dealing and should receive them soon. Both people I have spoken to about this matter at NWB have been informative and helpful. Was surprised at this as have read in previous posts that they can be obstructiv
  7. Thanks for that deller1, will find a number and give them a call tomorrow.
  8. Has anyone got any info/experience of above post......
  9. Have just received (yesterday) 6 years worth of Bank Account statements from NWB! Will start to go through them later..... In the meantime I have a question. On my original S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) to Edingburgh I asked for the NatWest Mastercard statements as well, card is associated with the bank account as it is an Advantage Gold Account. These statements have not been received yet. Do I assume that the request for the Mastercard has been passed on to another office or do I have to submit another SAR to somewhere else? Have tried searching the Forums & Faq's but cannot
  10. Just checked on the Royal Mail website and Mr Alex Lyons in Edinburgh or one of his minions signed for my SAR today. Only taken 3 days, even though it was posted 1st class on the 5th. Does the 40 days start from the time I posted the SAR or from the day they received it?
  11. Well were are now off and running. Decided to do a lot more reading of the site before proceeding and decided against the nice friendly approach of calling 1st and asking for my money. Seems that from other posts this approach has been turned down flat on several occasions. Have decided to go straight for the jugular....... SAR sent recorded delivery today!!!! Have already marked the 40 day period in my computers calender so my nice machine will remind me when their time is up. Will update with further progress as it happens.
  12. Thanks for that RobberBank....will update again when further progress has been made or problems occur. Hopefully there will not be any problems but after reading lots of info already on this site you never know!
  13. Have just read an article on the Financial News, City News, Mortgages, Loans, Savings, Pensions, Market Reports | This is Money site about 'Banks are 'mugging' customers'. Part way through the article it says .... The Office of Fair Trading ruled last year that late-payment fees on credit cards - which averaged £20 to £25 - were unfair and illegal. It set a new capped penalty of £12. Does this mean that I can only reclaim the 'Late Payment Fees' from NatWest Mastercard that are in excess of this amount? Or do I still hit them for all the charges regardless for the last 6 years?
  14. Have read as much of this site as I can possibly take in over the last several weeks and am raring to go! I have an AVG account with them and have only recently started to get failed DDs since October 06 which currently only total £187. I bank online and have checked through the last 6 mnths worth of statements and that is all I can find from the bank account. Am pretty sure that there have been no other charges (apart from the AVG account fees that are not reclaimable) is it actually worth sending an SAR for the Bank account. Was thinking along the lines of just ringing my local branch a
  15. Thanks for the fast response! Tried the FAQ's also and could not find an answer either. Will keep the forum posted with my progress, work commitments permitting!
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