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  1. have called them and theyt are hoping we can agree a settlement by tommorow. They will ring back once they have reviewed my claim...
  2. thanks thailand, will work out my interest to date and give them a ring...any ideas who i should speak to now as have been told that mr jeramiah is no longer there????
  3. have received a prelim hearing date for one of my cases its next friday 26th jan....not sure wether to try and ring them for a settlement like welshman or get court bundle ready and see them there....any advice greatly appreciated
  4. Hi all, long time no post... At present i am waiting for a court date, my paperwork i am told by the courts is with the judge so only a matter of time and i should have a date. I have had no further offers or any settlement on any of the three cases against the woolwich/barclays so am hoping actually praying i wont have to go to court , but if so then i have read up and am prepared to go the full course....see you in court Mr Jeramiah ....
  5. well christmas is nearly here and i now have my AQ's for all three claims, did read on here that someone spoke to keith jeramiah the woolwich/barclays solicitor at this point and claim was settled in full out of court just minus the 8% maybe i should give it ago in a bid to settle before christmas, could sure do with the cash. Any ideas anyone?
  6. the woolwich have been pretty quick with their replies for me up till now..good luck will watch how its goin for you...
  7. update on my situation....the bank have left it to the last day to acknowledge the claim..no surprise there. they now have a further 14 days on each one .. so looks like i'll be waiting for my court date now...
  8. hi avenger how's it all going give us an up date ....
  9. have just received a letter from Barclays saying that if i accept their offer as part payment and pursue the rest through court then they are not happy to offer me that now... i eiyher accept as final settlement or not at all...it then goes on to say i can still accept their offer in final settlement by signing their previous letter with the acceptance slip.. To late woolwich my N1 claims went in last week so i guess i'll be seeing you in court..
  10. good luck will follow yr thread with interest to see how it goes . i myself am at the court stage with the woolwich so will be good to see if they have bucked their ideas up and started to actually realise we mean buisiness!
  11. well after lots of stressing and questions in the chat room i have put my N1's into the court and there is no going back now... AAARRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! i am actually scared stupid but hopefully it wont get to the stage of actually going to court..... thanks to everyone on here who has helped me get to this point there is no way i would of got this far without your help.. will keep you posted on how its going
  12. hi thailand, sorry no good with paypal, but have a question for you if you can help..On the N1 claim form it says brief details of claim , what should i write oi here. i have used the n1 hard copy template for the particulars of claim but cant find anything about this bit???? any help greatly appreciated.
  13. Thanks thailand, that was what i needed a nuge in the right direction with basic instructions...Have you ever felt like yr brain was going to explode....and the more i read the worse it got...lol i will now get my claims in order and go back in the morning and try again. i am so glad this site is here with people like you to help out or i would of dropped it all by now.. thanks again
  14. sorry thailand i wasn't very clear . i was going to file three claims today but was sent home with all my files and 9 N1's and told to duplicate x3 anything relevant to my claim. Then return tomorrow to the court with it all done . Do i include every bit of paperwork since the SAR or just the basics of the claim? I am blonde but not normally dumb so i do apologise for scatty brain at the moment but im baffled. johnni2bad court bundle was huge when i looked at that but was that a second lot put together including every piece of info ready to actually appear in court....im just lost with it
  15. Been to court today what a nightmare!!! trying to put in three claims so 9 N1 forms and no help from the gentleman behind the counter!!! didn't expect it to be all plain sailing but i am now actually really nervous about the whole thing! am sat here with three files full of statements and letters sent and recieved one for each account and am at a loss as to what i have to duplicate to go with the N1 form. I hope this all works out just hope i dont actually have to go to court although i will only i will be a bundle of nerves. will keep you all updated on how its going..
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