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  1. hi, and no don't give them more time then they need. If you sent the SAR template that's on this site then all is fine, its up to you. You could leave it till the 40days run out or write them a quick note saying thanks but you still need the rest of your statements for the lats 6 years as you are aware that they have been able to provide others with info past the 6 year period (i'm sure they have done this).

  2. Best of luck but don't be surprised if there is a development before the court date!


    Oh dear! abbey seems to be struggling with the sheer volume of claims to the point where they can't even find claimant's details!

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  3. hello i have just got my 6 years statements thru this morning, was wondering if anyone could tell me what DDR and DDB stands for. thankyou



    hi ddb are direct debits and ddr i'm not sure of the main ones you need to look for are CHG. I'll ask for you

  4. Hi, as far as i know, you can't claim that £ yet because it hasn't actually come out of your acc. You can amend the amount you are claiming later but there will be a fee for you to pay or when it gets to the point where they make an offer and that amount has already been debited fro your acc you can ask them to include it.

  5. Well, normally you'd send the draft order with your AQ but i can't see any harm in writing to the court asking them to consider the draft order as you believe that Abbey are simply abusing the resources of the courts with no intention of actually turning up in court. If you go down this route, make sure you start preparing all your paperwork by downloading all the info and if the order is granted, you'll be ready to print it all off. Also, when writing to the court, I'd include a list of settled claims which you can find at the top of the abbey forum. This would demonstrate that abbey have settled other claims so there's no need to drag yours through all the processes and waiting for a court date which could be months away.


    hope this helps

  6. have a look at the link Marie has posted for you. basically it speeds things up as the bank (and yourself) have to provide documents with 14 days of the judge granting the order. The banks don't like this because they have to provide proof of their costs. If you go down this route, get all your paperwork ready (download but don't print out) as you wouldn't want your case struck out because you couldn't provide your documents on time considering you were the person who asked for the order in the first place! what stage are you at with your claim?

  7. As stated above, i don't see the point. it is clearly another tactic to frustrate the claimant and i would write back to them saying as much. Your claim is not unique and the issue of the banks overcharging its customers is not complicated therefor you do not see the need to mediate. One way this claim will be resolved is if they settle the claim, they have been willing and able to settle other claims so yours is no different.


    That's what i think anyway, its up to you.


    By the way, did you include a draft order?

  8. Hi i wouldn't worry too much about it as said before they def know of your claims. personally, i would send whoever is named as the their solicitor an email asking why good practice has not been followed and could they send you a copy of their AQ.

  9. hi there this the interest that the bank charged you while you were overdrawn. As to separating it.... lets say you have an overdraft on your acc, the amount on interest you put on the spreadsheet is excluding any normal interest charged while you are overdrawn( in your overdraft) If you don't have an overdraft, this is much easier to calculate.


    Hope this makes sense

  10. hi there, every is different with me, It took 5months for Abbey to supply me the rest of my statements and had waited, well i would not have been paid by now. its up to you, you can estimate the rest of the claim based on the charges you are already aware of. Just make sure that you inform abbey that part of the amount is estimated and that they have failed to provide you with the info under the DPA. for me, in the end Abbey gave me the info at AQ stage.

  11. hi dennis no that comes later when you have done your court bundle, at that point if (when0 you reach a settlement, you can also ask for costs or if you send your bundle to court, you can include a breakdown of your costs and ask that the court also award this on the basis that the bank has behaved unreasonably.

  12. Hi smiley, i think your thread is in the wrong forum. You've posted it in Abbey, I'll see if a mod can move it to nationwide.


    as to your Q, if you are talking about the prelim letter asking for you charges back, then its best if you follow your own timescale and not the banks. Give them 14days and but if they have already replied fobbing you off, then send the lba and if nothing happens, you can can then take them to court. After all, its not as if your claim is any different from the other thousands nationwide has is it?

  13. Congratulations BP!


    I hope you don't mind me asking, but I'm intrigued!

    How did you get to agree the settlement?

    Did you have to go to court or did Abbey contact you?



    No i don't mind at all. Court bundle had to be in by the 6th April as the hearing was on 20th April. abbey first offered the 1st settlement figure on around the 14th of march i refused then i contacted Inga and we finally came to satisfactory agreement last week.

  14. Hi nick i havn,t sent any forms to court yet but found so many mistakes in the schedule i got to amend it .should i leave gogw of then. whats N244. Will it effect my case if the schedules i sent the bank are different from the one i take to court.



    hi if you haven't lodged your claim yet then don't worry, an N244 form is the form you complete to amend the amount you are going to claim. Just correct your spreadsheet, and send Abbey the new version. Make sure you remove the GOGW from the last charges on your spreadsheet so that you don't lose out too much on the 8% interest.

  15. Hi,

    I have been following threads carefully with my claim to Abbey for £2111. This site is so supportive. Thank you.

    I am at the point where I have sent my AQ to the court.

    Just a few questions

    What happens next? Will I get a court date ?

    yes the courts will contact you to confirm which tract your claim has been allocated to

    Do Abbey start communicating once court date is through in general?

    There is a chance but usually, Abbey don't really bother till a court date has been given along with directions from the judge and if you manage it send them your bundle, this sometimes helps them make a quicker decision.

    The claim I put in was for charges and interest up to 4 weeks ago. When do i add the court AQ fee and the other charges up until when they contact me?Not sure here but you could just make a note of all your costs and at the end when it comes to settlement, make sure they pay that as well. i think that would be OK. With the other charges, you can't just add them now if you want to amend the amount you are claiming, you'll have to complete an N244 form at a cost of £35 which you can't claim back. again i've read on some threads, some people managed to get the later charges paid at settlement stage. if not why not go for round 2?

    Thanks for any help anyone can give,



    hope this helps, bp

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