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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond so thouroughly. I decided that since it was my daughter was sick, i guess it was up to me to try and understand what was wrong. I did a bit of research and came up with some of the points you mentioned. I still complained but based my complaint more on the lack of communication which then caused what i know see as undue distress. The sad thing is, when i complained to my GP, he got in touch with the hospital who promised to write to me with a follow up appointment. to this day, i still haven't heard anything. I know that NHS staff are overstretched but you would think that if someone has already made an official complaint about the lack of communication, the least you could do is respond! To me, you have spent more time replying then the hospital has. having said that i suppose i shouldn't be surprised, i gave birth to both of my kids at that hospital and the 2nd time was the worst. They knew i had complications and that my baby was at risk, which is why i was admitted at 34weeks but somehow, i still ended up giving birth on the ward with no painkillers and the midwives panicking when my baby stopped breathing. This was after I'd told one of the midwives that i was in labour and she told me to just get back to my bed!

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  2. Hi everyone, can anyone advise me please. i've just received a letter from my son's new school. he is due to start reception class in Sept and apart from the letter stating that he has to attend so many days in before he officially starts(5 days in total) which is going to make things very difficult as i really don't have much annual leave left and need to spread it across the rest of the school holidays which are coming up. Anyway, One of the visits is a home visit they say its part of their induction. I'm a bit surprised by this, is this the norm? can i refuse? and maybe i shouldn't be but i'm a bit suspicious, is this some kind of government/social services thing? checking to make sure kids have safe homes or am i just mad?

  3. Hi have you looked to see if you are exempt from paying fees? if your income is low and below the freshold, then you wont have to pay fees (I think the freshold is between 13-14k)

  4. Hi, i'm absolutely fuming! It wasn't so bad the 1st time but 2nd time its just got too much. I do acknowledge that i am behind on my bill, i've sent the payment in so it should all be sorted soon, the problem is that Virgin media are calling my mate about my acc. The first time she answered and they asked for me when my mate said i wasn't there and could she take a message, she found it difficult for them to admit that they were virgin at which point my mate said in that case, unless they identified themselves, there'd be no way of her being able to pass me the message.


    Virgin called her again yesterday and this time they left a message on her answer machine with my account no, said it was to do with the arrears and that it was very important i contact them. I am Really cheesed off! they have my phone no, i have an answer machine so there is no reason why they should be calling my mate just cause she is also a virgin customer. When i gave her details, it was when i 1st joined NTL and it was for a voucher which she would get because she had recommended me and i'd signed up. In no did i ever agreed for them to contact her under any circumstances! Before i contact them, can someone please point me in the right direction as to which rule they have broken cause i'm sure they are not allowed to just call peoples' friends.


    Thanks in advance.

  5. Hi, it really is up to you. If you are happy with this as full settlement then write to them and accept if not then again use one of the Rejection of Settlement letters and then just wait for the AQ.

  6. Yes you just need to put the kind of charge, ie cleared cheque charge (no need to put cheque no) date, and amount as to the no of days since the offence, it will work it directly and also the daily interest that is also worked for you.

  7. right i'm looking at the above post and i have to be honest i can't understand it mayby its my brain! You went into the link i posted clicked on the very 1st one(simple excel)it then asks you to either open, save you chose to save it?

  8. hi and thanks for getting back to me. I went down the cca route with Lowell and it worked thanks to this site i worked out that the debt was statue barred. Lowell confirm that they would no longer pursue me for it however, the debt with 1st credit is a recent one so i'm not sure if going down the cca route will help as i have a copy of the loan agreement with abbey ( got the loan last year Jan) its not that don't want to pay its just that when they started taking all my wages it meant i couldn't pay for the gas & electric and all the other essentials i'm just catching up now so any money i pay them will have to be taken out of something more important like childcare which i just can't do.


    I will be writing to both citi and 1st credit asking them to stop calling. i'm getting about 10 calls a day sometime around 8:30pm (didn't think they worked that late!)

  9. Hi, i'm having calls everyday from both citi and first credit. I've written to both of them offering £50 each per month. 1st credit have refused this offer (i owe just over 10k) I want to pay it and before the debt was passed to them by Abbey i struggled but managed to pay £247 per month however, that became impossible once abbey started clearing out my acc every month it got to the point where i was living on £28 child benefit every week and that's only because it was paid into a different acc.


    I've finally had to be hones about my finances and i've realised that i can't even afford the £50 i've offered My expenditure is greater then my income If i was to pay all my bills on time, i'd be £200 over my income and that's without including buying clothes for the kids all i've managed to include is rent, childcare, gas, electric, food car insurance, water and Internet.


    I'm waiting to hear from citi but 1st credit have refused my offer. Their solicitors LCS have written to me demanding full payment within 14 days or legal proceedings will be begin with a CCJ to be registered. I just don't have any money to give them let alone 10k.



    I don't know where to go next.


    Any advice will be appreciated.

  10. i must be honest i did reclaim "charge for clearing" because somehow, it always worked out that if there were charges pending, when i got paid, the charges were paid 1st ofcourse that meant there wasn't enough £ to clear my dds which then meant every month i always had to pay more charges!

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