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  1. Hi guys I'm just getting round to doing my claim, which hopefully I can get heard thanks to hardship criteria. I'd love to claim interest at the contractual rate if at all possible - I have charges going back ten years! What is the current state of play with it? I see someone lost a case in the high court about it, how come the banks were able to challenge that without conceding the unlawfulness of the charges - was there two cases involved? Any advice/help/references appreciated thanks
  2. Are you sure? I'd love it to be true! But there is a clause in the contract something like this, does it not matter? Landlord's Break Clause The Landlord may bring the tenancy to an end at any time before the expiry of the fixed term (but not within six months of the commencement date) by giving to the Tenant at least two months' written Notice stating that the Landlord requires possession of the property. A Notice under section 21 of the Housing Act 1988 will suffice to implement this sub-clause (this was from the 2006 contract, but am sure the 2007 which I cannot find right no
  3. I suppose, we signed a fresh contract, but there was no inventory taken/deposits handed back, when we move out they'll take an inventory and assess any change from when we first moved in in 2006. It's all joint tenancy.
  4. I originally moved in on the 6th June 2006, for a fixed term of one year. We renewed on the 6th June 2007, with a change of one tenant, for another year, same rent. The deposits held are the ones we gave in 2006. We received the notice (in an envelope addressed to 'the occupier', first class postage - not recorded) on the 24th January.
  5. HOUSING ACT 1988 Section 21(1)(b) Assured Shorthold Tenancy : Notice to Require Possession Fixed Term Tenancy To: our names Of: our address From : Landlord's details I give you notice that I require possession of the dwelling house known as address After: 22nd March 2008 Dated: 22nd January 2008 Signed: agent for landlord + signature Landlord's Agent Agent Details Notes: 1. On or after the coming to an end of a fixed term assured shorthold tenancy, a court must make an order for the possession if the landlord has given a notice
  6. The police (unofficially) suggested that it was not a black-and-white legal matter, and that if someone is making threats against life and property, you can rightfully take the necessary steps to protect yourself.
  7. We are inside the fixed term, although IIRC there is a landlord's break clause in the contract which could apply. May I ask Mr.S - would the landlord have messed up if they didn't sent the notice by recorded delivery, and it got lost in post perhaps?
  8. update Well turns out we got two months' notice - the landlord has asked us to leave! The situation with the problem housemate just became intolerable. At the point where she started making threats to damage life and our property, I called the police and she was taken away for the night (they would have taken her to hospital to be assessed but there was an incident there so she was left with a friend). The police tacitly advised us that changing the locks wouldn't be a bad idea and we could call them if there was further trouble. So, next day we go to the agents and their mai
  9. thanks Mr S. It seems you are right. I've been misadvised on this question by the CAB.
  10. Are you sure about that? It's not the advice I've received so far. Shelter: I am living with someone (cohabiting)
  11. It's a joint tenancy in our three names (no lead tenant). Yes I knew what she was like but was hoping she'd improve not get much worse. Plus I now see her behaviour differently as manipulative not just troubled. She has quite a few friends - she won't be homeless. We very nearly called the police on the night in question. But that's been the only occasion for that and she seems to have calmed down since. I do still care about her - I don't want her to lose her job. I don't actually believe she is a danger to herself or others. At least I hope not.
  12. Yes it's the same housemate that I've tried to help with money issues No, female, no. I'd be far more sensitive and less sure of myself if there were yesses there. As it is, I've done so much to look after this girl but now realise it was just effort down the drain, and this girl is a user who takes no responsibility for herself. There is something of the newer girl upsetting the order of how they were before by making me realise I didn't have to put up with a housemate who would steal my food, lie, do no housework at all, and demand that her broken stereo have pride of place in the livin
  13. We renewed on 6th June for a year. It's an assured shorthold tenancy. There is a break clause which would require 2 months' notice. But my question surely would apply to any joint tenancy. Can an agreement be made to be released from the current contract by mutual consent without all tenants signing up? For my understanding is that one tenant will speak for all. e.g. with the notice to quit, if one tenant gives it, it holds for the others whatever they may wish.
  14. Hi, This is a problem I haven't really come across before, and neither had the guy on Community Legal Services I spoke to! I've been living a while with a girl who has always had problems and difficult behaviours but since we renewed our contract with a third new tenant she's just become impossible, stealing food, not doing any housework, using my phone without permission, being short of the money for bills (and said phone bill) etc etc We asked her to leave a week ago giving her a month (we have six months or so left on the contract) She has dug her heels in saying that sh
  15. Has anyone else taken on this one? I've just been hit for £32.00 'payment charges', which is £4.50 payment processing fee £7.50 Late payment charge £20 service restoration charges grrrr!!!! I'm doubly ****ed off because I thought I'd paid it when the computer rang me up and I tapped in my debit card details, but it then put me on hold and I hung up thinking I'd paid the bloody thing
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