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  1. Thanks for the reply. The LBA ran out on the 28th June, and the response to the LBA arrived on the 30th June (yesterday). Couple of days late, but probably due to the post strike and floods around our area. As i did not recieve a cheque, nor did the A&L credit my bank account with £18.00. Should I use letter 4 (Rejection of Offer) in the Templates Library, or use letter 3 but without the line that mentions returning the cheque??
  2. This seems to be a bit different to my Natwest claim last year Anyway. I am only claiming back £75.00 I sent the Preliminary letter on the 6th June and go a rejection letter on the 13th June. So I sent the LBA on the 14th June and got a response on the 30th June (yesterday) However, this response waffled on about the OFT amongst other things, and also a offer for a Full and Final Settlement of £18.00. And they did not send a cheque for this amount or credit it into my account What should I do now? 1/ Should I go straight down the court claim road (I used the N1 method last year with Natwest). OR 2/ Shall I send them a Rejection of Offer letter from the template library? If so. Which letter template should I use from the library to follow up the response they sent me? Any advise much appreciated Thanks
  3. That's fair enough Notlam Just as long as you have all the evidence at the ready of what the Inconvenience Costs you are claiming are in case they ask for a breakdown of these costs to support your claim.
  4. By all means have a go at claiming back for inconvenience. But I wouldn't try to be too greedy in the amount you are trying to claim I put down £50 for the inconvenience during my Natwest claim for - - Document preperation (around 6 letters) - Ink usage - Paper - Advice - Stamps etc I got the £50 I asked for and no questions were asked
  5. Something strange here Other than you saying you OFFERED TO PAY SOME BACK. Could have a bearing on it. You did not authorise them to do this... did you? It seems (I think anyway) what they have done is wrong. Go in monday. Play hell, but calm if possible about the £250 that has been transferred. And explain the circumstances There is no chance you will be able to put the DD on hold as they are probably already in the System as the banks call it Whatever the bank does. You will get it back That is my view anyway:) Tony
  6. Don't worry tech With the Natwest. I had a similar situation with Wannadoo Broadband (now Orange) Wannadoo's payment was due to go out on the 20th of each month, but now and again they would take it out on the 18th. (10 days after the last direct debit goes out) so I forgot about it. And as money goes into the account in bits and bobs to cover bills. I don't know where I was with it until I went onto Online Banking were I can now keep a check on things You will get you dosh back following the usual steps taken on these boards
  7. Sorry Ally. It's a bit of Carling, Jon Smiths, Strongbow eh Do you mean a Time Line of events since i started my claim?? - Sent Preliminary: 3rd July 2006 - Recieved Reply (Bog OFF): 18th July 2006. Offered Goodwill gesture of £264 - Sent LBA: (Bit of a delay - hols) 22nd August 2006 including no acceptance of offer - Received Reply: 24th August 2006. Little I can do letter from S. Higley - therefore contact the address below type letter for legal documents - Moneyclaim Sent: 8th Sept 2006 - Notice Of Issue: 15th September - Cobs Acknowledgement Of Service: LCB 21st September 2006 - Received Cobs Defence and CPR 18: LCB 18th October 2006 - Sent CPR 18 REPLY BACK: 18th October - Received AQ from court: 20th October 2006 - Received Offer: LCB 26th October 2006. £700. - Cobs sent their copy of AQ to myself: LCB/MJM 6th November 2006 - Received FULL AND FINAL SETTLEMENT: LCB/ELW 6th November 2006 £1466.13 including £50 for time spent on case.
  8. It will all be worth it in the end though Ally I feel proper guilty now after the weekend I had. And now your claim seems to have slowed up. Nothing is ever straight forward is it
  9. It may sound a bit of putting, but i would leave it till next Thursday to try and see if anything is sorted out. If not. Then go to your local (court that is) and see what's going off. It sounds like they have made a right pickle of your claim. Finding it in boxes, moving it around the blo*dy country etc
  10. It seems they are tring to get away with paying the S69 Interest doesn't it It is up to you, but I would recommend going through you statements again and adding up the interest from when you were first getting charged. On claiming £1010 in charges. My Interest added up to £145 since Feb 2002. Plus £23 S69 Interest on top. That's neary another £170. So if yours adds up to a decent amount worth claiming back, go for it Somebody would need to confirm, but you would probably have to start the claim process again to get your Interest back, and with it being for a fairly small amount, they may pay up fairly quickly
  11. Blimey Ally What a bunch of &*^%$"**. What are they up to now. Unless i'm missing something. What has it got to do with whether you are employed or not, Income, children:confused: . You just want your money back what they have taken from you in the past If they have sent their AQ and you have sent yours in. I would try and be patient (If possible) until next Thursday before you try the court again. It's a strange one from Natwest. Very strange. Don't panic. All will come good
  12. Just looked through your thread Fuzz. What I am seeing is that you have just claimed the charges and fee only. Did you use the advanced spreadsheet, or the basic spreadsheet from the library? If so, did you fill in the Interest columns? These columns are for the Interest (in month by month order) which would have been charged to your account at the end of each month from when your bank charges began. These should show on your statements. And did you attach all this info with your letters? (Preliminary and LBA) OR When you did MCOL, did you include everything what you are claiming? - Charges - Interest Charged (as above) - Fees - The S69 Interest (which would be claimed anyway when taking them to Court)
  13. Hang on a minute. What Interest are you referring to? The S69 8% Interest or just the Interest you are claiming back from what they have taken from your account due to bank charges? I thought once you have taken them to court you are entitled to: - All your charges returned - Interest returned - S69 8% Interest - Any fees you had to pay Please someone correct me if i'm wrong:confused:
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