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  1. I have just been settled with the Halifax, thankfully before I got as far as submitting court papers - so happy. Sent them the rejection letter stating that I would only accept their offer as part payment giving them 14 days notice to respond. Tomorrow would have been the deadline, thought I would just ring them to give them a last chance to reconsider their offer, to my joy they offered to settle in full. Lets just see how long it takes for them to actually deposit the money in my account.
  2. Decided not to accept the offer. I have just spent ages trying to find the interest calculator to work out how much the owe me now since they have added more charges since I requested my money back. I will be adding this on and asking for the whole amount.
  3. Received an offer letter from Halifx this morning, they are offering £1,500, my claim is for £2,458. It is their standard letter and has conditions stating that it is pay in full and final settlement and that all future charges will stand etc etc. Should I accept this amount or send a rejection letter.....any advice
  4. Halifax have just rang me with a "settlement of good will", this amount is £1000 less than what I was claiming - what should I do. I have told them to put it in writing to me (so I had some time to think about it) if anyone has any advice I would like to hear from you.
  5. I am claiming back from Halifax, would like to hear how anyone has got on with them
  6. All charges are listed the same "Charges as Notified", Halifax have always listed them that way. What I don't understand is why before I am able to claim I have the usual high charges and right at the beginning of when I can claim (when I am most likely not to remember)they have dropped to £5 then the past three years they when right back up again. Not including any of the £5 charges I have calculated they owe me £2,289 before I add any interest.
  7. Hi, I am in the first stages of asking for money back. I have received all my statements back from my bank and so far they have not asked me to pay the overdraft back.
  8. I have just received my statements from the Halifax and they go back more than 10 years, back to 1992. I had only been looking at the relavent ones from 2000 as I thought it was a six year window, but what I have found really confusing is that for the first three years (2001-03) there are a number £5 bank charges - and I have to say I can never remember ever only being charged £5. Looking at some of the statements prior to 2000 (outside the 6 year window) my charges were £28,£30, £39, £60 etc, the amount at which I had gone into my overdraft was always similar. I dont understand how there can be three years out of 10 that changed. I know this must sound very confusing, believe me I am confused. Can the banks alter your statements knowing that you're not likely to remember six years back. In my case there were 12 charges applied in the first three years I am able to claim but for some reason, and I honestly dont remember, I was charged only £5. Has anyone else found this, please help. :???:
  9. I am about to start my claim against Halifax to reclaim all my bank charges. I have to say I am nervious about the whole thing, I know its my money and they should not be allowed to keep it but it still seems like daunting task. I'll be sending my first letter off tomorrow, I'll keep you posted on how it goes
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