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  1. Thanks mystery1, so will tomorrow, the day I have to have submitted by be ok to enter the extension? Im not sure of the regs, is it worth me scanning and posting all the docs up here for people to look at, feeling a little out of my depth now.. thanks
  2. OK guys,I received today the letter confirmation for an extension from the solicitor and also everything I requested from the CPR 31.14 this includes a copy of the signed agreement by my wife, a list of all payments and also the date the default notice date... so does this mean I dont have a leg to stand on?? I have to enter my defence by the 23rd ( tomorrow) so does that mean by tonight or have tomorrow to.... I can scan the extension letter and my agreement in the morning if that will help or should I not bother? They have said on one letter they are still willing ot setup a monthly p
  3. Hi, Spoke to the solicitor on the phone this morning and your right they dont do external email, however she agreed over the phone and is sending out a letter to reach me by tomorrow. So IF I recieve this letter do I just scan it and attach it online with my letter? I only have till the 23rd May to do this so if I dont receive the letter what sort of defence should I post. I did ask when Im likely to recieve the documents and she said she had sent them out on Friday and I should recieve them today?, should I post them up here for you guys to see if they have enough info and the cor
  4. Hi, Thanks for advice so far. Its not me asking for the extension its the solicitor asking for 14 days extension, so do I still get them to send an email confirmation and I log both that and my confirmation email on the moneyclaim site before the 23rd May? Thanks for helping out.
  5. Thanks Andy, so do I just quote CPR15.5 when asking them for a confirmation letter or is it a form I need to fill in? One other question... The reason my wife and myself want to see these documents is for us to confirm they are all correct, if they supply the documents and we agree that they are correct what do we do in regards to the court and solicitor? Thanks again.
  6. Hi, Ive been frantically reading this site since my wife received a county court claim for her loan. I have logged onto the MCOL site and extended our time to 28 days. I then sent off my CPR 31.14 request to the solicitors and they have now sent back a letter saying ' Due to the amount of requests being made our clients have asked that an extension of 14days from the date of this letter is required to disclose the documents requested' My 28 days is up on the 23rd May to enter my defence, has anyone got any ideas of what i should write for this? Many thanks in advance.
  7. HEY moses, I did the same and contacted the Bailiff and they are applying for a set aside!!! which I guess means they are going to defend!! Sounds like you may be in with a chance then of getting your money...fingers crossed.. So can anyone advise on what happens after a set a side is applied for??? Thanks
  8. Hey there Moses , You heard anything else yet??, I think ill call the court again tommoz see if there is any more news.... Sean
  9. Hey there, No nothing yet, mine was issued on the 23rd, I called the court and they said it can take a couple of weeks, not sure what he meant takes a couple of weeks but Im still waiting... Hope you r well Sean:grin: :grin: :grin:
  10. anyone???, has anyone else issued a warrant??
  11. My Warrant was issued on the 23rd Nov, does anyone know how long they have to pay, or if they can still file a defence now???? Thanks Sean:D :D
  12. Hmmm not sure if I did the right thing but Ive just gone onto MCOL and was given the option to issue a warrant so I did......payed the money and its now issued... Sean:D :D
  13. Ok Ive requested default judgement this morning for the charges applied after 6 years!!!...lets see what happens next.... Has anyone else applied for default judgement?? if so how long did it take before things started happening?? Thanks guys:grin: :grin: :grin:
  14. Ohhhh excellent, a warrant!!! I wonder how long they get to respond to that....well I can put mine in tommorrow, cant wait... Well have a good day and Ill speak to you soon. Sean
  15. Hey Moses, Well I get to apply for default tommoz, did you apply for yours and hows it progressing???? Talk to ya soon Sean:D :D
  16. Hmmm so does that mean now they have paid in that part payment they cannot withdraw it???? Thanks
  17. Sorry moses, the letter only states they have payed in the original offer, not the full amount claimed, so I still in the same boat just cant file by default until the 20th Nov.........so have you reqeusted by default yet??? Good luck, Sean
  18. Just revieved a letter from the halifax saying that as the 7 days has elapsed for me to confirm im willing to settle they have gone and credited the original amount offered into my account!!!! Cheeky buggers... Moses, Did you apply for default judgement??, have you heard anything else yet?? Sean
  19. Bluecloud, When you say satisfiy section 32 with there response, does this mean that section 32 is not usuable by someone like myself against the halifax....sory for my stupidity, im trying to grasp this law stuff at a great rate of knots!!!! Thanks
  20. Hi, Im in the middle of claiming above 6 years along with Moses from this board, however I recieved 12 years of statements on my original statement request.....not sure where else you could get them if the bank are saying they are not on record, maybe worth writing an official letter to one of the contacts listed at the top of the page rather than just ringing the call centre..... Sean:D
  21. Thanks, I wonder how long after you apply for deault judgement they will pay out?, Ill be watching and waiting for your update..:grin: Have a good weekend Sean
  22. OK Just called MCOL and they have put a note on the system to say what halifax have done..... She mentioned my date for reqeusting default is the 21st Oct, so what happens after that, do the court contact Halifax to say pay up or what? Thanks guys
  23. Hey, well Ive checked the account and they have paid in the 6 years worth of money!!!!! cheeky buggers, they only have till the 15th to defend or Im applying for default. I never replied to there offer letter as it said I have 7 days to reply if i accept there offer, well that has long gone!! Do you think I should send a partial payment acceptance letter this late on??? or should I advise MCOL what they have done??? Thanks guys:grin: :grin: :grin:
  24. Hey Moses, Nope still quiet!!!....nothing at all, Im just hanging out for the 15th and see if I can get it by default......hows yuo, heard anything yet??? Sean:-)
  25. Hi, Im still in the MCOL stage and had an offer which was not acceptable to me, however it said I have 7 days to accept so I have just ignored the letter as I have specified what I require in my MCOL and Im just sticking to the dates set out by the court...... Hope this helps Sean
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