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  1. Sorry I couldn't find this on the FAQ's page. I've received a few default letters on my BOS Motgage account as well as a "Special Arrangement" fee costing £50. Can I treat these the same as the other charges?
  2. I've just cotacted the Co-op to confirm what the contractual interest rate was. They stipulated that it was 1.5%. I know that 8% is the judicial interest rate but why does the same figure get used so often for the contractual interest rate?
  3. Thanks Thourb. I reckon that my interest rate is correct but I'll check out your link regarding contractual interest and I'll shoot them high!!
  4. I am claiming for a total of £1,759 of charges from the cooperative bank which I incurred in three seperate bank accounts over the last six years. My calculated loss of interest over this period amonunts to £768.42 (I should stipulate that I have incurred very few charges since 2003 and that this figure does not include the judicial interest rate). This figure seems very high, can anyone confirm that this looks ok?
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