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  1. ok thanks for clarifying that for me.
  2. Sorry just realised the date should be 2004 not 2003!!!:o
  3. Hiya, thanks for the info but i'm a bit confused here. I opened my account with the Nationwide in May 2003 (after seperating from my ex-hubby) and started getting charges from May onwards and i was declared bankrupt in October 2003 so does that mean that only the charges from May to October could be taken into account?? Thanks again for any advice and info.
  4. ok thanks for the advice, i think it would be in my interest to wait until after my discharge!!!
  5. Hi, i am claiming back my charges from Nationwide and am at the stage where i have sent a letter requesting they refund my charges and have just received the standard bogoff letter!! However, after reading a few posts on the site i have just realised that because i'm bankrupt any monies i am refunded will go to my trustee!!! My bankruptcy is due to be discharged in October so if i wait til then will the money be mine???? or should i go ahead and continue anyway???? Would be grateful for some advice on this. Thanks. (i live in Scotland by the way!)
  6. ok thanks so much for that advice, will keep you posted!
  7. Hi everyone, following advice from this site i am now in the process of requesting statements for my nationwide account.......this is already causing problems. They sent me a summary of charges, not a complete list!!! which is not even up-to-date as its only dated until March 07!!! i have since requested a complete list to which they replied that i hadn't paid the fee (£10) which i had in fact sent with my 1st letter (and they duly cashed 10 days later!). Today i have written again with all details of letters previously sent and stating that i have paid the fee and the cheque has been cashed by them! so we'll see what happens now!! Do you think this is a stalling tactic on their part???? Will keep you posted, thanks for all your help so far, what a great site! Sarah
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