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  1. Hi, thanks for that, will look at doing a SAR and a copy of that letter later tonight for sending tomorrow. your help is very much appreciated. stacey
  2. This is the letter i receieved after i sent them the letter telling them credit agreement was unenforcable without signed agreement
  3. this is the letter i received after asking for copy of credit agreement, with blank agreement.
  4. Hi, noone else is chasing me for the money only them. The letters i receive are monthly statements from them with a letter attached which states : Notice of default sum, £12.00 charge for insufficient minimum payment. Letters telling me to contact them regarding future repayments and an amount they want me to pay, between £39.00 and £40.00 on all letters. Other letters are reguarding credit agreement which i am scanning to computer at the moment.
  5. Hi, I purchased a cooker from my mums catalogue around 9 years ago. About 6mths after my husband had a mental episode and was hospitalised and i had to give up work to look after him and our children. As i couldn't afford the repayment each month to my mum the account was passed to me. The debts started mounting up so we seen a debt specialist at the CAB office who sorted out all the debts and offered them all £1.00 each (apparenlty we had to offer all debt companies the same amount). Empire catalogue accepted the £1.00(shop diect) payment and everything was fine.
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