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  1. Hi Thanks for all the responses. I will respond to them exactly as you have suggested. What is vex? Thanks
  2. Yep, they are saying i have an outstanding debt of £140 (i am just calling this a fine but maybe that is the wrong terminology?). The date of the incident is 31/03/2015 which is now over a year ago although they sent the letter on 21/03/2016. I am just trying to understand what is best for me to do about this as how can i defend this now it is a year later, since then they have probably changed all the signs (if they have any!), added extra payment meters in the car park etc. From the sound of the letter i would assume they have previously tried to contact me but i have never recieved anything and now they are making threats of court action if i don't pay £140!
  3. Hi Please can you advise what my best course of action should be? Should i write back to them to say this is the first letter that i have recieved from them? If the fine was more reasonable i would just pay it to end the hastle but £140 is a bit steep! Thanks
  4. Hi This was sent from Civil Enforcement Ltd I am assuming they must of sent a previous letter before as they claim they are refering to a matter that still remains unresolved. I haven't had any previous letters or contact with them though. Don't they need to send these letters as recorded delivery or something to prove that they have sent out the necessary letters to be able to take us to court? Thanks
  5. Hi I have received a 'Letter Before Action' for a parking charge where i didn't get a ticket. This happened almost 12 months ago in a new car park at the Huddersfield Infirmary. There are no barriers and the ticket machine isn't simple to find. My biggest issue with this is that this 'Letter Before Action' is the first letter i have received about this and they are asking me for £140!! Can they do this? I thought the fines for these types of things are about £30? Also, the offence was almost 12 months ago, aren't they supposed to send something to me much sooner than now? Thanks in advance
  6. Hi Hope somebody can help me here..... Santander are charging me for 6 separate VISA Debit Card transactions that were paid out when my wife went over the overdraft on our joint account. Each one of these is £25! S o they are taking £150 for this. I made a complaint but because they already have let me off once a couple of years ago they say there is nothing they can do about it! How can it possibly cost them £25 each time this happens, it's ridiculous. I can't understand why they can't come up with a system to simply stop these payments from going through in the first place. If there is no money in the account then don't let the transaction go through! The guy from Santander told me it was to do with Visa blah blah blah but i think it is because they don't want to change it because they can continue to abuse us with these huge charges. Is there anything that can be done about this? I claimed a load of charges back a few years ago but i thought they had now stopped people from being able to it. Please can someone confirm. Thanks in advance
  7. Hi I have no idea if i was ever sold PPI but i would like to find out. How is this done, i've had a quick look on the site but i've not found anywhere that shows a simple guide for what to do first. I would imagine there is one and that i'm probably blind. If there is, please can someone provide me with a link. I assume the first step is to write to my current and former mortgage providers and ask them if i had PPI on the mortgages. I've only ever had one credit card about 20 years ago and i've never had a loan so it's just the mortgage that i'm bothered about really. Thanks
  8. WOW 0.07p, it's not even worth it!! Thanks for your help, any ideas where on the web i can find out how much the court costs are? Thanks
  9. Hi I am confused filling in the N1 Form. In my Letter before action (see below) i requested £329 plus £35.20 in overdraft interest. This was the amount of interest as of 13/07/09. ---------------------------------- 13/07/09 I calculate that you have taken £329 plus £35.20 which you have charged me in overdraft interest for the sum which you have taken. Total £364.20. I am enclosing a copy of the schedule of the charges which I am claiming. ---------------------------------- In the template for the N1 Form it asks for a figure for 'Associated overdraft interest charges' and also 'Interest under s.69 County Courts Act 1984'. Which one of these is the £35.20? I presume it is the 'Associated overdraft interest charges' and the 'Interest under s.69 County Courts Act 1984' is for any interest i am entitled to from 13/07/09 to the day i lodge my claim?? ---------------------------- Charges £xxx.xx Associated overdraft interest charges £xxx.xx Restituionary damages, or- Interest under s.69 County Courts Act 1984 £xxx.xx Court Fee £xx.xx TOTAL £ xx.xx ---------------------------- Also, what will the court fee be? Any help is much appreciated Thanks
  10. I have just read this so i will ignore the lady from the court and do as you have advised and as it says here..... Particulars Of Claim(Money Claim - Consumer Wiki) thanks
  11. hi, i phoned my local county court and they pointed me back to the HMCS website so i have registered on there and i'm just about to start the claim. Thanks for getting back to me on this.
  12. Hi Pleeeeeeeeease could someone who knows more than me about these procedures have a look at the letter i was sent from HBOS (a couple of posts ago, not the scanned doc) and let me know if i should now continue as normal and file with HMCS Money Claim Online or let me know if i need to hold off because what they say is true. Many thanks
  13. Does anyone have any thoughts on the above letter? Thanks
  14. Hi I have now recieved a letter from them in response to my letter telling them that the next stage is court. I'm guessing it is just a standard letter but i want to confirm that my next course of action should be to file with HMCS Money Claim Online. Here is the letter..... ------------------------------------------------------ Thankyou for your letter dated 16th July 2009. As Advised in our letter dated 15th June 2009 we have asked the Financial Services Authority (FSA) to suspend the normal timetable for dealing with unarranged overdraft bank fees complaints. Until the banks legal proceedings with the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) are concluded we will not issue or respond to any further communications recieved from you on this matter. You have requested a copy of the terms and conditions which can be obtained from your local branch. We can assure you that your complaint has been registered and will be resolved as quickly as possible once the banks legal proceedings with the OFT are concluded. We will keep you updated approriately about the proceedings with the OFT and you can also check the latest position on our website. Your Sincerely....... ----------------------------------------------- Thanks in advance
  15. I'm not sure why, but i thought i read it on one of the templates for the 'Preliminary approach for repayment' that i should not include my claim for overdraft interest. I'm sure i read i should just include this in the 'Letter before action'. I'm probably wrong though! Is it too late now to include it as i didn't add it to my previous letter? (it's only £35)
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