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  1. Since my last post, I received a letter in the post from BOS to confirm that they had settled my claim in full + interest + costs, £927.00 Yipee!! Will be making my contribution to the site for all the great advice. My advice to anyone just starting out. If you think it's going to be hard work and you're scared at the thought of court action don't be. It takes a little bit of time and effort and be prepared to start court action, however as with my claim, it stopped just short of court action. The bank claim they are settling because it would not be cost effective for them t
  2. **Success** Quick update folks and some help required. BOS have until tomorrow Thurs to respond to my Court Action. On Monday this week, two payments were made into my current account which totals all the money I'm claiming including interest:) However I've had no communication from my bank. What do I do now? Do I contact the bank, contact the court, contact both or do nothing and just enjoy my money back and make a contribution to this fantastic site
  3. Maroon, when was your return date? Also, I thought you knew my name!! then realised you're called Scott too:) Will keep everyone updated
  4. Good luck Stycks, keep reading this site for valuable information.
  5. Too late for that now, already going through Scottish court system. Al, 5yrs if it's the Scottish court system. Good luck mate.
  6. Oh well, looks like I'm the only one contributing to this post:rolleyes: Today I received papers from Kirkcaldy Sherrif Court with a return date of 26th January 2007 and a Hearing date of 2nd February 2007. Also received a reply from BoS confirming that they won't be paying me any money...there's a shocker!!:grin: Now into the final stages of the battle. If anyone's reading this, has anyone actually had their bank account stopped?
  7. Keep us posted Simeon. Today I received paperwork from Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court with return day of 26th Jan 2007 and a Hearing date of 2nd Feb 2007.
  8. An update for those interested. After a period of inactivity, mainly due to work pressure, I've finally made the last push. I received an offer of £165 for full settlement from the bank, which I have kindly accepted as part payment, after no response, today I handed in my claims form to Kirkcaldy Sherrif Court along with my £39, which the clerkess found ironic when I paid using my BOS debit card:) Here's waiting
  9. **Update** received the usual blurb regarding looking into my claim sorry I have a problem ..blahdy blah...will get back in touch within 4 weeks...yawn. Anyway, the 14 days I gave them are up on Thurs 14th. Getting ready to send the LBA. The battle continues. One question though.....If the account is in joint names, can one person put the claim through, or do both names have to? Riggy
  10. Could this be the charge for your statements? I received exactly the same £5 charge for mine.
  11. Good Luck Simeon. I'm posting my request for refund tomorrow. Interested to hear how you get on.
  12. Totalled it up now...£1035 over 6years,however as I'm in Scotland I can only claim 5yrs, so the amount is £845. Letter is prepared and I will be sending it tomorrow by Registered Post to BOS in Dunfermline. I will keep you posted. Riggy
  13. Well!!!, awoken this morning by a constant flood of envelopes coming through the letterbox. This is gonna take some time. Had brief look at statements from 2000 and immediately see £15 charge for account maintenance for being £1.23 over my O/D limit. The battle has commenced folks. Riggy.
  14. Good luck from another noob. I've just requested my statements and sitting waiting. I too have suffered similar to you over the years and gone a few pounds overdrawn. In June I was charged a total of £150 plus £28 charges for being £18.74 overdrawn, due to small cheques for small items for kids school trips/books/after school events, which were sent by the school 6 weeks after they were written totaling £33. I spoke to the bank who said I should manage my account better. I admit that I am partly to blame, but as per other strings on the DG the charges are totally disproportianate.
  15. Hi all, I've been a silent member now for 6 months but have not had the bottle until now to proceed with the 1st step of requesting all statements available. I sent the Data protection Act Disclosure letter on Mon 7th Aug to the local branch of BOS and received a letter from them on Fri 18th Aug stating that, there is a "£5 statement charge" and that no action will be taken until authority is given to debit my account by this amount. I have now done this and now awaiting the statements to arrive. I will keep you all posted. Regards Riggy
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