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  1. Nelly75, Its going to take longer with BOS! I'd start by reporting them for not supplying the data you asked for within the 40 day limit. I started an action last August against BOS and I've just filed for a judgement by default in my county court. It will be served this week. All along the way they have stalled. Made offers way below the claim value for "goodwill". They didn't file a defence against the court action but wrote and made another offer instead - which included the court fees but not the compound interest I'd charged them. No matter I'll send the bailiffs in if they don't pay when the judgement is served! Good luck
  2. Hi Nelly75, BOS will stall ....send you duplicates of statements but not all the ones you want. Check you get them all. Must calculate contractual interest on the charges they owe you - use the rate they charge you when you have exceeded your limit (circa 28.8%). Got to send a schedule of charges (print off the spreadsheet) with your claim letter. Good Luck!
  3. Hi Fliss, Be aware that BOS use delaying tactics. They may not send you all your statements...they may send duplicates of the same ones. Its up to you to check they have sent you what you asked for. Write your letters to HBOS PO Box 607, Trinity Road, Halifax, West Yorkshire HX1 2UJ Tel: 0870 850 1298. You'll get on quicker - ring up and chivvy them along just before deadlines are due. Make sure you claim contractual interest on the charges they owe you - this amount will be as much as your charges are. Use the spreadsheets in the templates section to list all your charges - attach a copy of the spreadsheet (schedule) to your claim letter. Good luck! Jim.
  4. Hi gareth, Claim the interest from the start ...its likely to be as much again as your charges. Use the spreadsheet template to work it out. Send your letters etc to Trinity Road to save time...your branch will only forward send it there anyway. BOS do stall and delay but the Halifax seem to settle quicker. I'm just filing court forms (tomorrow) I expect them to pay up when they get a court date. Good luck! Jim.
  5. Hi Red 1, Refuse the offer! The interest is yours by right...your money would have earned that amount had the bank not taken the charge. MBNA owed me £550 in charges...the interest came to £590...they paid £1160 in the end. Good luck!
  6. Hi Frances, Use the template excel spreadsheet to list all your charges starting with the oldest first and coming up to date. At this stage ignore the 8% interest column - thats for when you might have to go to court. You do need to send a copy of this list of charges or schedule with your letter asking for them to be refunded. You can only claim charges applied for exceeding your overdraft limit or those attached to returning a cheque or direct debit because you have insufficient funds.You cant claim the interest charged for having an overdraft. Look for "Excess overdraft charge" or "Unauthorised overdraft charge" or "RTD DD Charge" (returned direct debit) or "Charges as notified" or "unpaid Cheque charge" on your statements. These are the charges you want back. Good luck!
  7. Hi Lynspop, BOS use delay tactics. They will send you a pile of data with statements missing etc. You will have to check that you have got what you asked for. They will respond just within time limits and stall along the way. They only seem to pay up when you initiate a court action against them. Good luck!
  8. If all the website members ( bank charge hell/penalty charges) moved one account to a newly formed CAG bank..."The peoples bank" it could set up in competition with all the others. Set up your parachute accounts here etc etc. Instead of administering a website...you could be running an online bank guys??
  9. Banks are a business but they are providing a service which we the customers have to pay for. An Unlawful charge applied to your account is an act of misconduct. There are bank charge packages around for small businesses that help you identify unecessary charges to your account. Consultants will come and scrutinise your account and charge you 20% of the fees recovered. The point is the banks deliberately overcharge everyone, hoping that the vast majoority of customers dont notice. The average account is charged circa £200 per annum in illegal fees. We are consumers and we have rights under the consumer act...use them!
  10. Anyone able to comment on how you approach claimimg charges back from 3 accounts with the BOS? Separate claims for each account or one claim for all three? cheers!
  11. Yes you can! Ask for the default notice to be removed. See the templates section for the right letter. You can claim back the excess overdraft fee of £28 and the £30 charge because they are unlawful, irrespective of whether it was your fault that you went over your agreed limit. Most banks and CCards have reduced their late payment fees to £12 now because of the OFT ruling in June. Even the £12 was a guideline, when it probably really only costs £1 to "administer your account" Good luck!
  12. Well done to the successful claimants in this thread! Question - if you have three accounts with the same bank...do you have to pursue three seprate court claims or can you just claim one amount across the 3 accounts? The court action would be in England. Advice needed?
  13. You'll get a letter back saying they will deal with your complaint and reply within 4 weeks. If you wait....you'll get another letter from the Core Business team saying they need more time...another 4 weeks. I would send a second LBA with a completed court form attached and a dealine to action the court form. After that you'll have to file a court claim. Good luck!;-)
  14. BOS wont play! Try sending an LBA with a completed N1 form ( or Scottish equivalent) attached (complete online and print off two copies - one for you) Use the guidance in the templates section for the wording on the court form. Give them 7 - 14 days (whichever you prefer) to repay your claim in full or you will action the court form. Looks like they will only respond to court cases in the end. Good Luck!
  15. Ring MBNA to save time. Contact is Paul Miney on 01244 - 672628. Ring him and ask for your late payment fees plus the compound interest on that sum. He will offer you a "goodwill payment" first...decline. Ask for the total plus compound interest. He will work out what that is and ring you back with a figure eg my claim was £550 compound interest £590....therefore total claim was £1160. Paid up in 48 hours! BOS less helpful...fob you off with letters saying will reply in 4 weeks, then need more time 4 more weeks. Stick to your deadlines. Good luck!
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