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  1. AFAIK, if the Post Office is a privatley run, sub post office, there is probably not a lot the OP can do to ge tthe ban overturned. However, if applicable they could perhaps play the "discrimination card" (i.e disabled, from an ethnic minority, female, etc) that would possibly help!
  2. Google Fight : Make this fight with googleFight CAG VS mse Hehe, couldn't resist! Very addictive, so be warned!
  3. Congrats Spicey and victim (sorry, I mean wifey!) /only kidding, Spicey's a cracking bloke, I've not met Mrs Spicey, but I'm sure she's equally as cool. Congratulations to you both, and all the best for the future...
  4. You and me both Yasmin! This is probably the longest running case on the whole of CAG IMHO!
  5. Judgement was rejected as they entered a last minute defence. I've received notification of the rejection of judgement, but I've not received their defence. I'll hopefully get it today and then read over it. Cheers btw barracad.
  6. hi pinadagolf - please start your own thread. In the highly unlikely event that a mod sees this, could you please move the off-topic posts into a nrew thread?
  7. Thanks all you guys! I'm unsure as to what to do now tbh. I think I'll wait for the defence to arrive in the post to me, along with their letter about what they've paid into my account (I'm assuming they'll at least have the courtesy to write to me, even if they don't have the courtesy to ASK me before paying the money into my account). I think I will then ask them to take the money out, as it doesn't include the court fee, but they don't have to know that, I will just tell them that I don't accept their offer, which then puts the ball back into their court.
  8. Judgement is now showing as "Rejected". God I hate the way that banks get away with murder! If this was them suing me, I bet I'd not be allowed to enter defence after they've requested judgement. Suffice to say, I'm raging.
  9. yes overflow, sounds about right, which is why I've been printing mine out for the last 2 or 3 days or so, cos I know that they can backdate transactions, as well as making transactions disappear totally! I'm so annoyed with the court system because it's allowed them to file defence even though I applied for default judgement at just after midnight this morning.
  10. Oh I'm raging now! Why were they allowed to enter defence after I'd already requested a default judgement?! WTF is going on?!
  11. Now MCOL is showing that they've entered defence for the Visa claim! ARGH!
  12. I should add that I checked at just after 2300hrs last nigght and it wasn't in there, I also took a printout of my recent transactions in case they decided to pay the money in, on say, the 26th and back date it to the 20th and say they paid up in time, which I'd not put past them.
  13. I've just chaecked my online banking at 0918hrs, and they've paid, apparently yesterday, the charges back, plus the 8% interest at the time of issue (i.e not up to the time of settlement), there's also no mention of the court fee. Edjits! Not really sure what to do now to be honest, as the default judgement has already been requested!
  14. Well, to keep you all updated, at around 0020hrs this morning, I entered default judgement against Hfx in respect of my Visa card charges claim. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/halifax-bank-bank-scotland/70034-monkey_uk-halifax-bank-accounts-4.html#post1026713 EDIT: I've just chaecked my online banking at 0918hrs, and they've paid, apparently yesterday, the charges back, plus the 8% interest at the time of issue (i.e not up to the time of settlement), there's also no mention of the court fee. Edjits! Not really sure what to do now to be honest, as the default judgement has already been requested!
  15. Default now showing as "requested". I chose for them to have to pay immediately, dunno if that is correct though.
  16. Do I want them to pay immediately, by installments or by a certain date?
  17. What are the options that I'll see and what do I chose. I only know I'm asked whether to accept the def's proposals to repay, or they have made a proposal. I've not been ever able to see further due to my other claims being settled. I've only seen this far as my First Direct claim from last Spring is still "live" on MCOL even though it is settled. When I called MCOL over a year ago, they said they had no way or closing a claim as "settled", so I went in and started entering default judgement, just to see what it says, but I daren't go any further incase it actually issues it! So, if anyone who has ever issued a default judgement wants to explain how it works...please, be my guest as this is new territory to me!
  18. According the MCOL Helpdesk, I'll be able to get it at 0001hrs, but I've got my doubts too!
  19. Does the wasted costs order not just apply if they settle after defence? If not, then great! To update everyone, I'm considering the claim for the bank account charges (the larger of the two claims) as settled. Yes, I've bottled it, I'm a wimp, but my chances of successfully claiming CI are slim. Had the account not still been open, Halifax would not have been able to force settlement upon me, and therefore I almost certainly carried on to claimCI after refusing any offer for less than this. Oh well, c'est la vie. Now for the pice de resistence (I'm sure Bookworm will happily edit my post so that that is spelled correctly!)......... ... ... ... Wait for it... ... ... Halifax have entered defence for the claim they've settled, but not for the Visa Cards claim. So, I'm staying up late tonight, and come 0001hrs tomorrow morning, I'm filing default judgement! They can't say they've not received the papers, or misplaced them, as I have emails to prove that they received the claim, and that their intentions were, and I quote: "offer settlement or enter a defence by 21st July". I now need to research how all this Default Judgement stuff works, so if anyone has any advice, feel free....
  20. I think I'm going to have to just accept what they've forced upon me. I'm not even sure if I can ask them for my costs (£9.50 per hr)??? That is for the bank accounts charges claim. In regards the Visa card charges claim, they've not entered defence yet, so looks like it's time to default them!
  21. I've not acknowledged the payment (other than using it to pay off some debts!).
  22. I'm still struggling to decide what to do with my case. To remind you, Hfx have dumped money into my account to the tune of charges + 8% + £120 court fee. I was claiming CI @ 28.8% APR (their unauthorised borrowing rate). They've not entered a defence, though have filed ack on MCOL. The deadline was today, though I believe with it being the weekend, that becomes monday. I badly want to screw them for the CI, but not sure whether it is wise to try. My PoC stated I'm claiming contractual interest on the basis of M&R AND unjust enrichment. I'm tempted to enter a default judgement, but unsure. Anyt advice would be greatly appreciated. FWIW, they've not even dumped ANYTHING into my account for my Visa charges claim, so I'm deffo defaulting them for that as soon as MCOL lets me!
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