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  1. No, where is that? (I'll look whilst waiting for you to reply, so if I find it I'll post back here!!
  2. Can anyone please advise on my gf's case? Reply received from HSBC today: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/hsbc-bank/185292-monkey_uk-hsbc-cca-g-3.html#post2133608
  3. Reply received from them 28th April 2009 So, now what?!
  4. Update time... Sent this on 2nd April 2009:
  5. Well my reason for asking is that in my court claim against Hfx, I stated "claimant has a credit card" or suchlike, could Hfx not argue that I agreed that it was enforcable, or something like that??? I'm pretty sure that this account will not have a valid credit agreement attached to it, so I hope I've not ballsed things up by claiming my charges back a few years ago?
  6. Can I go the CCA route if I've sucessfully claimed charges back? It's a halifax Visa card this time!
  7. only maybe 1 or 2 charges ever levied azgainst the account - no claims ever made for these refunding. Her desire is to prove that there is no compliant credit agreement, and thus have the debt made unenforcable.
  8. Guys, I've submitted a s78request to HSBC for the GFs card. The debt is not overdue or in default, she merely believes that they do not hold a signed and legal credit agreement. They've replied by sending a blank application form and a copy of the T&Cs, as can be seen on my thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/hsbc-bank/185292-monkey_uk-hsbc-cca-g.html Where do I go from here? Any advice appreciated. TIA.
  9. Didn't get change to read that long massive thread last night, so still no nearer knowing what to do next Why am I always so god damn busy?!
  10. Aah, I've got around the signture route by inserting a text box into word, typing into it "signed on 28Feb09", sizing it to 4pt text or similar (so it is just about readable), colouring it grey, then filling the box with said text. Printed out, then signed over this.
  11. Aside from the covering letter, posted above, these was this: https://www.yousendit.com/download/U0d5RGw5dENHa00wTVE9PQ https://www.yousendit.com/download/U0d5RGw5dENtNEkwTVE9PQ And also "Credit crd agreement terms", "Important changes to your Credit Card Agreement" and a copy of her last 3 months' (or so) statements.
  12. @PT - will scan in later. @42man - I've seen it but not read it. It's a massive thread and I worry that I'll never have time to read it start to finish! I'll give it a go this evening all being well. Thanks both for your help.
  13. Thanks fellas. Can I persue to CPR route even if I'm not issuing proceedings? I mean if the debt is not enforcable, surely I wouldn't sue them, I'd simply wait for them to sue me to recover the debt, right? So can I still use the CPR route. Also, FWIW, it's a blank application form that they've sent. Weirdos.
  14. Reply received 07/03/09 - basically saying that they don't have to provide a copy. Any advice as to what to do next greatly appreciated.
  15. Thanks JM. Next question is whether to keep making a payment each month towards the credit card debt, whilst awaiting HSBC's reply?
  16. Trying to find the letter that I need to send but struggling. There ismn't a CCA request letter in the templates library. I'm seeing conflicting advice saying I should and should not make a request under the CCA. Any advice please? This is for a HSBC Visa Credit Card.
  17. cheers what_todo. Thre address on that post is: HSBC Bank Plc Service Quality Team Arlington Business Centre Millshaw Park Lane Leeds LS11 0PP
  18. Right, my g/f has had a Visa credit card with HSBC for circa 5 or 6 years and currently has several £1000's outstanding on it. I'm going to send a CCA request as I have a doubt that they'll be able to produce a valid agreement (we can hope!). I'm now going to look around for the correct details etc to include, but in the meantime, does anyone know the proper address for sending a CCA request?
  19. barracad is of course correct. I believe the amounts were calculated in the mid 80's, so to be fair, the spm is probably being paid more than he should given that mail volumes have dropped somewhat over the last few years...
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