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  1. Thats cool - Natwest and halifax were accounts I held eons ago. So I was only really worried about the HSBC account but that does not appear to have made a different to my credit rating. Thanks for the heads up. After Natwest there really isnt anywhere else for me to go - so I shall make a nother donation and depart this beloved site.
  2. here I go again another day another bank. This one makes me laugh and we started banking with Coop after we won are charges back from HSBC and closed the account. They are charging me £35!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! per charge and on one day I got charge £105 for begin £26 over my overdraft on the 27th of the month (good god). Any way sent all the usual letters to the Bank kept to my time scales. I will be filling for a claim on the 24th through money claim on line. They on
  3. Found it interesting to note that like me many people are getting to the allocation quesionnaire stage. In my 1st claim with HSBC we settled before it got this far. I am in the process of dealing with my 2nd claim, which is for considerably less then my 1st claim. I wonder when I do go to court if I can mention to the Judge that HSBC have already settled my 1st claim out of Court? Also I would like to add to the comments about DG Solicitors. Although I am given the contact of Rachel Thomlinson in all my correspondene with them, it is in fact and very nice lady called Julie who appe
  4. Hi thanks for your help. I will leave G blank. All my claims have been settled by this stage. HSBC say that they are backlogged and my claim will be dealt with in 2 - 3 weeks. Should I tick to allow them another month? hannah
  5. I am completing the allocation questionnaire. Do I need to put anything into section G? Very lost and confused
  6. Looking advice. Have filled my MCOL in October. The bank acknowledged on the 2/11. I have recieved a unsurprising settledment letter, not for the full amount I will add. I am using the part payment letter and will be returning this back to them refusing the offer but accepting it as the first installment, and will carry on with my claim. I wonder if anyone has ACTUALLY been to court, or is the furthest HSBC go to file a defence???? Any feedback would be welcome. I find reading the threads interesting has anyone else noticed the changing trends. 3 months ago HSBC were set
  7. hannah1980

    New to this

    Hi, I am also issuing my MCOL today, and want to check the bit about where I reserve my right to claim interest, do I say yes or no? I've done this before and cant remember......... Thanks
  8. blimey thats alot, which I assume means your skint? Shame about Barclays, maybe try some where else and see if you get some thing better. I would leave the "big boys" well alone and go for a smaller bank or building society who may offer you abetter deal on an account. Barclays is just going to over charge you as much as HSBC, Natwest and Halifax have. Best of luck with the LBA
  9. Oh lovely....put you back in your place. Ignore it, if it doesn't contain a cheque carry on as you would. Make sure you keep to your 14 days.
  10. Well I have decided to back up my LBA and sent another copy of the LBA letter and list of charges dated 14/10 to HSBC, just to remind them that the clock is ticking. Want to make sure that I have given them every opportunity. Having read across this site I see that HSBC seems to be playing the silent card. Maybe new policy?????
  11. Hi wonderwoman, Dont worry, I am going through the same thing, and have been ignored by HSBC as well. I have just sent a third letter off to them, as my 14 days runs out on the 28th October and then I will put in a money claim. The third letter is a copy of my LBA and another copy of the charges - its just a polite reminder that the clock is ticking and I am waiting for a response from them as well as MY MONEY.... there are lots of others on this site who have been ignored. Going through the Money Claim on line is really very simple and as long as you have the money to pay to hand
  12. Hi, I had a friend who did the same and it didnt seem to matter and got a full refund through MCOL. I also have a friend who asked for 12% interest back and got it! I recon ever bank is different. Dont worry to much.
  13. Hi Jaynekul I went to the Coop bank. Mainly because of work for the County Council and the coop bank are renound for liking you if you are emplyed by local authority. They were wicked, full Visa Debit card on its way with a £100 overdraft free of charge! and NO minions in New Deli!!!!!!! I have actually spoken to the same lady who open my account WHENEVER I have called in to ask questions. Phone number straight to the bank and they have a moral code which is really good about how they invest their money etc etc. I was amazed at the speed of service. Dont go to NATWEST they are awful
  14. Many thanks good to know some one else is having problems. Our account has been down graded to a solo card!!!! because we are struggling to pay THEIR charges each month, they want to make sure we are able to handle our account well before giving us a switch card back again........I AM SOOOOOO ANGRY How dare they treat us like children, when its THEIR HUGE charges which are causing us all the trouble, another £125 to add to the long list......not a happy bunny this morning. Luckily we have opened a new account else where and I will be transfering everything over this month. Bring on
  15. Well I still have not heard a thing from HSBC. Sent my 2nd letter today, again to David Lewis at Canada Square in London. I hope that I will hear something soon, its a little strange how its all gone so quiet? Has any one else used this contact to send stuff in. As we bank with HSBC we are hoping to have had a response by now in the form of a letter or phone call but there has been nothing......... Any way on we go to Court again, they should take notice at that point.
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