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  1. Without getting into the fine detail, I am the claimant in a small claim against an organisation and in this case a named person within the organisation as they hold a particular role as a sole person. The organisation are intending to defend the case and it will be one of their legal services people attending court in person. In the directions questionnaire the legal services person is named in section B and in section D3 they have indicated 1 witness including themself will be attending court. This witness has submitted a statement of evidence and the copy I have been provide
  2. Company is West Yorkshire Windows, they banked the cheque and claimed it as part payment. They completely refuse to accept they caused any damage and firmly believe their T&C's cover taking 8 weeks to do a 1 day job.
  3. Thanks for the comments / advice. @bankfodder, I posted this on behalf of a relative who asked me not to disclose the company, if it was me it would be up there in flashing lights. @raydetinu, It was fixed price and a quoted install time period but T&C's generally have get out clauses in the favour of the company to cover them, though these are questionable to say the least. A breakdown of events, costs to put damage / issues right was sent to the company last week along with a cheque with the old chestnut 'enclosed is a cheque for £xxxx in full & final settlement of invoice x
  4. Hi, at this stage I don't want to name the company but the amount was around £3k, we made an offer of £2k as a starting point
  5. I had some home improvements done this year and I am currently in dispute about payment with the company and i'm after a little advice please. The goods and installation were purchased from the same company and an install date agreed with them, it was supposed to take 1 day. The installation team turned up as arranged and it was clear from the outset it was not going to go well. The company weren't interested when I called them and sure enough the work was very badly done. One particular item of goods supplied was damaged and of poor quality,
  6. Deceased owned property in it's entirity, husband had died 18 months prior. Deceased had 6 children. Child A had been caring 24*7 for deceased. Child B then decided she would do the caring and had the deceaseds property transferred into her/husbands name 6 months prior to actually moving in(sold theirs first). As part of this Child B was supposed to pay to deceased approx 50K from proceeds of own house sale but never did. 6 weeks after Child B moving in, deceased died intestate. Child A & B took it upon themselves to deal with estate, claimed it was under £5k so probate not n
  7. Thanks though not sure where all that fits. FOIA doesn't apply as there is no public body involved, this is all relatives. There have been no solicitors involved either nor is there a will so it's all intestacy.
  8. My wifes grandmother died leaving no will, grandfather had died previous year. They had 6 children and more recently one had been caring for her 24*7. 8 months before she died one of the other children had the house transferred into hers/husbands name, sold their own and then moved in. Seen the solicitors docs for this and it's stated that they would settle their mortgage and pay rest to grandmother (about 50k) - this money was never paid to her. They had control of her bank accounts too and there was approx 20K took out in the year prior leaving about £3k. This person handled all the estat
  9. I took my 55 plate Xsara Picasso into a Mr Clutch autocenter on Monday for a clutch replacement. On Tuesday i got a call, i thought to say it's ready, but it was to say the car wouldn't start - it was showing immobiliser fault. They eventually after a day got an auto-electrician out to it who reckons the BSI unit has blown. Another 2 days later they finally shipped it to Citroen for diagnosis , results pending. Basically they hadn't followed the correct shutdown/startup procedure for the BSI unit which can corrupt the software in it but will not admit liability for breakin
  10. Update : I spoke to them on Friday and the cust serv op was so rude, wound me up so much I just told them straight I ain't paying and there's nothing they can do - told me they would send it to debt collection agency - result I thought, that's what I wanted. Sat morning - letter drops through door Further to your appeal regarding the above parking charge notice, we would like to confirm that this has been waived. No further action is required by you. Just to let everyone in on the detail now, the car park was at Meadowhall Retail Park in sheffield. We visited in the morning,
  11. I like your thinking Purpose 1 Crime Prevention and Prosecution of Offenders Purpose Description: Crime prevention and detection and the apprehension and prosecution of offenders. Data Controllers further description of Purpose: INCLUDES THE USE OF CLOSED-CIRCUIT TELEVISION FOR THE MONITORING AND COLLECTION OF SOUND AND/OR VISUAL IMAGES FOR THE PURPOSE OF MAINTAINING THE SECURITY OF PREMISES, FOR PREVENTING CRIME AND FOR INVESTIGATING CRIME. Data subjects are: Customers and clients Offenders and suspected offenders MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC THOSE INSIDE,
  12. We had one of these Civil Traffi Enforcement Notices from this cowboy outfit. Not going to name the carpark or too many details but they reckon we exceeded the allowed parking time in a carpark. What really happened is we made two visits to the car park. They said if we can prove we bought something from a shop that the car park belongs to they will waive the fee, we can't prove that we did buy anything as we used cash and as it wasn't an electrical/warrantied item we didn't keep the receipt. What we can prove is that we did not exceed our stay(despite them having pictures of entry/ex
  13. Just to update on this post, we handed this over to the solicitor at the end of September who have written to First Choice on 3 occasions and First Choice haven't even bothered to acknowledge the solicitors letters never mind reply to them. :o So it looks like were off to court now - just got to fill out the witness statements and court forms and wait for a date.
  14. Just had a cold call on my mobile from this place, asking if i've got any bank charges as they can reclaim them for me. Played along a bit then mentioned OFT & test case etc and that I was registered with TPS and why are they ringing me - computer generated random numbers- this number isn't registered with TPS but I wanted to put the scares on them to find out how they got the number ;-) The number that came up on the mobile is [edit]
  15. Response from Number 10 to the petition can be viewed here newhome - epetition response
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