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  1. Hi, just seen these messages and am a little unclear. Does this mean that if i pursue my bank to pay back the charges over the past years, they will close my account? :confused:
  2. Thanks Stone, will start a thread as u suggest as i'm sure there must be others out there qho have been in similar situation in the past. Have called the CAB and I need to do all kinds of things before they will see me. Thanks for the advice, nice to see there are people out there to help
  3. cheers... i think i'll get the 6 years as suggested and start it off. Looks like there's a lot to take in here but i'm like a dog with a bone now lol. I did ask them to refund it but they said no on the phone and told me there was no chance of appealing. I though she was a bit off so i put a complaint in to the ombudsman which i am waiting for. Will put a request in for six years and start reading guys.... cheers :D
  4. thanks tigs, i think i'll have a go with the CAB ans see if they can suggest how to start. I'll probably have to speak to you guys once i start as i'm sure i'll be even more confused. Cheers for the advice x Jay
  5. Hi all, I set up a bill payment for the wrong date on the online banking. The payment went the day after, ie pay day, but they B*****s have taken £39 for not paying it. They didn't have to do anything as the bill wasn't paid, it did not make me overdrawn, as i don't have an overdraft, and it was all automated. Surely they can't take £39 for this? Have I got a chance to get it back? i'm sure this has also happened before but i never really thought about it in detail??? Amy thoughts? :x
  6. Thanks cillitbanger, i intend to for now but will need to :o :o :o Tigs, i can't even remember how much they were for, i think there were a few £3k loans but the last i saw, the total amounts owed were for ovder £4.5k with all the added charges... this is what sent me over the edge. It was after this that i got behind with other stuff so i think the totals are around £15k or so. I really don't know for sure tho
  7. Hi, can anyone help please? i moved home about 4 years ago, with a lot of debts chading me, but ended up ill with the stress of it all. Since i moved, i have had no contact with any of them and i have now lost all track of what i owe, how much, who to etc... There were a few different credit tracing comanies on my back. I havent paid anything to any of them in around 5 years and i have not had any contact with any of them in about 4.5 yrs (maybe more) I would like to get back on track but i don';t want to 'come out of hiding' in case they all start back at me the same way. I'm now working and just making ends meet with the bills etc. A letter appeared today from a 'Swift Delivery' that asked me to call to arrange delivery. I was a bit dubious as it had no name on it, just an address so When i put the address though the net, it seems that it is really a compnay called ruthbridge ltd, a tracing and debt collection agency. They don't yet know where i am, but i'm just worried that the fllod gates will open again. I know it's not the right thing to do, hiding away from it, but i really don't know how to start. Some of the debts may have been written off, but then i might end up with a massive bill which they want paid in full and i can't move again! Any help or advice would be of use. I am sure that if this company find me, i'll be back where it all started, but i would really like to start the ball rolling and get back on track. cheers Jay :confused:
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