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  1. Please can anyone advise? After around 5 months since I started I've got a full and final offer 'without predjudice save as to costs' for my full amount plus interest and court costs. The process went like clockwork, they sent me a cheque for part of the amount which I never acknowledged, then I put in a claim on the Moneyclaim website. I've followed the CAG advice but now I'm unsure as to how to accept: Firstly, I don't know what 'without predjudice save as to costs' means. Second, they want me to 'sign and return the enclosed duplicate of this letter, and the Notice of Discontuance
  2. Hi This is my first post. Any comments would be much appreciated. Been through some of the process with Yorkshire Bank, sent them a letter before action and received a cheque for £259.00, dated 23.10.06 (full claim amount £518 before interest). A combination of trepidation and laziness means I haven't responded or stuck in the court claim. Now I'm not sure if carrying on will go against me because I didn't respond immediatley. The fourteen days on the LBA letter I sent has lapsed about a month ago. Does anyone know if I can still put in a claim? Also, when I started the pr
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