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  1. This topic was closed on 09 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. **Payment Recieved In Full** Court hearing was set for a few days time, but they've paid up. If anyone is on a similar track and wants any advice send me a private message. Get what's yours. Thanks to the BAG - 5% on the way.
  3. You can claim further back than the 3 years you are currently claiming - I would settle this one first - then make sure you don't sign anything that says along the lines of this being 'full and final settlement of all claims by you'. Then you can start a new claim for the prior 3 years (and maybe further back than that according to some threads...).
  4. It should be tomorrow - but check moneyclaim - a button will appear when you are able to apply for a default judgement. Soon after that you can send the bailiffs in. You have no need to worry at all - you are the victim of a crime - and you will be fully recompensed.
  5. Definitely the best thing to do Anne-Marie - you will get the lot back.
  6. You cannot claim 1 or 2 - just 3. Interest comes into it when you go to moneyclaim.gov.uk to take them to court - and then you can add 8% apr to each charge unlawfully levied against you.
  7. That is very interesting - let us know how it goes. Cheers.
  8. I intend to send this letter to Cobbetts unless anyone can say why I shouldn't?: I am writing regarding correspondence received from you recently consisting of your defence and request for further information in accordance with CPR part 18. As you are probably aware CPR part 18 is not applicable to claims under the small claims track, and only the court can ask for this information so I will not comply with your request. I am more than willing to provide the requested information if the court deems it necessary. I am, however, enclosing a breakdown of the charges I believe
  9. I have now recieved a letter from Cobbetts the solicitors in which they: Inform me they have asked for the judgement to be set aside, They present their standard defense, They ask for info in relation to CPR18. I intend to allow the set aside to be granted (this site appears to give opposite views on this - I prefer to allow it simply to avoid delay). The defense seems to be a standard defense. I will respond to the CPR 18 request by saying it doesn't relate to small claims so will not provide, but if the court ask for it, I would happily give it. I will send Cobbetts the sp
  10. Update: It has been over a week since I had a warrant of execution issued - on the moneyclaim site, it says 'Your warrant request has been accepted. The warrant has now been sent to the bailiff at the appropriate court for action'. This is against the sacred Drummonds branch of RBoS. I think there are two things that could happen - they could ask for it to be set aside and thereby faff for a few more weeks (entitling me to increase my claim by the extra interest) or thay can pay up. The bank has acted unlawfully in taking this money from me and I will accept nothing short o
  11. Hi Pangster, No need for fingers crossed - luck is not a factor. The banks are acting unlawfully and owe you the money back.
  12. Send to your branch and make payable to Royal Bank of Scotland. In my case, they didn't cash it and gave me 6 years statements for free.
  13. Please familiarise yourself with the FAQ's - all your questions are answered there.
  14. My warrant has been submitted to the court for final validation before being issued. I should get some movement from the bank one way or the other now - I expect either a cheque - or for them to ask that this be set aside to allow them to faff for a few more weeks. This is a very advanced stage - I began this in February - if anyone has been here with RBoS before - advice would be appreciated. Cheers, Cowlie.
  15. Thanks - I have read that - and I've also found this advice from Bankfodder - 'Don't contact the bank. And after about seven days ask for a warrant of execution and then contact the bailiffs involved and ask them what they are proposing'. I will follow this advice which means I'll issue a warrant of execution on Thursday. Though I am unsure what to expect, or how to act upon learning the bailiffs proposal. Hopefully all will become clear when I ask them. Anyone been to this stage before who can advise?
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