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  1. Well it's been nearly five years since my PPI complaint was transferred to the FOS. Will I ever hear back from them?
  2. Hi Queens-king Thanks for your reply. We shall sit back and wait then. I suppose a potential plus side is that if they uphold the complaint we'll get more interest?
  3. Hi I just wondered if anyone else has a PPI claim with the FOS and if they've had any updates? In May 2013 they settled half my claim but not the rest so I transferred It to the FOS. Haven't contacted them yet. Interested to know if any have been settled. Cheers Karl
  4. Following this thread with interest. The BoS still has the name and address at the top. Can you scrub it out?
  5. I'll write back to them monday. I reckon £100. Will keep you updated.
  6. Well thats whats I thought but i didn't want to push my luck.
  7. Am having trouble uploading images of the letter. Can anyone point me to the sticky? Thanks
  8. Hi all Just an outset. I complained to American Express because they keep writing and calling us for the previous tenant of our rented home. They somehow got our private mobile numbers too and called us for this person. I complained and they have replied. Any advice on their reply, or should I just let it be? I'm so annoyed they contacted us because we are associated at the same address. Thanks.
  9. Received letter back from American Express today. I will learn how to photobucket it tomorrow for you to see. They have upheld my complaint. Removed us from their records and proposed a goodwill full and final settlement of £30. Offered without them admitting liabilty. Liability for what? What are they scared I'll do? Any suggestions.
  10. Hi Bazooka Boo If I was living on my own i wouldn't have bothererd. But my other half doesn't understand law and thinks a bailiff could be on his way.
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