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  1. In case anyone else ever has to deal with these people, I thought I'd write from my experience.... In short they couldnt be more helpful. I called up and within 5 minutes they had frozen the interest and agreed a payment plan that I had asked for. They also said they would remove interest charges if I could prove I had an unexpected large bill come through. If only all lenders proved this easy to deal with
  2. Thanks for the reply!! I'll give it a shot!
  3. Wow! Lots of views but no help? Am I on my own here?
  4. Hi guys, does anyone have any experience with Open Door Loans? I really need to set up a payment and wanted to know the best way? Thanks
  5. topcat0000


    You're in luck!! I know a fair bit about IVA's through personal experience. In answer to your questions: 1. You have the same rights as anyone else. The process involved with an IVA is seperate from reclaiming bank charges. If you are already in an IVA then the chances are that the debt is being delt with by a seperate company anyway and not the bank themselves. 2. I would try reclaiming charges either before or after arranging IVA just not whilst trying to get an IVA. The bank if they decide to be really nasty could refuse and IVA in retaliation. It's unlikely but a possibil
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