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  1. hi janine im just a bit ahead of you now im just waiting anxiously, i was like you thinking its getting scarey until i got talking to a guy who worked at the tsb and i mentioned about the charges and he smiled and said to me "there not legal and the staff know it". lets all stand up to these bullying banks good luck janine
  2. hi tergwin go for it , it your money there keeping, after i got a letter from lloyds saying they deemed the charges fair, the letter i got from the bank manager stating how fare the charges were made me want to throw up!. it was pathetic and all it has done has made me more determind than ever, im going to keep going until i get every last penny off these modern day scrooges and im gonna kick that black horses a**e!. cheers guys
  3. hi lazymonk i sent a letter to lloyds tsb explaining all about my charges and that they are unlawful and recieved a letter a fortnight later saying they would investigate my charges,since then the usual charges follow but this month they seemed to risen to £180 for the month so im more determinded than ever!, good luck with your claiim these people who work at my tsb branch dont give a dam about you unless youve got thousands to invest then they'll rip you off one way or another. take care steve .
  4. thanks welly will follow your advice, it makes me feel better that theres good people here to help me.
  5. hi there ,hi just wondering if its worth trying to get my bank charges back off lloyds tsb (the bank that likes to say yes:evil: ) i pay each month £71 for returning dierct debits and £30 for the letter telling me they,ve returned the direct debit which equals £101 per month ,which i cant afford as it is, so when the next month comes round i am £101 down in my account then the all process repeats it self again until i have to borrow money to top up the account using my credit card which also belongs to the tsb,so the payments on the credit card go up , lloyds tsb do very well out of me, so i was wondering how do i go about trying to claim back my charges and do i have a chance of claiming. thanks steve
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