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  1. They only sent one out when they put in a repo claim. We never got one during the year. Does it make a difference?
  2. Anyone any idea how these people in Swift are fairing with all the banking crisis going on? - With all these people trying to prove their agreements unenforceable and late payments etc they must be getting a bit of a hole in their pockets as a result. How many customers have they? they are nothing like GE are they so as a smaller firm they must be suffering? Anyone know? Be nice to see them go bust Tom
  3. Well you could put it like that although it's significance was discussed, but felt unworthy of further discussion. Claimants explanation of "This is a professional person (can't remeber the full wording) but with all the bells being a solicitor qualified at xxx? entrusted with xxx who has written under oath in his witness statement brings, couldn't possibly in all probabilities have commited fraud...yeah right...Against a LIP? balance of probability went professionals way. I was more angry at the fact my witness statement was not read and I told the judge that, that in my opinion was the
  4. Triton are an RBS company, it's all in-house, wont matter who you pay because Triton are listed in Companies House as a dormant company, they have no staff, no costs, no nothing and RBS pay everything for Triton - they are listed Dormant because effectively they do not 'trade' and require no accounts to be filed - crazy, but I took this up with Companies House and apparently it's kosha.
  5. In response to their Stat Demand I wrote disputing this debt and their agreement and I've just received a letter from Capquest saying they have put my account 'on hold' while they investigate - nothing about stopping or withdrawing the SD. 18days is up 2nd Sep which is Tuesday. Any ideas if this 'on hold letter' suffices sufficiently enough to stop this? I phoned on Friday but only got the letter late p.m. and just got through to collections department in Scotland ' we are in another country' the girl told me - Scotland ?! - okay traditionalists, but come on ! even the Indians in the bank
  6. "As the draftsman of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 I would like to thank Dr Richard Lawson for his interesting and well-argued article (30 August 2003) on Wilson v First County Trust Ltd [2003] UKHL 40, [2003] 4 All ER 97. Dr Lawson may be interested to know that I included the provision in question (section 127(3)) entirely on my own initiative. It seemed right to me that if the creditor company couldn’t be bothered to ensure that all the prescribed particulars were accurately included in the credit agreement it deserved to find it unenforceable, and that the court should not have powe
  7. When I brought this up in court the barrister for the claimant said I was suggesting a solicitor, with all the finery that provides in honesty and respectibility, was committing a fraud - Judge immediately though I was fantasizing and didn't wish to discuss that further. - explanations as to why I didn't receive the email transpired to be and found by the barrister conveniently finding it in the half an hour he had to read my skeleton arguement before the hearing, a letter missing from my email address on that email of theirs which I hadn't noticed. He pointed this out to the judge which appea
  8. Youre talking about a finance company in-house solicitors - give us a break
  9. Thanks, I've got all the evidence I need, we'll see what the Judge has to say tomorrow in Coventry Court! Tom
  10. Thanks Bob ( love the name! ) I received a piece of paper which alleged to be a 'copy' of an email they sent as part of their claim against me and they are taking this into court as part of their evidence. I don't believe they ever sent this because I never received it by email and it changes the dynamics of their case if it were true. I just think someone has botched up creating this (allegedly) trying to pass it off as a genuine email to cover their butts - I just needed to prove that by tapping into the wizzardry of this site and getting someone to say it's not possible to send an ema
  11. Which would mean the email is not there anymore to be ' re printed' out ( as in ' the 'copy' they included in the witness statement?) This was allegedly sent March 08 so it is possible it might have been cleaned up and removed perhaps?
  12. Thanks for your help PGH 7447 - a few crossed wires me thinks, but I think I have enough to go on now - my lack of IT exposure shows.. thanks anyway. Tom
  13. They were given it to respond to something else so they would have had it thanks.
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