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  1. so I would struggle to press them to refund further back than 2001?
  2. when claiming, is it for the six years prior to closure or only in the last six years to date? because the account was closed nearly five years ago
  3. It was a limited company and had a current account with HSBC as well. When the business went bust they then closed my personal account and forced me to enter into an agreement to repay the overdraft on that as well. Most of that amount was made up from unpaid DD charges. Although that account is now closed do I have recourse to recoup those charges? HSBC has made me suffer so I would dearly love to get type of revenge!!
  4. I ran a business up until five years ago before the bank finally pulled the plug on it. I calculated at the time we had paid somewhere in the region of twenty thousand pounds over a six year period in charges (not interest I hasten to add). I had secured the overdraft on the business personally and when the recievers were called in and business wound up it was me who had to make good the debt to HSBC. Does anyone out there think its plausable to now try and re-coup those charges? Would like advice as this is quite a grey area as the business is no longer trading and the bank has been fully re-inbursed. If I did get the charges back would they go straight back to the receiver or, as I repaid the loan, return to me.
  5. I've had one or 2 issues with the Woolwich, well in actual fact, two thousand one hundred and fifty of them. After sending them a quite polite letter explaining that I thought the charges were excessive they replied and offered me what seems the standard 980.00 refund - thats less than 50%. I've taken this as an isult and now want to sue their arses for the whole amount. So insensed I thought about slapping them with a winding-up order which would certainally make them sit up and take notice. But being the nice guy I am, I'll take my chaces through the courts. Can anyone please help with the wording on the claim form where it asks 'details of claim'. Do I simply put 'the bastards have fleeced me and I want my money back'? or is there a more legal terminology for it? All answers gratefully received.
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