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  1. What do you mean by asking the judge for a disclosure? Tried reading through other threads and FAQ - but can't see it. Sorry if it's a daft question.
  2. ....Just had a very discouraging conversation with Cap1 saying that they have been cleared by the OFT to only pay the exess of £12 fee this week so are not paying out anymore full claims..... But aren't you also actioning on the grounds that you are claiming for monies taken by them in the form of charges, which is a disproprotiate penality and consequently unenforceable - contrary to common law. Invalid under the Unfiar (contracts) terms act 1977 s.4 and under the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999. Para.8 and sch.2(1)(e). In the event that the charges are not a penalty
  3. Hello Just wanted to check if anyone is pursing a claim with Time Retail Finance? Currently pursing claims with banks & credit card company to refund charges, and would like to apply this process to Time Retail finance. Could do with know how yours is all going ... if you know what I mean. Thanks
  4. Hi Milo19, After receiving a similar reply from Mr Rober Udy, offering to reduce the fees added to £12 each - do you mind if I pinch your letter as I thought it was brill!
  5. Just thought to help any new comers I would outline events of what has happened with Capital One and myself together to sections of thier replies, so anyone pursing a claim with Capital One can see what their standard response is. Sections from their response is in orange. Schedule of events so far with Capital One: Date Protection Ltr sent 8th August 2006 Statements Received 24th August 2006 - total owing (£876 not incl'd interest). Letter from Cap One made reference to the charges being added in accordance with the credit card agreement I signed when the account was opened. To
  6. Thanks very much for making the picture much clearer. I did initially use a DPA letter from another website before coming across you and subsequently have now begun using letters/templates from this website. I have done my prelim letter to the Woolwich and feel I shouldn’t at this stage write requesting MI information. Anyhow as Essyjay as mentioned the Woolwich probably will not state either way – so I’m no better off where they’re concerned. However, I’m at the same stage with a couple other banks/cc companies, so is there any advise whether to ask for MI informatio
  7. Why ask for Manual Intervention information? In my DPA letter to The Woolwich (and other banks/cc) I didn't ask for any information relating to Manual Intervention, but just simply asked for a comprehensive list of charges that had been applied to my account over the last 6 years, together with data, amount and a description of what the charge was for. I've received this - ok. But my point is ANY charges applied (manual or not), would be shown on the comprehensive list of charges from the bank/credit card company - wouldn't it - or am I missing something here?
  8. hello just thought I would say Hi as I'm just slightly behind you in this fight with NatWest. Just sat here now, tearing my hair out trying to work out what's a legimate fee and what's a charge before sending of prelimary letter to them. Goodness NatWest are a pain in the never regions! Good luck
  9. I received 6 years worth of statements today from Nat West - but I'm completely confused. Here is my scernario and I hope I don't confuse you all. To put you in the picture, I have a small overdraft facility with NW. The charges that appear on my bank statements are: charges for unpaid D/D, Chqs and S/O - I know I can request the payments to be refunded. Then I have appeared to be charged interest for using my authorised overdraft. Furthermore the term 'Charges' have been applied in the months that I used my overdraft but did not go over it which, as there's no additi
  10. Hello.. Thought I would ask if there is any information available on this website about Pawn Brokers and what to do when they lose an item. Any pointers in the right direction would be great.
  11. Don4071

    Please help

    I've just started on Capital 1. This was my premlinary letter: Dear Sir/Madam, ACCOUNT NUMBER: I am writing to ask you to refund to me the charges which you have levied from my account commencing from (when charges first occured). I now understand that the regime of fees which you have been applying to my account in relation to direct debit reversal fees, over limit charges and late payment charges are unlawful at Common Law, Statute and recent consumer regulations. If you say that they are not, then will you please demonstrate this by letting me have a full breakdown of
  12. Hi angry banker, I myself am at exactly the same stage as you with the Woolwich. Today I received a reply from Michele Wallis explaining they hope to resolve the matter by 9th October 2006. I sent the Woolwich my initial request for charges to be refunded on 6th September, which they acknowledge recieving on 11th September, however I'll be sending them the Letter Before Action on the 25th September - as per my letter said I would. Don't want them thinking for one second I'm not seriously persuing this! Of course the 9th October is 28 days from them receiving th
  13. Many thanks. Because the interest calculating spreadsheet uses the term 'Date Incurred', I immediately referred to this date on my statements. Of course, after inputting 91 entries onto the spreadsheet did it occur this couldn't be right! Hence why I had to check, so thanks again. Amanda.
  14. Hi all, hope my question makes sense. Just sent the Woolwich the first request for refund of charges, straight forward enough..... but thinking ahead.... when it get's to the point where I file with the small claims court (under no illusions it won't!) clearly at this point I include interests and court charges in my claim. My questions is this, the date the Woolwich charges incurred is different from the date the charges was applied, so am I right in calculating the interest from the date the charges were applied? I think I am... but to those more experienced than me any nudge
  15. Sorry, I know this question has probably been asked 100's of times - but I'm struggling to find the answer. Today, I received my DPA response from Capital One (no charge!). The charges applied to my account since opening n 2001 are:- Late Payment Charges (£386) Overlimit Charges (£486) Annual Fee Charges (£72 - started being charged 2003, even though a/c opened 2001). 2 Direct Debit reversal Fees (£40). I'm confident that I can request Late Payment and Overlimit Charges to be refunded, however I'm not sure about requesting the DD Reversal Fees. I was intending to
  16. Hello can someone give me some guidance please. Has anyone whose been successful in claiming back their credit card/bank charges and received settlement in full, found out afterwards that this information has been put on their credit records consequently causing problems with future lenders? I want to puruse a claim against Woolwich, Natwest, Capital One and Times Retails Store Card - after all it my money that I am entitled to claim back. But I don't want to cause future problems - if you know what I mean. Any response would be welcomed.
  17. Many thanks for that - much appreciated.
  18. Hi need some advice please. I telephoned the Woolwich today, telling the Customer Advisor that I was sending a letter asking for a comprehensive list of all charges made to our account - under the Data Protection Act. The Customer Advisor gave me the address Customer Relations Dept, Jackson House, Jackson Road, Clacton-on-Sea. Essex. But reading what others have said in the forums, alot have mentioned they sent their request to the Woolwich in Bexleyheath. Can anyone tell me if they recognise the Clacton-on-Sea address? Many thanks
  19. Hiya everyone. Well it was just last night I was thinking to myself (and praying), how helpless I felt against these stupid charges which we have occured for a number of years. And then today I found you... hurray! I've already typed and about to post letters to Woolwich, Nat West, Capital One and Times Retail (store card), asking for a list of all the charges made. This is such a relief, and I'm hoping that I can get somewhere with this. It will interesting to study their reponse times to this and I'll keep everyone posted. Amanda
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