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  1. Hi Lisaparkle Woolwich have until the 3/11/06 to acknowledge the court claim - which I'm sure they will - so no unfortunately haven't yet had a settlement from them. Good luck with yours though. Getting unlawful penality charges refunded or taking court action is easier than it looks (I think), providing you follow the proper steps! There are long stages, but providing you follow them and hang on in there, bearing in mind banks haven't defended, you will probably be successful in getting your money back. That's where CAG comes in - if you're not sure about anything, no matter
  2. Hi all Small Update.... Barclays have replied to my letter, where I told them that I have commenced with Court Proceedings and further charges have now been incurred and I would like all the money back please. The letter from Barclays (Heather Bunting - Customer Relations Mgr), simply states that they're unable to agree to my request (there's a suprise) and should I now wish to accept their offer, sign and return acceptance form. Am I right in thinking that Barclays are hoping that as they've told me they won't agree to my request that I'll fold and give in?? But I've come thi
  3. Hiya Mupster Yes still going ahead with my claim in the courts. Did momentarily contemplate accepting their offer - but then realised I woud have to spend it all on medication/physicatric treatment that I'm clearly in dire need of for accepting it!! Good luck with yours....I'm sure you'll be fine.
  4. Hi all again, Morning post just arrived. Letter from NatWest upping their offer to £1344 - even though they've done nothing wrong etc etc. Makes you chuckle doesn't it.!
  5. k. Off down to local courts today to submitt my claim against NatWest. Was wondering that myself - anyone shed any light on how banks calculate how much they offer you back:confused:
  6. I'm not sure if this helps... but I'm presuming they need to I.D. you over the telephone before discuss your account with you??? i.e. confirm name, address, d.o.b. etc If they've phoned you - they must be sure who they're trying to contact. So how about you not going through with the ID process? Simply saying to whoever you get on the phone that you're not prepared to to ID yourself to essentially a complete stranger - as far as you know, they could be some sort of sophisicated international identity fraudster! (bit extreme but you know what I mean). You've got no proof from their telepho
  7. Hi All Had a response back from NatWest following LBA letter. Essentially I'm asking for £2,714 in unlawful charges to be refunded, and today received standard letter from my branch, offering £720 - as a gesture of goodwill etc etc. I'm planning to send them a letter accepting this amount as an intrim payment - but seeking the remaining balance via county court should they not respond by 31st October (14 days since LBA letter). Letter I'm sending below: Dear Ms Jelfs, Account Number – xxxxxxx Sort Code – xx-xx-xx Response to settlement offer. Thank you fo
  8. Right here we go..... S.A.R. LETTER going off tomorrow 26th October. Incase they demanded repaying the full outstanding balance, I decided to pay off the remaining balance tomorrow as well. As this will close the account - i shouldn't have any problems getting the information about charges from them? or pursing them to repay any unlawful charges should I????? Thanks very much
  9. H paddym Good for you....good luck
  10. here's my letter... pretty short & sweet Ms C Mounsey 23rd October 2006 Barclays Head Office Customer Relations London E14 5HP Dear Ms Mounsey Re: Sort Code xxxxxx, Account Number xxxxxx Thank you for your letter dated 20th October 2006. As per my letter before action dated 25th September 2006 (copy letter enclosed), I advised that should this matter not be resolved by 9th October 2006, I would raise an action of payment at my local court for the full amount plus interest plus my costs and without further notice. Enclosed with that letter was a schedu
  11. The story thus far.... Following the preliminary letter and LBA letter I've now filled with County Court. The papers were deemed served on 20th October and today received a letter from Barclays offering £1000. (I'm requesting £3,300 incl court fees and interest). Would I write back to Barclays politely refusing this offer, letting them know that I have filled with the court or just don't communicate any further with them - they will know by now that the papers have been filled. What would you suggest at this stage? Thank you
  12. Ok. Eventually got my head around what to ask back and importantly what not!. Had a very perculiar telephone call from NatWest upon receipt of my preliminary letter. This lady from my branch telephoned to say she had been asked to check my figures and would need to request copy statements, but to save time, could I send her the ones I had! Eh - no way was my response, however now I keep getting copy statements sent through to me - instead of my branch! - God help us. I did give them a bit more time than the normal 14 days - given that the lady was having to order copy statem
  13. Thank you Pixlmixer. Bringing forms down to the Courts today, so we'll just wait and see (with everything crossed).
  14. oops sorry - didn't make myself clear.... Preliminary letter + spreadsheet of charges sent to Capital One and I received the usual partial offer (reduction in fees to £12). Sent LBA & spreadsheet again 14 days later, accepting offer as partial payment but would be pursing the remainder via court. I've had no further response from Capital One so now, I'm ready to file with County Court - right? I should of filed it on 9th October, but life has just got in the way - like it does! I probably won't get round to filing it with the court until tomorrow or Monday - but it sho
  15. You've got it. Incl £10 to Cap One but it's highly probably they will do it for free. Got it again. then 14 days later.... Send LBA + spreadsheet. DON'T INCLUDE INTEREST at this point. You only need to include the interest when you file with the court 14 days thereafter. Good luck and keep everyone posted with how it's going.
  16. ok time is now up for Cap One, and I'm about to put my claim in. Just would like to check..... its the amount, plus the interest, plus court costs??? I'm a couple of days late doing this, but it shouldn't hurt will it? Also... I'm completing the N1 Claim Form. I've used the wording in templates to insert into the 'Particulars of Claim' section, but not too sure what to put in the 'Brief details of claim' without feeling like I'm repeating myself. Any ideas what to put or can I leave it blank as it's all pretty much said in the 'Particulars' section. Many many than
  17. Hi Maxwyz, Don't know if this helps you at all but after sending off my preliminary letter to Capital One, I had exactly the same response as you, from Mr Uddy. I was a bit nervous at first (as it's quite a convincing and well argued letter), however after thinking about it I made the decision to accept their offer as partial payment and carry on with claiming the rest of the money. I've now sent of LBA. Capital One have until 9th October before I need to file with the Small Claims Court and I haven't hear anything from them. I havent yet 'won' or anything, but I personally woul
  18. Hello Greg, Been following you (thread wise), and wanted to say congratulations.
  19. Hi Kev GT, I'm pretty much at the same stage as you with Nat West. I too had Ad Gold Fee's applied to my account and know how unrewarding they are, as well as unlawful charges i.e. Unpaid DD's, Rtn'd Chqs, Unauthorised Overdrawn etc. Although you are naturally dissappointed that Nat West continued to charge Ad Gold Fee's and I presume you couldn't access this account - given it was frozen and as you cancelled this arrangement last October. But an important point to bear in mind is that these fees are not unlawful. You could argue that Nat West had no rights applying Ad Gold fee
  20. Out of curiousity - how long did Time Retail take to send you your statements?
  21. Hope this is ok - posting this letter on this forum......... It made me laugh. Dear Bank Manager, I am writing to thank you for bouncing the Direct Debit/cheque with which I endeavoured to pay my (who ever it was) last month. By my calculations some three nanoseconds must have elapsed between his presenting the Direct Debit/cheque, and the arrival in my account of the funds needed to honour it. I refer, of course, to the automatic monthly deposit of my entire salary, an arrangement which, I admit, has only been inplace for 21 years. You are to be commended for seizing tha
  22. Hi - I think I've fathomed out what is meant by asking the judge/court for 'disclosure'. I think it's where you can request the bank to lodge in court financial vouching for the actual loss sustain in your case, together with the banks full financial accounts revealing how much inome is generated from their bank charges, against the cost of administering dishonoured transactions. Maybe wrong????
  23. Hi You'll need to send DPA Letter to Woolwich Telephony Customer Service's address in Claton-on-Sea. Enclose your £10 fee - although the Woolwich don't appear to be charging for providing this information. Hope this helps - and keep us all posted.
  24. Hi all, Following my prelimary letter to The Woolwich, I had a response from Michele Wallis, Sales & Service Manager, advising they aim to resolve this matter by 9th October. Although I'm not sending the Letter Before Action until 25th September (I know I'm being a bit premature but theres nothing like being prepared I say!) I have drafted the letter and would appreciate any feedback. Here goes: Dear Ms Wallis Re: Customer Reference: xxxxxxx Although you advised you hope to resolve this mater by 9th October 2006, I would like to bring your attention to s
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