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  1. Ta for the words of inspiration....think I'll plough on with claiming interest & costs. See what happens next .....
  2. Ok Drafted my response ltr to NatWest - any thoughts or suggestions???? Mr. Stuart Higley Customer Relations NatWest Ground Floor Naional Westminister House 225 Shenley Road Borehamwood WD6 1TE Dear Mr Higley Account Number – xxx Sort Code – xxx Response to settlement offer. Thank you for your letter dated 3rd November 2006 which I received on 8th November 2006. As mentioned previously in my letter dated 26th October 2006 and previous letters
  3. Hi Happymonday Just thought I would say good luck. Keep updating us please. Did you get anywhere with finding out about the removal of CCJ's where the amount owed is largely due to their fee's??
  4. Press on with LBA + spreadsheet, (not incl 8% interest at this stage) giving them another 14 days before filing with court. With Cap 1's collection dept. - Do you need to ID yourself to them? If so try refusing. Tell them for all you know they could be part of some multinational identity fraud ring and you're not prepared to devulge personal details on the telephone to what amounts to a complete stranger.
  5. Hi dsilverstein, Sorry I mis-understood. I thought your question referred to interest Capital One charges on their fee's. I did include the statutory 8% interest in my claim to them.
  6. Hi dsilverstein, Probably no help, but I didn't bother with the interest side of things. I just stuck to the straight forward charges i.e. late payment, etc etc. I couldn't get my head around it and didn't fancy taking a PhD in maths to fathom it out either. So to save myself the stress just left it out. The only thing I can suggest is posting the question on your own thread, then those much wiser (or with a PhD in maths) maybe able to help. Sorry can't be of any more help....best of luck.
  7. Woolwich have Acknowledged the claim on 31st October 2006 - intending to defend. Defence should be submitted by 17/11/2006. What should I expect next??
  8. Hi all After getting one successful claim under my belt (capital one), going after some more!!! Data Protection Letter going off tomorrow. Mothercare account was closed around 2004(ish) time, but I should still be abe to get statemet of charges from them - I think?? Keep u posted
  9. Good point - hadn't thought about them depriving me of the money for the last 6 years. Suppose what you're saying is right, in so far as they've obviously been capitalising on my money for xx years. Just initially thought that if I turned down their offer, it would add to their defence that somehow I was screwing them out of money - which before your say it I know is ironic!
  10. Need some help working this one out... Basically, received a letter today from NatWest (Stuart Higley) stating.....'we prefer to resolve matters with your direct and as an exceptional matter, have agreed to meet your claim in full, exclusive of interest. Payment to be made to your account. Please sign form etc etc' IS THIS A NEW TACTIC FROM BANKS???? I wasn't expecting this, instead was preparing myself for Cobberts and their stunts. My initial thoughts were that the fact I had 'a leg to stand on' in claiming back unlawful bank charges was a bonus, but to be able to add inte
  11. Thank You. and don't forget they've done completely nothing wrong!! Lost count how many times they told me that! I'll shed a little tear for Capital One...
  12. cor...can't wait...clothes, shoes, clothes, makeup, clothes.!!.....; Anyhow, one down - 3 more for me to go after..... Best of luck with yours...
  13. Best of luck with yours. any help needed, you know where to ask for the answers
  14. Hi, this is what I put in my LBA after Cap One's offer their offer.... Dear Mr Udy, ACCOUNT NUMBER: Thank you for your letter dated 13th September 2006.. Further to your offer of £354 I am happy to acknowledge this as partial payment of the money owed to me, however I will still be looking for payment of the outstanding amount and this does not constitute closure of my overall claim. My contention is that when charges are issued as a penalty, the position of myself (and the OFT) is that the charge is unlawful under contract law, and is therefore unenforceable. This
  15. I didn't do mine through MCOL but directly with the courts, so I'm not sure if the process is the same on not. The court sent Capital One the 'papers' through the post, allowing a few days for the postal system, giving a 'deemed served' date of a few days after they had posted it. I understand claims made via MCOL can be acknowledge by defendants over the internet. So if the courts have been a bit generous with the amount of days they have given for the postal system, it could be possible for Capital One to received and acknowledge it before the 'deemed served' date. I'm not
  16. Think I had mine in about 25 days or so
  17. Hi - so happy Morning post has just arrived with a letter from Capital One settling for £1208.04. Some has been deposited into my account, clearing the balance and I'm awaiting the remainder by cheque. BIG THANKS to everyone for your help. Donation en-route. Amanda
  18. Popped into the courts today, to check the status with my claim aganist Capital One. Capital One had until 4pm today to acknowledge, but so far haven't. Staff at the courts suggested I check back on Wednesday as it can take 2/3 days to update their computer system, when it will accurately reflects the status of my claim - doh! So get back to you on Wednesday....
  19. Congratulations..... have a big drink tonight.
  20. Popped into the courts today to check on the status of my claim with the Woolwich. Woolwich had until 4pm to acknowledge, but haven't done so yet. Staff in the court told me to check back onn Wednesday, as they may of had a response in from Woolwich but it takes the courts 2/3 days to update the system - doh! Get back to you on Wednesday......
  21. C.O.G. - Cluster of Gits:)
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