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  1. When I received their (full) offer, I received a cheque about 2 weeks later.
  2. sorry to hi-jack but got a question about Wendy Star? What is her e-mail address
  3. Hiya Mine was for about £1200
  4. Received Allocation Questionnaire from SMC - to be handed in by 28th December. I'm ok(ish) filling it in but anyone got any advice about:- Sending Cobbetts a copy? Attaching correspondances (NatWest, Cobbertts & mind) with the AQ. Also, I've read numerous threads where following submitting their AQ, a pre-court trial date has been set, and I'd rather avoid this (if this can be helped). Do courts always do a pre-court trial or does it depend what information you put in the AQ? If it does depend on what information I put on the AQ, any advice about what to state
  5. AQ handed in. Wait and see now....
  6. Well Done Maxwjz - good news
  7. BIT OF ADVICE PLEASE.... On the Allocation Questionnaire, Section F 'Proposed Directions' am I right in thinking that I don't necessarily have to attach a list of directions. As my claim is less than £5000 it should be allocated Small Claims - no problems. Looking at jonni2bads advice (thanks jonni2bad) the only 'direction' I can think to include is a direction stating parties should make a standard disclosure, within the 'Other Information' section, something like: I am respectfully requesting that my claim be allocated to the small claims track. This issue is not a compli
  8. I had that thought too (great minds and all..). Thinking about it, claims are raised by humans and humans make mistakes, so its not as dire as I first presummed! Given the volume of claims being pursued, I think unless claimants 'stray' drastically from procedures or pursue unreasonable charges (beyond charges, interest and court costs), then banks don't look at the finer details (I hope!).
  9. I'm not a skabbey claimant but I've just spent a couple of hours reading this thread. I only stumbled on it because I was struggling on what to put in Section F of the Allocation Questionnaire - 'Proposed Direction' - and just got hooked on all of your endeavours. Firstly, congraulations on receiving your money - you had to work for it! Anyhow after all that, now can't remember what I should put on the Allocation Questionnaire for 'Proposed Direction' so need to go back and find it!!!
  10. Thanks jonni2bad. I've sort of calmed down a bit now - after smoking 5 ciggies on the trot! I'm sure we're not the first to do this and probably not the last!
  11. Congrats CrikeyMick. Merry Xmas
  12. THINK I'VE MADE THE MOTHER OF ALL C**K UPS. At the time of submitting my claim with the Courts, Woolwich owed me £2730 (in charges) £635.83 (8% interest) and £120 (court cost). I inserted in the Particulars of the Claim, daily interest of 8% - but I think I've calculated this part of it wrongly. Essentially, what I'e done is added what Woolwich owed in charges i.e. £2730 and the interest i.e. £635.85 togther, totalling £3,365.83. Then calculated the daily 8% interest i.e. £3,365.83 x 0.00022 = .74p per day. I THINK WHAT I SHOULD HAVE DONE IS £2730 x 0.00022 = .60p per day.
  13. Small update.... Received letter from Cobbetts today saying goodwill gesture, done nothing wrong, no prospect of succeedig in court etc etc. Offer is about 50% short. Me don't think so...
  14. Nice One! Congratulations!!! I hope I will be where you are in a few weeks!
  15. You're A Star....thanks Cheddar
  16. Hi all, Cobbetts have sent me a copy of their defence - dated 4th Dec:- 1. The Defence is filed and served without prejudice to the Defendant's case that the Particulars of Claim do not disclose reasonable grounds for bringing a claim against the Claimant to recover the bank charges (and interest thereon) referred to in the Particulars of claim or any other sum(s). In event that the Claimant does not properly particularise her claim then the Defendent will apply to strike out the claim and/or for summary judgement in respect of the same. 2. On allocation the Defendant invites t
  17. Ok. Natwest have filed an 'Acknowledgment', (late, of course) so now got to wait until 1st December for defence. Keenly awaiting cobbertts and their stunts.
  18. Received Allocation Questionaire today from the Court. Barclays/Woolwich have submitted a defence (late, of course) and the court is proceeding with it. Not yet woken up properly, so on the face of it, their defence seems like the standard defence I've seen from thers on the Woolwich Threads. But I'll double check and if anything seems out of place, I'll ask. Need to look at how to complete the enclosed AQ now.
  19. Congratulations...well done.
  20. Checked with the courts today. Although Barclays/Woolwich have acknowledged the claim, they haven't submitted a defence?? So I've made a 'Request for Judgement' with the courts today.
  21. Natwest have not acknowledge the claim. Filed for judgement today.
  22. It happens: Finance, loans, credit cards, insurance, mortgages | the Daily Mail
  23. So what they saying is if the employers happened to post a cheque or some important documentation to an employee or supplier, and that cheque/documentation was never received due to the postal system, then that individual should chase the Royal Mail for payment?? Or indeed if they were waiting for funds to be sent to them and they never received it, again because of the postal system - then it's their policy to chase it with Royal Mail. I DON'T THINK SO. Or are the employers saying they are witholding sick pay on the grounds they don't believe your daughter was ill due to not receiving
  24. Well done for getting £104 - nice timing just before xmas. Better in your wallet than theirs.
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