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  1. I unfortunately lost my engagement ring, which was insured through Norwich Union for £3,300(ish). However, when I made a claim - Norwich Union would only pay £2,700 OR £4,200 if I bought a replacement through a particular chain of jewellers. My question is: If the ring was insured for a particular amount, and I'm paying a premium for that item at that amount - how comes the insurance companies don't have to pay out that amount. Hope that all made sense! Anyone got any guidance as to what to do Thanks
  2. I wss successful at claiming back charges & interest going back 6 years. However, I've been reading alot about people claiming back 6 years & beyond. If I'm reading these threads correctly, can I put in another claim for 6+ years? Any pointers in the right direction, greatly appreciated.
  3. I think I understand Loan to Value fees and why they are charged to borrowers i.e. If a borrower cannot pay their mortgage, and the Mortg. Co are forced to sell the property for less than the outstanding loan, the Mortg. Co can claim back the shortfall through this insurance - right? According to the Mortgage Code...'Some or all of this fee may be used by the lender, at its discretion, to obtain mortgage indemnity insurance to act as extra security for its sole benefit...' Given its at the Mortg. Co. discretion to take out this insurance, this is where my thinking is at with this o
  4. Hi I've now received a load of information from the mortgage co that I can't make head nor tail of! Basically they've sent me stacks of paper with what looks like 'screen prints' and are completely coded and abbreviated. I don't even know where to start working out what I've paid - it's that bad. Don't information providers have to put the info into plain english... or am I hoping for too much. Can I ask them for a simplier version and if so do they have to comply?? Many thanks
  5. I've sent off my DPA Letter requesting list of transactions and charges, including ERC, unpaid DD's, arrear charges etc. Also, asked for copy of management account fees quoted at the time of taking out mortgage and any manual intervention information. It's been over 40 days now (just) and I've not received anything. I did speak to them last week and they told me they had sent it to my old address!!! But I still havent' received a new one.... I know I can send the DPA Non Compliance template letter but was wondering as they haven't complied with the DPA - should I also inform t
  6. I've sent off my DPA Letter requesting list of transactions and charges, including ERC, unpaid DD's, arrear charges etc. Also, asked for copy of management account fees quoted at the time of taking out mortgage and any manual intervention information. It's been over 40 days now (just) and I've not received anything. I did attempt to phone them last week but you know what these call centres are like - takes ages to get through and whilst they 'put you on hold' you get cut off - so I can't be ars*d now. I'm about to send of the DPA non compliance template letter to First Nationa
  7. hiya, ANOTHER ONE WON. Thanks for your response Phill123. Phoned the courts to see if they had received Court Bundle - which they hadn't. I did ask what would happen if Cobbetts did not sent theirs through (already late) and they advised it would be up to the judge to decide at the hearing whether or not to proceed ... which didn't seem right to me but who am I to argue with them! Phoned Cobbetts instead to ask if they had/were going to send it and they couldn't find my file. They phoned me back later... and told me that they had received a cheque (full amount inc c
  8. Bump pls. Any ideas on what next move should be pls
  9. Very well done Plucky.... I've just handed in my court bundle to court/cobbetts and not heard a dicky bird from them. So here's hoping I'll be getting a chq from them aswell. Enjoy the victory.
  10. Hi Pula, I'm in the same boat as you. Despite telling NatWest 3 times when I would be filing my claim, they got around to offering the full amount after I had filed. I've since learned that NatWest are now refunding charges without any quibbling - obviously to avoid paying court costs & interest. Now that I've incurred court costs I've decided to stick it out to get costs & 8% interest.
  11. NOW WHAT.... Court bundled needed to be in with the Court & Cobbetts by today, so I dropped one copy at the courts yesterday and another copy to Cobbetts. I've not had copies of Cobbetts documents, nor has the courts??? Don't understand what Cobbetts are up to. Either cobbetts copies will arrive on Monday - which technically is later than the 14 days they courts ask for them in, and then that means they're going to defend in court - doesn't it. Or are they up to something else I haven't thought off? Anyone throw any light on this one for me please.
  12. As well as above another question about court bundles I take it if I want to mention or refer to previous court cases such as 1. Murray v Leisureplay [2005] 2. Wilson v Love [1898] 3. Lordsvale Finance PLC v Bank of Zambia 4. Bridge v Campbell Discount Co. Ltd. (1962) 5. McAlpine v Tilebox as well as Dunlop v New Garage Do I have to enclosed the entire details of each case, or will the salient points be enough??
  13. Hello, I'm too in litigation with Nat West. As I've got to hand in my Court Bundle pretty soon, was wondering did you put a covering letter with yours to Cobbetts? Hope you don't mind me asking!! Thanks
  14. Hiya Court Bundle Question please? It doesn't look like there's a settlement offer coming my way, anytime soon. So, I've prepared the Court Bundle, found in the templates section. I'll put in a covering letter to Cobbetts along the lines of......In accordance with orders given by Crewe County Court please find enclosed copies of all documents which I intend to rely on at the hearing on 23rd February at Crewe County Court. Do I need to 'jazz' this up a bit. Started to word something stronger to Cobbetts - put it got too strong - if you know what I mean!! Any sugges
  15. Hello .... Having been succesful with claiming against my bank & credit card ( 2 down, 1 more to go!) I would like to turn my attention now to previous mortgage companies, in particular 'ERC's and 'admin' charges. Although initially, I was intending on claiming back 'ERC's against 2 mortgage companies, for well below the 5K mark in each case (First National & Trafalgar Homeloans) but having read about claimant loses, I think I'll hold back for a while and see how events turn out. Despite not going ahead with the 'ERC' claims at present, I take it I can claim for other
  16. Hello Received letter from B'clays today offering full amount - charges, costs and statutory interest!! Even though they disagree with my 'legal analysis' and 'without admission of liability' And they find £3,585.83 'relatively modest, and not cost effective for either party to take this matter to trial'! The bloomin' check - that amount of money is not 'relatively modest' to me. Anyhow, I've had my rant now but would like to say thanks to all on this site - and donation en route upon receipt of funds.
  17. Hello...gonna ask a thick question now. Received notification today of the hearing date for my claim which is 23rd February 2007. Also, in the court letter is the following para. which I don't understand. The claimant having particularised her claim and the defendant having failed to particularise his defence, it is directed that the defendant shall submit with the copy documents and schedule in response to the schedule filed with the particulars of claim setting out in relation to each item disputed. 1. The contractual provision under which such charge is made. 2. The
  18. Hi all...hope you all had a good Xmas and Happy New Year. Court date has now been given......14th February 2007. Do you think Woolwich will bring me some choccies and flowers to the court!!!! The courts have asked for documents to be served by 3rd February - I take it this will be my 'court bundle'???? I'm contemplating sending this letter to Woolwich, as I felt if they know I'm prepared for the hearing, this may push them into a full settlement. Please let me know what you think, as I've told them I expect them to include a break down of their costs relating to these charg
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