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  1. Thanks guys... Basically Argos have back down and offered to exchange it (as a sign of goodwill!) when they receive some Wii's. Either that or they've offered to send the disc back to Nintendo who will look at the damaged disc and see if it can be repaired (??) or replaced. This option seems to be the quickest....so, hopefully all wil come good. Argos's returns policy is absolutely stupid... in the past I've taken items back and Argos have refused even to offer a credit note because I've opened the box, taken the item out and found out I can't use it for what ever reason. And be
  2. Thanks robin... Argos won't exchange whole item as the console works fine! (I've already told them that - so can't now go back and say it doesn't). I made the mistake of giving the Argos store I went into on Saturday the Sports Disc & receipt, while they investigated how to go about replacing it. Now today on Monday they are telling me that the disc was damaged by me - hence why I have no automatic right to a refund/exchange and will have to wait until they get in a damaged Wii Console with the sports disc - as a sign of goodwill and at the stores discreation they'll exc
  3. I AM LIVID....... Bought a Wii Console from Argos on 23rd December 2007. Discovered on Xmas day that the Wii Sports included didn't work - so rang Argos customer services a few days later to tell them the console worked find but enclosed sports disc didnt - which they adviced to return the disc to the store. When I did this - the store told me that they didn't have any Wii's in and I would have to wait until they got some in in order to replace the Wii sports disc. It was fast appropaching the 30 day money back date so I rang Argos Customer sevices to check wheeather I was still
  4. In 2004 my husband reported to Norwich Union insurance company that he had a slight accident with another driver, who happened to be driving their company car. Shortly afterwards my husband got sick with depression. The company who owned the other car hadn't been paid for the repairs by our insurance company and decided to come after us for the money - however we didn't receive any paperwork and besides belived that Norwich Union was handling the costs of the repairs. Eventually they got a CCJ against my husband - and shortly afterwards Norwich Union did pay the their repairs howev
  5. In 2004 my husband reported to our insurance company that he had a slight accident with another driver, who happened to be driving their company car. Shortly afterwards my husband got sick with depression. The company who owned the other car hadn't been paid for the repairs by our insurance company and decided to come after us for the money. Eventually they got a CCJ against my husband - and shortly afterwards our insurance company (who by the way are Norwich Union) paid the repairs. I alwasy thougth that once a CCJ was placed on our file that that was that, we wouldn't get it r
  6. Subscribing to this one...looks interesting..
  7. Thanks to all for words of encouragement and advice....It would be nice to know if anyone has actually been successful in having their default notice removed by Littlewoods!! Is there a template letter I can use and send to Littlewoods asking for:- Copy of CCA Statement & that makes reference to if the default includes charges for missing payment, non paid dd's etc, I will be requesting for default to be removed?? Or... Do I need to send 2 seperate letters, one relating to a CCA request, with another being for the SAR? Thanks very much
  8. I've had a very frustrating converstion with someone from Direct Shop Financial Services (Littlewoods, Abound, Kays etc etc) and would be grateful if anyone could give some guidance...... 4/5 years ago, I may have defaulted on an Abound (part of Littlewoods) Account, but promptly paid it off 5 months afterwards. I'm interested in pursuing for the charges to my account and for the removal of a default placed on my Credit file by Shop Direct Financial Services (Littlewoods) and gather that there maybe a possibility by:- Arguing that I didn't have a Consumer Credit Agreement wi
  9. Subscribing.....pls see my thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general-debt/127082-littlewoods-advice-please.html
  10. Hi Whilst working on a contract, my husband paid a months deposit (rec'd recepit) for a room in a house with the owner. The 'agreement' was for 3 months and my husband left maybe a week or so prior to the 3 month period. Rent was paid on time and for the correct about. No written agreement was signed. Upon leaving - the landlord advised the deposit would be returned in the following week or two. It has now been 10 weeks and the deposit has not been repaid. I've attempted to telephone him (mobile only) but haven't been able to get through. And has property is quite a
  11. Thanks guys...that's all been helpful. Take care x
  12. Not really a bank penalities question, but thought I would ask anyhow... How long or far back can a BANK can chase ACCOUNT HOLDERS for an outstanding debt? Basically, we received a letter from a debt chasing company, requesting us to pay £XXXX for an outstanding account to Natwest. Although the account was relevant, we didn't know anything about owing any money, so we've asked for the bank account details to be forwarded to us. But thinking about it, this account/debt must be about 8 years old. Therefore, I was wondering, if we do owe this money, does any element o
  13. Background I've just returned from a 1 week holiday from Menorca. The flight from Menorca to Manchester with First Choice, was delayed by 24.5 hours. We were transferred from the airport to hotel, given meals and a few complimentary drinks, then transferred back from the hotel to the airport when the plane was ready. Once arrived in Manchester, First choice issued us with a letter for insurance purposes, confirming the delay in flight with all the relevant details. Question Having read some information about the EU Regulations relating to flight delays, it would a
  14. Thanks very much Mooreda. I'll put this argument to Norwich Union and wait for a good response from them.
  15. Hi Ripoffstopper, sorry I've got nothing very constructive to add but wanted to wish you well & hope you get back your money. I'm interested to know how yours is going as I'm in a similar situ with Nat West. Having successfully gotten back past 6 years charges, I'm now going after them for 6years +, but I'm only at the SAR stage. Not even too sure if they'll give me statements going back that far, but been lead to believe that Nat West keep statements...but we'll see... B.O.L
  16. did you complian to Norwich Union. According to their policy if you make a complaint they acknowledge your complaint within 2 working days of receipt. N/U aim to resolve complaiints with 5 working days. And who do we complain to about the FSO????
  17. Thank you Glenn. I've found this in Norwich Union policy, which may stuff me right up: We choose to settle a claim by either repairing or replacing property, or by making a payment. If we can replace property, any payment will be limited to the cost of replacement by our preferred supplier. Then what's the bloody point of Sum Insured, if Norwich Union are going to use their preferred suppliers quote to replace items!
  18. Excuse me but I must be having a stupid moment..... I told Norwich Union that I was struggling to find a suitable replacement ring with the Jewellers they had allocated, and if I could use another jewellers. Here's what they said. I can confirm that you can use another jeweller if you wish to. We would require you to submit a quote in writing from the jeweller you wish to use. We would advise that Insurers liability will be subject to the discounted amount that Insurers would have paid Goldsmiths (jewellery shop). The maximum amount payable would therefore be £xxxxx this is net of th
  19. Thanks. OK SAR going off today from when I opened the account up until I started my last claim.
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