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  1. Hi. Looking for some advice please.


    I purchased a 2nd hand car on 14th March 2017. Once the purchase has been sorted I paid 6 mths Road Tax before I driving the vehicle.


    At the end of May I learned that in fact despite paying the garage the road tax the vehicle was actually not taxed.


    Obviously I immediately taxed the vehicle before driving it.


    I have phoned the garage to ask for a refund (have receipts​) of the road tax I paid them.


    I wonder if there is any other options available?


    I'm concerned that I've been driving a car with no road tax which apart from invalidating my insurance had I been involved in an accident, I could have been pulled by police too with serious consequences.

  2. Hi thank you for all your replies. I did think it was ME being thick! Given I've now been made redundant which will be at the end of the month can't afford the payment on 18th March now or not all of it.


    Its not as if Im not trying to pay it I just need to cut back on the payments until I've secured another job. The arrangement was set up before the compliance letter but I have stuck to it so far, and paid above and beyond what was agreed to-date.


    I'll speak to Cheshire East on Monday and explain the situation to see if they can take back the debt given BS haven't stuck to the agreement, accusing me of failing to of sticking to it.


    I would rather deal with the council than BS.

  3. Hello - can anyone help please?


    I owed £2219 for unpaid Council Tax that the council passed to Bristow and Suitor.


    Reasons I owed so much is I am the only one working as my husband isn't working

    having lost his job due to being sick and doesn't receive ESA.

    Im trying to get some help to appeal this but this all takes time.


    I made an arrangement with BS to pay £374 on 18/01/16 followed by 5 monthly payments of £369 (total £2219)


    On 17/1/2016 (January installment) I paid £1000 and

    £369 on 1/2/2016 (which would be the February payment so before the 18th of the month as what was agreed)


    due to pay another installment of £369 on 18/3/2016.


    I have checked on line via BS website and can see the 2 payments I made have been received,

    correctly the balance now stands at £850.


    by my calculation I am actually ahead of what I agreed to pay.


    I've been issued with redundancy notice last week and not too sure when Im going to get another job


    thought I would ask BS if I could discuss re-arranging the instalments

    as I've paid larger installments than was originally agreed

    (thanks to a family member).


    BS told me I have to continue with the arrangement - so no help.


    I received a letter on 8th March stating "you have failed to make payments on the required dates.

    ..prepared to make the following arrangement of £481 by 18/3/16 followed by 1 monthly payment of £369"


    I don't see what payment they are referring to?


    I have paid more than what they have agreed to

    and wonder if the phone call to them has triggered this letter?


    They havent got control of my goods although I know this will be the next thing they will try.



    Husband hasn't a clue about what's going on as he can't manage with stuff like this

    so I'm on my own and don't know what the hell to do.


    If anyone can please offer any help please

  4. Hello.


    July 2012 due to my husband losing his job a year or so earlier my husband was up in front of a court due to not paying the mortage.


    Luckily the judge ordered that we resumed payment plus installments to pay Santander the monies outstanding..


    kept up with the payments to HL interactive


    how have missed 2 payments and


    now got ltr telling us they had made an request to the court for an eviction.


    Mortgage is in my husbands name and not sure what we can do.


    Can you help pls.

  5. Hello


    I've tried looking at other threads but sorry can't seem to see the answer.


    I didn't respond to a Court Claim by GE Money due to my daughter undergoing an emergency operation and t.b.h I was more worried about my child.


    The claim was awarded to GE (no surprise there) and I know I should have completed the claim form however just running back and forth to hospital, spending days and nights in ICU - I didn't do it.


    IS THERE ANYTHING I CAN DO BEFORE BALLIFFS TURN UP? I can not pay the whole debt in one go and hope GE or Optima Legal Services will accept some instalments but don't know if I should approach the court or GE or Optima Legal Services?


    Please can you help or suggest what I can do?

  6. When I was employed as an agency worker I didn't receive any training on Data Protection. I did receive an email attachement with the companies DP policy but wasn't 'briefed' about it - as I should have been as stated in their policy.


    Cut a long story short, I became a permanent employee of the company. Shortly afterwards, I was suspended because when I was an agency worker I emailed a document home to work on and this wasn't allowed according to their DP policy.


    Agency workers do not go on any type of Induction Course with the company - only permanent staff and I was scheduled to go on one but got suspended before I did.


    The company are deeming it as gross misconduct.


    Anyone been in a similar position or have any thoughts / throw some light on this?


    Im not denying I did it and my motives was to help the organisation. HOwever im peeved that they didn't give me the training and when it went wrong dumped on me from a great height.

  7. Thanks for everyones advice.


    The court was packed waiting to hear about their mortgage cases!


    The judge trusted there was a job offer and was prepared for my husband to use the lump sum to meet the CMI. The court used their discretion to allow my husband to pay the arrears over the next 3 years rather than 4 months which the solicitor acting for Santander was pushing for.


    End result repossession suspended for 3 years.


    I must say the court was very sympathetic to people who have been hit by the recession and although he didn't say it I defiantly got the vibe he was on our side.

  8. Ok. Didn't realise working tax and mortgage interest assistance where in twined benefits. Will sort that out.


    Don't know what to tell the courts then because hubby only had interview yesterday and he's waiting on CRB checks so NO there's nothing in writing from the organisation to say he's been offered the job - its all verbal and provisional at the moment.


    The crux of the matter is all dependant upon assistance from HMRC by way of working and child tax credits - so until then there is no money to pay. In the budget sheet it looks bad too as as we are actually minus each month and having to loan of family to survive.


    The only suggestion is if the courts consider I use the money I had for the arrears to pay to Santander some sort of affordable instalments and then put the actual arrears onto the period of the mortgage.



    Another thought....... Im not on the mortgage. Will the courts consider my income?


    My hubby isn't getting anything so my income is all we can show at the moment.

  9. Thanks for your reply.


    I've done the figures and as it stands we got 0 left in the budget to pay any money to the mortgage


    I've asked for an adjournment as it all rests on how much we get from HRMC working tax credit which is still in application stage.


    I've devised a 3 stage budget plan.


    Stage 1 shows theres no money in the pot.

    Stage 2 shows how much money is in the pot once working tax credit is approved.


    Hubby now as a provisional job offer so


    Stage 3 shows how much money is in the pot once he is earning.


    I've got the money from family member in my bank account so ready to give Santander the money the second they ask for it.


    Im trying to be realistic with the court and simply asking for an adjournment until at least we've had our working tax claim assessed.


    Is this not the right thing to do?

  10. Does this sound ok????



    My work contract ended in August 2011 and have continued to seek employment.


    However, I have a provisional offer of a new job. Subject to CRB checks and this will be confirmed in the middle of August 2012. I don’t envisage any issues.


    My wife has secured a full time permanent role.


    We have a Working and Child Tax Credit claim application currently being processed by HRMC. (The reason for the late application is due to initially being advised we could not claim however following advice by CAB, HRMC concur we are eligible to claim).


    I have asked Santander to consider switching from a repayment mortgage to an interest only mortgage.


    I have also been advised by CAB that I am eligible to apply for mortgage interest assistance which I have started.


    Family members have loaned me some money and I have offered to use this money to pay a large portion of the mortgage arrears to Santander.


    There are three dependent children resident in the property.


    My wife is resident in the proper.


    I respectfully ask the court to take into account when considering my circumstances s.36 of the Administration of Justice Act 1970.


    I assure the court that I am committed to clearing the arrears and respectfully ask that this case in adjourned until I have confirmation of:



    • Job Offer

    • Working & Child Tax Credit amount.

    • Santander’s response to switching mortgages

    • Santander’s response to more affordable payments.






    I hope to arrange a more affordable payment plan in the short term with Santander and eventually resume contractual payments.



    It is my aim to provide a stable home for my family and also to avoid the expensive and unnecessary costs which would undoubtedly arise following repossession in the current property climate.


    I believe the above to be true and factual.


    Signed....................................................................................... Date............................................

  11. Hi. Would really appreciate any advice please.


    I currently work for a public sector organisation. I initally started as an agency worker and in my attempt to try and good job whilst I was temping I emailed some documents to my home to work on them.


    Only this month (July) I was taken on permanently by the organisation. However last week (12 days into my job) I was suspend pending an investigation for gross misconduct as emailing documents outside of the orgaisaiton is against company policy. I explained it was an error on my behalf - and they understand that but I still broke company policy - hence the suspension.


    Today, 2 people from work came to my house basically 'without prejudice?' (what ever that means) to offer me the opportuity to resign immediately so I can get employment else-where. Or it wll go to a hearing where I won't be given the opportunity to resign and from the vibe I got Im going to be sacked.


    I know they won't take this into consideration but Im the only one working and supporting my family and can't afford to lose my job.


    The organisation want a response today as to what Im going to do - either resign or go for the hearing.


    Im tempted to dig my heels in and go for the hearing however I think they've got me over a barrell and I know if im sacked I won't beable to get a clear reference.


    and I don't know what to do?


    Can anyone offer any advise please!!!

  12. Hi. I've used CAG before and got great advice and hope you can help again please.


    I think Im about to lose my home.


    The mortgage is with Santander and the mortgage is in my husbands name. My husband is self employed and his contract finished last August 2011 and hasn't been able to find work since.


    Ive managed to find a full time job but my income isn't enough to cover all our debits so Im having to deal with these too.


    My husband has a history of stress / depression and I've only just become aware of how serious matters had become with the mortgage company.


    When I started work we offered Santander £250per month instead of our contractual payment of £650 per month. We had already missed about 3 mortgage payments by this point.


    We paid the £250 per month, however Santander continued to chase for the money. When we explained the situation to them, their response was "well you can continue to pay £250 however it will do no good" (nice!).


    My husband stopped paying the money.


    H&L Interactive have issued a Repossession Order and my husband is due in court on Friday 27th July. Last week I spoke to H&L Interactive to find out if we (my husband) could change from repayment mortgage to interest only - however I've been chasing H&L Interactive for a reply and they told me today it can take a couple of weeks for Santander to response - even though the court case is this week.


    In addition, I emailed H&L as we've had an offer from a family member to help pay the arrears if Santander can come to some affordable agreement plan.


    Also, Im waiting to hear how much we will get in working tax credits. We've had an estimate and if we get that amount we can pay our full contractual mortgage.


    We've sent budget sheets to H&L showing what we can 'realistically' pay and stick to - which happens to be the £250 mark. Now that Im aware of the situation Im managing it all for my husband.


    I don't know what to do next??? I've got to prepare a Defence and I'd like to put together something that basically says its not a case of we can pay but don't - we can only afford to pay £££ until my husband returns to work.


    Thankfully he's got an interview today - Wednesday 25th - so fingers crossed! The pay isn't great but better than nothing I know!


    I don't want to lose my home and hope the situation isn't too far to get back from.


    Can anyone help either advice or what to put in the defence. I've never been to court and know it will be down to me to try and keep our home - but up against Santander solicitors its all a bit dauting.


    Much appreciated. x

  13. I've now received my first follow up letter from TOWN & CITY PARKING.


    They've obtained my details from DVLA and I either make a payment of £60 within 14 days or 'may results in a summons or writ being raised for recovery of the outstanding Parking Charge Notice and further costs incurred'.

    I have until 3rd May to contact to lodge a dispute in writing.


    Not too sure what my next step should be?


    Any advice please?


    Thank you.



  14. Hi. I've received a PCN for being 13 minutes over the 2 hour waiting time limit at a supermarket car park.


    Clocks changed today and didn't realise how long I had been.


    They're asking for either £30 if I pay in 10 days or £60 within 28 days and additional £10 administration charge will be levied.


    I've glanced through some of the 'stickys' but bit confused if I can do anything about this or not sure where to start.


    Could anyone give me some guidance.


    Many thanks



  15. Hello


    I've successfully used this site previously for claiming back from my bank and credit card company for fees charges because of being overdrawn or bouncing cheques etc.


    Today I was told from a claim tout about claiming back for loans/credit agreements befcause of Unfair Credit card Agreements.


    So if I've taken out loan/credit agreemtn prior to 2007 and if the credit agreement didn't contain the all accurate information then it isn't enforceable!!!


    Now - I'm now one for turning my nose up at something that I could be entitled to claim for - however it does seem a little unreal that because my signature isn't inside a box or my middle name isn't on the agreement THATS the grounds for the credit agreement not being enforceable!


    Have I got this right or have I been told a load of rubbish.


    Lvoe this site as always. xx

  16. Hi Polly. I've been following your thread with interest, as I'm tryin to get a ccj overturned also - but I'm further behind than you, so I'm afraid I havent got any valid or useful advice to give.


    I particularly like the evidence you put together - it sounds really solid.


    Also, it sounds like you've got two good un's fighting your corner too -


    Best wishes

  17. Hi thanks. If I understand this right - by replacing the whole bumper my car will be in a better state than it was prior to the accident? Pity I can't ask them just to replace the portion that was damaged - or even better ask for them to reinstate the pre-accidental damage on the new bumper - lol.


    The cost in total comes to £858! I was quite surprised by that as I had originally had a quote from the dealer to repair the damage and that came to £238. So either the dealer didn't do such an indepth quote or the garage appointed by the insurance company know it's an insurance job... just speculating.


    The bumper part of the total cost comes to £196 and they want me to pay £112 of that.

  18. Hello would appreciate someonebodys advice or opinion about this.


    My car is insured with Sheilas Wheels


    After another driver hit my car I reported the accident to my insurance company.


    Sheilas Wheels appointed 'Drive Assist' to deal with the claim. To say they haven't handled the claim smoothly is an understatement - however they have told me something I don't think I've ever heard before.


    Basiclly they need to replace the whole of the back bumper. There is some pre accidental damage already on the bumper - so given that - I need to contribute towards the replacement of the bumper.


    Can anyone tell me if what they're saying is correct?


    Many thanks.

  19. Hello....just so I can keep track I'm sending off this ltr today


    After recently obtaining a copy of my credit file from Equifax I was concerned to note that Shop Direct Financial Services has placed a "Default" notice against my name, dated December 2003 for £xxx at the above address


    Further to this I never received such a notice, and I therefore require you to substantiate this data at your earliest convenience.


    1. You must supply me with a true copy of the alleged agreement you refer to. This is my right under your obligation to supply a copy of the agreement under the legislation contained within s.78 (1) Consumer Credit Act 1974 (s.77 (1) for fixed sum credit). Your obligation also extends to providing a statement of account.

    2. You must supply me with a signed true and certified copy of the original default notice[/font]

    3. Any deed of assignment if the debt was sold on


    I would request that this data is provided to myself within the next 28 days, if you are unable to provide this data then I must insist that it is removed from my files as unsubstantiated[/font]

    Why would I be doing a S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) also? Given that in Para #1 of this ltr I'm requesting a Statment of Account, this should be a complete list of transactions and charges - should it? (unless I've misunderstood this line). Would it be to verify if any manual intervention was done by them?



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