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  1. I would write back to them, request the evidence they intend to submit against you and ask them to reschedule the meeting for a date no less than 48 hrs after the have provided you with the evidence the intend to use. Good luck
  2. My understanding for what it's worth is they should have issued you with the evidence against you, ie. the text message and proof that it was you who sent it......I would say tomorrow admit nothing, keep to their procedures, highlight their failings in following them and ask that the original disciplinary be reconvened in order to allow a proper hearing to take place. Good luck Vonnie x
  3. Ok, been off for 3 weeks and asked my doc to sign me back to work (at which he was absolutely astonished considering the stressors had not been addressed - I must be very mad or very brave!) Anyway I've received none of the information I requested on the 4th June, nothing was mentioned about when I would receive this when I returned to work and I've now been told it's likely to be at least August before my grievance appeal is heard. I've been told in a round about way by another manager not to worry about the disciplinary (which is easier said than done) that it will not be as bad an outcome as I think it might be (which sounds to me that they have already chosen my punishment without hearing my defence!) My rep has advised just to hold my hands up admit my guilt and take whatever is coming to me???? (they think if I defend then they will up my punishment - punishment for what? Being made to work in a building that was uninhabitable?) ARGGHHHHH
  4. Thanks Pinky and Elizabeth I've been reading through the threads about Cabot, they certainly seem a persistent bunch! Thought I would send them the following short and sweet letter and see what they have to say in response. What do you think? Dear Mr Cabot Further to your letters of the 31st March and 21st April 2008. As you have failed to supply any evidence of my liability for this debt, I would like to formally request that you remove all information in relation to this matter from my credit file. Failure to do so will result in a formal complaint to the information commissioners office and the financial services ombudsman. I look forward to hearing from you in the next 7 days, with confirmation that you have taken the appropriate steps to rectify my credit file. Kind regards Vonnie x
  5. Hi folks I received a threatening letter from Cabot Financial on the 31st March this year. I responded on the 10th April that I had no knowledge of the debt they were referring to and asked them to refrain from contacting me about this debt unless they could offer me evidence of my liability. They wrote back on the 21st April saying they were still waiting on Monument to provide the requested information. Anyway should I just leave this until they get back to me with something, they have registered this as a default on my credit file, can I ask them to remove this until they provide evidence? Thanks in advance for any advice which will be very much appreciated. Vonnie x
  6. I would suggest you might want to contact the Police, while there may be no criminal act to answer for they can issue the person with a warning and let them know they are aware of the situation. Hopefully this would also be helpful in your forthcoming grievance that you initiated this action (without the support of your employer).
  7. Sorry I don't know much about this area but have you contact ACAS they have a free, confidential helpline, it might be worth a try? Best wishes Vonnie
  8. Do you have a grievance or a disciplinary going on or both?
  9. OMG I can so empathise with that scenario - I done the same thing only last week, nearly crashed my car, lost everything I put my hands on thought I was going senile, until the doctor told me it was classic signs of stress! What was your length of employment with this company? Are you going to sue for unfair dismissal if your appeal fails?
  10. They might be asking you things that are not directly related to anything you have done wrong but maybe something a colleague has done, my hubby is a civil servant and he had to carry out a similar investigation recently - nothing came of it and it was merely to establish the facts of the matter. Good luck and let us know how you get on.
  11. I am going to make alot of presumtions here but if it's anything like a CRB check then they are concerned about you fitness to receive and process the sensitive information. 1. When you made your application for employment it probably didn't ask you to declare any spent convictions but may have asked for notification of anything current (which I presume you gave them) 2. The search will probably advise on any criminal (including driving) convictions you have (I don't know about family member's but that wouldn't be something within your control anyway). 3. Usually with these things they are looking to weed out people with particular types of convictions ie fraud, terrorism etc etc etc.... so a couple of motoring offences probably wouldn't be too big a problem (as long as you declared them with your employer - if unspent at time of application). This is just my unprofessional advice but I hope it is helpful.
  12. Have you been dismissed after raising a grievance against your line manager? or have I just picked that up wrong? Your letter seems very good but I am no employment lawyer or HR person but you have certainly given them alot to think about! Good luck
  13. Thanks Prushton I will take a look at that tomorrow and start planing my next letter to them that will also include a request for the policy on bullying and discrimination (which doesn't exist).
  14. I would take some advice from the union rep. but my understanding is at the Investigatory stage you do not have to say anything that might be self incriminating - ask for an ajournment if your unsure and run it by your rep. A taped interview is a bit unusual though - is this normal practice in your line of work. ( I wish mine had been taped but that's just because the minute taken was so bad I had to re-write it myself).
  15. What does it say in his contract about mileage costs and his base?
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