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  1. If its only about the number of posts..... ....thanks for the info
  2. just got letter: Aldershot and Farnham case stayed
  3. Just got home, Stay granted at Aldershot & Farnham court Will send request to have it set aside on Tuesday
  4. Sunday: Got letter from cobbets (copy of letter sent to court requesting a stay) Tuesday: Sent Objection to stay letter to court, probably should have sent a copy to cobbets but did'nt Wednesday: got copy of defence from Cobbets
  5. I thought I should post an update, I have filed at court (aldershot & Farnham which I believ is still running) Cobbets have sent an admission of service. So I am waiting to get an AQ and in the meantime starting to prepare the court bundle Is there anything else I should be doing? Should I send the court bundle to the court?
  6. Would it not be more useful than a petition to draft a template letter detailing the points here and then everyone could send it direct to their own MP's using the link below WriteToThem.com - Email or fax your Councillor, MP, MEP, MSP or Welsh, NI, London Assembly Member for free A petition would get dealt with swiftly in one go, this way All Mp's would have to be involved
  7. I was just wondering if you have to totally obscure the amounts or if striking them with a single line would count? The judge may still read it but as it had been deleted as such could not take notice of it
  8. OK, It has been a long time, I have been busy with my wife's illness, (She died at christmas) I have now go to the stage of filling in the court papers and am about to submit them. However I have recieved a letter from Natwest. They have sent me another set of statements and told me to simply highlight the entries and return them and they will discuss them with a veiw to paying out. However I don't want to return the statements to them as I may need them should they not pay out. My plan today is to send them another statement of charges (including 8% interest) and give them 7 days to
  9. I am about to take on Natwest and this may be my next project, can anyone advise me if I have a case on behalf of my late wife, or should I drop it?
  10. I have not been able to progress this due to my wife becoming ill with cancer. Unfortunately she died on christmas day last year My question is... Can I still proceed with her claim?
  11. 05/08/06 Recieved statements from Natwest, just got to go through them to find all the charges.
  12. Update Got statements through, they refunded the £10 and supplied all the transaction details since the account opened. They did this (in their words) to be helpful. It just means it will take a little longer to extract the charges from all the other transactions. I will get an accurate figure this weekend, but it looks like my wife has got around £1250 in charges
  13. Just about to start. my wife has 2 accounts, one loan, one normal I will record my progress in this thread. 11/07/2006 Sending Data Protection Act to 201 Grafton Gate East with £10 for list of charges since 11th July 2000 20/07/2006 Recieved statements from cahoot. (They also sent back the £10) Loan account has no excess charges, so that one ends here. Current account at first glance has £1250, They sent back all transactions instead of just the charges. I will extract the information from the statements this weekend and then send a formal request for repayment.
  14. DaveBeek

    Dave v Cahoot

    Just about to start. I have 1 Cahoot account (my wife has 2, I will start on her behalf tomorrow) I will record my progress in this thread. 11/07/2006 Sending Data Protection Act to 201 Grafton Gate East with £10 for list of charges since 11th July 2000 They have 40 days to comply Next Deadline 5/09/2006 (40 working days from 11/7/2006) 20/07/2006 - recieved Cahoot statements, only £50 in charges so I'm going to leave this one here and concentrate on the bigger fish.
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