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  1. Hi all Hoping someone can help with this question I have which regards Mortgage Express. Last year i paid off my Mortgage after selling up. I requested the total amount owing & paid it. Then a few weeks later i received a letter saying i owed them £500+ (keeping actual figures hidden) for a cheque i bounced at one stage - whoops! So, i haggled with them at the beginning of the year and got the debt down to just over £200. BUT, i haven't made a payment yet & haven't heard from ME since the new year. I got my credit report the other day & i see on it that Mortgag
  2. Zootscoot.... What an answer! Thanks you very much! That was very informative! Ive picked up more info there than a few hours this evening spent browsing! Top marks & keep up the GREAT work! Appreciated buddy
  3. I take it i asked a stupid question then bookworm?
  4. Hi all... Just a quick question I seen on BBC website about the case & i currently have a case stayed with Barclaycrud. I take this from the BBC: Is the end in sight? Not really. The High Court hearing is expected to last eight days with a judgement being delivered by the court around Easter. But whichever side loses is highly likely to appeal, possibly all the way to the House of Lords, which means the issue may not be resolved until next year. Does this mean that my case will be stayed till next year? Sorry if that sounds dumb, it seems a long
  5. Thanks for bearing with me & all your help slick! Aprreciated!
  6. Hi Slick, apologies for the mess! I filed for £1124.34 through the court in August - worked out on Spreadsheets. Was not an estimated claim, but based on fact. I only used the £1000 estimate in this thread, so i could be more "incognito".... I withdrew the £116 claim so i wil forget about it. Will i just send the spreadsheet i done in August for the £1124.34 to the solicitor?
  7. Hi Slick, thanks alot for your help. Yes, the figure of £1000 is approximate I have actually told the solicitor i withdrew the £116 claim, thats when he wrote back and said to forward details of the £1000(est) claim as barclaycard couldnt find it. So, will i do out another "interest to the day" spreadsheet & send that off, even if the total will be more than that on the court application? Do you think i should add on the £10 i paid for the statements & the £16 court fee (and forget about the other £100) i had to pay to make them comply with the S.A.R - (Subject Access Reque
  8. hi, sorry about the mess up... No, this case is for the charges arising out of the missing statements i received. The compensation case for the £116 i withdrew (more hassle than i could be bothered with). However, the solicitor is referring to the £116 S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) compensation claim even though it was closed by me 2 months ago. So, to sum up, they cant find my claim for the charges arising from the "delayed" statements & while i am looking to settle for £1000 (charges from said statements) they are still talking about the £116 (which was withdrawn by m
  9. Hi all. I currently have a court claim with barclaycard. It took me 11 months to obtain my statements (due to microfiche). They have a solictior dealing with the case & he writes to me now & again. (how nice of him). However, he had been stating a previous claim ref i had against barclaycard on his letters. I told him he had the wrong ref & gave him the proper one. Now he writes & says that barclaycard "cannot find any record" of the claim number i gave him (even though the entered a defence). He wants me to forward a copy of my application asap, but after being
  10. Does my workings out of how i got that sum help sea-sidelady?
  11. The £116 compensation is for court fee (£16) & writing them & the Information Commissioners Office about 15-20 letters asking for the statements. I figured as ive used my time, electricity, recorded delivery mail etc etc that they should pay that back to me or should i give up? Seems unfair, am i right by saying unlawful, that it took them so long 11+ months to send something that should have taken them no more than 40 days?
  12. Hi folks. Ill cut a long story short here... I sent my Data Protection Act request last year on the 15 September 06. BC gave me the usual runaround, only they got away with giving me the runaround for almost a year. I had to start court proceedings in July 2007 to get my statements & also for £116.00 compensation. (£100 for me & £16 for court fees). They eventually provided my statements on the 25th August 2007 but no cheque. Now they have disputed my claim & im due in court this week - Friday 28th September 2007 Just wondering what ill need to take with
  13. Well, that why i need to find out if anyone is in the same position or knows anything lawish about this. Surely weather they have refunded the charges or not, they still cant ask for unfair charges to be paid back as they are deemed unfair in law. Hope someone can help. Cheers dudes.
  14. Yes they paid by cheque. Would this make any difference? The money they require back is made up mostly of charges, i was thinking that although they have paid me they still cant demand back unlawful charges... Do you see where im coming from?? Or is it a load of BS? lol anyone else have any opinion, or has it happened to anyone else, im sure im not the only one lol Cheers & thanks for the reply
  15. Thanks for looking in... Im gonna keep this short & sweet. I owed money on my MBNA credit card. They owed me more in charges than i owed them. (this account had been passed to a DCA, but when i wrote to the DCA, MBNA took charge of the account again.) e.g. I owed them £2000, they owed me £3,500 in charges. MBNA settled my charges in full last year. They paid the £3500 and made no mention of the £2,000 i owed them. The thing is, can they ask for the original £2000 back again & would i have to pay them, even though the majority of the £2000 is charges (e
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