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  1. thanks glenn but who can i send it to or get to just advise me on how to write it so many seem as confused as me sandrajl x
  2. Hi there people, ive done the letter about default to abbey they wrote back saying "when you opened the account you were advised that details about the conduct of your account would be passed to credit reference agencies as part of the operation of your bank account. the processing is therefore necessary for the performance of a contract to which you are party, and in the circumstances, s10 of the Data Protection Act does not apply to this processin. I confirm therefore that Abbey will not comply with your request". signed Maxine Watts Data Protection Consultant. Ive just got off the phone after talking to TROY from abbey and he says that because the situation is resulved then the default will proceed..i told them that the account is still in dispute but he replied that because they have reversed some charges and they warned me that if i didnt pay the debt off in one go and also untill they are advised that the charges are unlawful then it will go ahead & on the 4th Dec it will be up to me to sort it out with the debt collection agency. I have said i will pay it back so much amonth but they want min of £190 a month from me and cos i cant pay that then it goes to default. What do i do now ?? Im so scared now
  3. Glenn sorry to interject but im being really thick here have spoken toPaul [email protected] mbna and have so fare received £895 back on charges but said that if i want to claim charges then i have to write to them seperatelyto get the interest back on the charges. He also told me that the compounded and contractual interest is all in together so if i claim the charges i cant claim as contractual and compounded interest as there is no such thing its all worked out together... im really confused i want to claim back the interest and the cost of my time and effort recovering everthing from them but not sure what or how to write the letter now as ive got some back, can you help please ? Sandra:-)
  4. Thanks Glenn, have dug around and found sheet of "important changes to Abbey Credit Card terms & conditions ..it goes on about interest in section 2b then goes on to 3a current text and new text but i cant find anything in If you break this agrmt you must pay the following default charges::£25 ech time your paymt has not reached your acct within 1day of the day your paymt is due £25 ech time a cheq DD CC cheq or other item for paymt is unpaid £25 ech time the acct bal goes over you C/limit(after taking into acct any items not yet shown an any statmt) Any other losses and costs we suffer as a result of you breaking this agreemt. We will add these directly to your acct. We may change amts of these default charges by giving you notice under paragraph 11a 3a new text If you break this agreemt, you must pay the following charges ::£12 each time blah blah blah as all of the above. So either ive read it wrong or its not sect 3b its sect 2a which referrs to charges and amounts, i know it sounds petty there isnt anything on leaflet that says 3b is to do with charges. So maybe 3b doesnt relate to charges at all ? am i being stupid .....
  5. Hi tracy, no not sent LBA of done form yet .. letters ok just a bit unsure of the other form tho want to make sure i get it right could you help me pls ?
  6. Hi, tracy just a quicky, no letter doesnt say without predijuice at all unless its in some kind of bank code... the letter i recceived from abbey dated 13.10.06 informing me if i diddnt call them that day to arrange paymt of acct, they would be handing it to DCA i only received on 15.10.06(2nd class post) so it was too late anyway. When i spoke to them to pay £10 they said it wasnt enough and have already sent notice off to DCA, i asked when it was done and they told me on the 13.10.06 the notice went out so i couldnt have stopped them anyway. "Troy" informed me that they can and have entered a defult notice on me even though the acct is in dispute and that its because the bank hasnt agreed that the charges are wrong and have been good enough to "refund charges and interest of £1040 to my acct ". I told him that that amount would bring it under the O/D limit troy(...wot a name!) then went on to say that as the O/D limit has been cancelled that means they can charge me unauthorised O/D limit interest ??(does that make sense ?) Also their letter said "offer of good will gesture" NOT " refund of charges plus interest"... im getting confused which is it ?:? can anyone else help des this mean guys knocking on my door demanding money ?
  7. o also abbey sent me a letter telling me to return D/Cards & cheque book and that i will be charged interest @ unauthorised O/D rate untill i have paid OD off. If i dont ring to discuss paymnt then they WILL register default & pass acct on to collections agency who will want full recovery of debt .......... anyone else in same boat as me i wonder ??
  8. update so far letter from abbey saying that they do not agree that charges are unlawful but will offer gwg of £1040 as the literature & infomation i received when i opened the account along with the terms & conditions explains that charges will be applied if i dont keep to the terms of the acct.They say the charges are correct as i didnt have the funds in the acct and also that the "infomation registered with credit ref agencies is a true and factual reflection of the acct" and they say they are required by the infomation commissioner to register & share info on custoumers run accts. But my acct wouldnt be O/D (so much) but for their charges!!
  9. Can anyone help, what does sec 3b of the credit agreement mean in english ? as apparently according to mbna i agreeded to pay £25 per charge because of it !
  10. hi tamadus, could you help got Aletter from steve baily yesterday offering me a gogw of £400even to my claim is wellover that, but hes reminding me of terms "3b" in the credit agreement which clearly states that it is agreeded i pay £25 each time a paymt is missed, or i have exceeded my limit, or a cheq is returned is this right as i dont have agreement now, they have sent my statements so im just about to work out how much theyve charged me. Also on bottom stmnts it says min paymt includes overdue amount of .... but it says on in stmnt that theyve charged me for missed paymt..do i add both of them to my total amount ??? can you help please
  11. Hi fedup, had the exact thing happen to me but i sent Notice pursuant to S.10 of the DPA letter to P SPEED & A BETTS telling them that acct was in dispute and to cease their processdings agains me ! . Got a phone cal couple of days laterl from Abbey say "very Sorry they spoke to me about the debt collection agency.
  12. Thanks Bish, have sent letter reminding them that acct is in dispute by recorded mail so hopfully it should work. Just trying to remember how " Compounded Interest "works ... its a long time since i went to school, i was still using chalk and a slate to write on then ! lol x:oops: and thanks for your thoughts xx
  13. quick up date received 5 year statements from Abbey on 9/10/06 ?? only 4 days after i sent my last letter(Pursuant to s.10 of DPA 98) to MR BETTS & also to PAM SPEED....just mentioning that i was aware that they have sent microfiche copies to other customers & also that they have settled with other customers out of court...surely its a mistake and statements must have been on their way to me anyhow!
  14. Hi Folks and thanks, only just got round to not crying and logging on forgive me if i dont make sense, got a very strange phone call gone 7o'clock on Mon eve from Abbey saying that they were "Sorry they had rang me so soon" because i wasnt thinking straight i didnt get what she was on about so i asked her to explain. She said because they rang me on mon ...and she was appologising because someone had rang me so soon and that they shouldnt be troubling me ?? (at first i thought it was cos of my friend,) then i realised it was because WHEN I RANG THEM the woman told me that i had to pay my O/D off or it would go to Debt Collection Agency even tho i told her it was in dispute ! So it does seem that i may not have to pay it ALL off just yet like you guys have said.. but i confused that they had said that they rang me, when it was ME WHO RANG THEM !!. Does anybody at Abbey know what they are suposed to be doing ?? HAVE I MADE SENSE writing this ?? xx
  15. Hi Glen , sorry for late reply but lost my best friend over the wkend couldnt do much, logged on to try to ocupy myself but couldnt concentrate, trying now forgive any mistakes. Yes have told them acct in dispute but said didnt matter bill still had to be paid !! , i said i would pay not dening that but they say that i was nearly at the stage when they will hand it over to debt recovery agency, so have put it into writting giving date when i started dispute just wating to see what happens now.... sorry got to go filling up again take care
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