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  1. don't be nervous - just follow the steps logically and methodically, and your money WILL be returned. It's amazing how much these 'odd' one or two referrals add up to! It may take 6 months to get it, but don't let that be an excuse - I've just got back about £1000 from Barclays, having started in September last year! Good luck
  2. firstly, you should not accept ANY of the 'paid referal' costs to your account - these are exactly the charges we are all claiming back. I would write them a SAR letter requesting the last 6 years (or less, depending on when you opened your account) using the template letters on this forum, enclosing your £10 fee. Then, go through these statements and find out how many other such charges you've paid, and start the claim process. it's an ever deepening hole with these charges, as all they do is get you further into debt each month. Go get 'em, and get ALL your money back
  3. I think it is another case (sorry!) of the court's getting fed up with all these cases being filed, then having the bank's pay up just before the court date. They are plainly going to force the bank's (hopefully) to finally put up or shut up. Good move by the courts me thinks:)
  4. I started against them in August, received a full settlement cheque today, court was at 1400 tomorrow! Talk about cutting it fine.
  5. Well, I got a letter from Barclays on Monday. Addressed to someone else (Mr Newman if you're on here, hello!) offering full settlement including costs and interest, but the figure was for charges only, and offering payment to my barclays account - closed some 4 years ago! I spoke to a Mr Papaevridies (spelling will be wrong) who accepted the errors and sent new offer. I've accepted (with no confidentiality clause) and written to the Court to ask for a new court date, pending finalising of the settlement, but not to finish the case in case Barclays get cute. Thankyou to everyone on here - just waiting for the cheque
  6. Check this link out http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/barclays-bank/56288-barclays-litigation-information.html?highlight=deadsquirrel this is what I found out when I phoned them. Sounds like they're short staffed and snowed under. Don't lose confidence now - there's nothing sinister waiting at court.
  7. Well, I called Barclays (0207 116 5634) today to find out if Barclays intended to settle my claim (Deadsquirrel vs Barclays) before court on Jan 24th. Very nice lady checked and said person dealing with my case had left the bank and that was reason I'd had no contact from them. sounds like they're down on staff - who could blame the individuals involved - it's not a job I'd like to do. So if anyone's close to a court date and hasn't heard from them, suggest you give them a call.
  8. District Judge **** has considered the statements of case and allocation questionaires filed and allocated the claim to the small claims track. The hearing of the claim will take place at xx:00 on the xxth January and should take no longer than 10 minutes. The court must be informed immediately if the case is settled by agreement before the hearing date.
  10. can I ask what you've claimed? Have you claimed order for provision of statements AND compo?
  11. Well, I think I'm a week behind you - I effectively sent my LBA before Xmas, giving them 29 days to send me the statements (28 days was their timescale) and I intend to file claim next Wednesday. One thing I can't get my head around is the 'costs/damages' angle for a late SAR response. What do people think is realistic figure? £250 to cover research time, letters, anxiety and anguish? More?
  12. ********* PLEASE HELP ************* I've received notice from court for a hearing date for Jan 27th - but there is NO mention on this notice about submitting court bundles etc. Is this normal? The hearing is listed for 10 minutes duration, so I'm assuming the judge is fully expectant of a barclays no show. HELP PLEASE?
  13. something like - ' here's part of your request, remainder to follow...'. Very much seems like something they can use to claim partial compliance in the future
  14. Strange, I got similar single statement for June 2004, when I actually demanded Jan 2000 to present day..... hmmmm, maybe the saga's not over yet
  15. happy Birthday! i sent a response to the above letter confirming that I would start a claim for enforcement of the SAR AND compensation on the 10th Jan 2007 (the 29th day from the above letter being received) without further recourse to Bcard. I DID have a copy statement sheet for June 2004 from them today - talk about rubbish!
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