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  1. jem


    yeah i will do the reason i havnt sent sent the second letter is due to moving house so iam finally sorted, ill get onto it...cheers.
  2. even though a member of there staff did it?!
  3. jem


    yes 5 weeks ago now i have moved house but keep checking the old house for letter but theres nothing.
  4. jem


    i sent them the first letter we are asked to take then asked them for at least some of the charges back etc etc. but nothing back at all.
  5. i know on the recepit it says this but surely its not right £40 for a bit of packaging when their staff did it!
  6. hi does anyone know if ill get anywhere by sending a letter in on this subject here goes.... i brought a mattress from ikea as i brought a ikea bed frame and only their mattress fit (which is a con in its own right!!) well i got it home and it didnt fit so i took it straght back, well when i took it back they said theyd have to take 30% of the price off me has the packaging had been ripped, i then told her what happened the member of staff who took the mattress of the shelf ripped it and i had only purchursed the matress 2 hours ago as it stated on the receipt which i showed her, she then
  7. jem


    do you think its worth sending another letter as there telling me that unless i pay £500 in charge by next week its going to a balif well ive already payed out £200 in charges and iam paying out all this money and nothing is acually coming off my bloody bill!!! fuming!!!!!!!
  8. jem


    they never replyed!!
  9. jem


    hiya. was just wondering if anyone has a template i can send to argos asking for my charges back as i owe £1425, when the amount id spent on my card is only £900 so the rest is charges and if i dont pay £60 a month they put more charges on, when i told them i cannot afford this much. so i would like all my charges back but have no idea where to start with the letter. any help would be much appriciated. thanks jemma .
  10. hiya, i would like to send argos a letter about my charges, have you got the letter template i could borrow by any chance its just i havnt got a clue where to start thanks.
  11. i would like to do the same with argos but i have no idea what to write on the letter can anyone help me out here? thanks
  12. hi michael just wondering if you could help me as iam not very good at this?! these big words confuse me! i wrote a letter and the first responce was exactly the same as yours, so what do i do now? thanks....btw iam owed £400 in 6 months!!
  13. i dont belive it!!! ive just had a word for word letter same as you two but it was signed corole longworth!!! the damn cheek of them sending the same letter word for word to every single case they deal with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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