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  1. Hi, iam currently at court stage and need help.. iam doing it online and stuck what to put at particulars section. any ideas.. i have just split from my partner and trying to surpport my son and me is difficult i have heard that claims are getting stayed is this true and how long. i only work part time and my morg is 900 month these charges are killing me...
  2. good luck again Krusty hope you get everything as we are looking to take nationwide for our erc watching this thread v closely
  3. i have an authroised overdraft whether i go over that or not i get charged
  4. but if they didnt keep taking charges from account my over draft interest would not be so high
  5. i rec a letter offering part payment from hsbc they would not pay the overdraft interest through and said if i proceeded to court i would lose the lot can somone advise
  6. 2nd letter was sent and i have now rec a letter saying that they can not produce me a break down of the erc cost and they are will in to refund me 80 of the 270 exit cost where do i go from here any ideas
  7. surely if you request judgement as they have not responded to you then it will go in your favour
  8. well done krusty for getting so far are you still at small claims court
  9. hi barry, well done for keeping ur chin up. iam not sure what to do with my claim iam claim 3700 from woolwich (erc) not sure if to continue or quit. your advice would be great..
  10. kennya any news from nationwide.?
  11. thanks dolly and zoot. not really sure what to do now. second letters been sent. iam taking the woolwich and nationwide any idea anyone what these two are like
  12. god iam so confused. iam at the stage where my mcol is meant to be going on in 10 days. iam claiming 3764. early repayment fee from woolwich now thinking maybe i should quit now
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