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  1. How about if you were to have the statements dating back to 1999
  2. Hi All, Are these PCN's handled the same way as before the Protection of Freedoms Act in force from October, by just ignoring or is there another way now, all help would be greatfull
  3. any new developments happened in the reclaiming world over the last year and a half
  4. yes it was not concluded and then out the blue a debt collection agency wanted wat was owed i ignored and then i had a N1 so i replied to that saying you need to sort this one out first and now judge has put a hold on it and that is it for now
  5. I must of fell asleep at the computer lol
  6. hi all my dad and brother has had bankcupsy procedings against them at differant stages though for the same debt that was disputed firstly the first time we found out about my dads was when the bankcrupcy hearing of which we aplied to have setaside and my brothers was the statatury demand of which we aplied to setaside and have subsequently had it set aside as the judge favoured us that the ammount was disputed but we can not go down the same route with my dad because it has gone to far he has just recieved the bankcrupcy order on creditors petition with a mistake on the post code having read all the previose posts i will go to the court to get all paper work regarding this substituted service and hope ther is some mistake. but obviosly the debt is disputed because the judge has found that upon my brothers but we could not have the judge on my dads case have grounds for a disputed debt to be set aside because of the bankrupcy petition any ideas would be great thanks in advance CB
  7. the bill was paid but apparantely it had gone to court and incured £20 court costs of which the baliff was after but i said no one with that name lives here and by brother paid the council the money and they had accepted this after saying oh it has gone to the baliffs today where my brother said its a good job i am paying my account in full today then where she replied yes and that was that but the baliffs want to have there cut but i would like not to as these people have made my familys life hell in the past if they have the rights to get the money even though the council has accepted the money then i suppose we will pay but if they are just trying bully tactics to get the money and have no rights then i would prefer not to thanks CB
  8. hi all just after a bit of advice we had a business and have now finished we were taken to court for council tax and then we paid it minus the £20 costs balifs came round my home address asking for me i said no one lives here of that name and then phoned up my brother (partner in business) and he paid it up over the phone with the council now the balifs put a called letter through for charges and have called again and i said look this person does not live here he said yes he does because the bill was paid after he had left and i then told him to get off my property or i will call the police he said give him proof of who i am i said gett off now, he then ran back up the drive put a levy of the van that is on the drive that is not registred to me any way and saying i owe £80. i do not want to pay this to them as these sort of arrogant people make my blood boil and i would sleep better knowing i have not given in to them any advice would be appreciated thanks CB
  9. Sorry for delay they paid up in full and removed the default with just 3 days to go until the court date. i will do the servey and donation once the cheque has cleared. keep up the good work everyone and stick to your guns they will pay up in full before the court date. all the best CB
  10. chears for that i will do that tomorow, i have also just recieved a judgement for claimant in default, this is for my local barclays bank what do you do with it get the ballifs in and if so how or just wait a week to see if they send a cheque or have it set aside. Thanks CB
  11. no corespondance from my letter rejecting settlement and for a copy of the defence that they had to submit, just a waiting game at the momment not even a court date as yet. cheers for your interest Tom yours CB
  12. hi ESB congrats for the payment but if i was you i would keep the claim together with the unlawful charges, accept this as just partial payment of the whole claim not just of the charges, i think a better chance of getting it all back sooner, best of luck anyway CB
  13. excellent thread uniboy but how has it all progresed. yours CB
  14. yes jonni all done and dusted now thankyou All the best CB
  15. wow thanks joni that is a much better letter than mine that is what i was thinking but it just don't sound right when i put pen to paper. many many thanks CB
  16. Heres my response letter going tomorow If anyone wishes to add any changes please feel welcome to do so as letter writing is not a skill that i am good at. Thanks CB
  17. hi loise i too have just had a cheque done like that and that account isn't even open now i am going to tell cobbets i wan't another but with no account numbers on the name section. did your bank accept it if so it should clear now. well done by the way.
  18. this was in the letter cobbets sent: We can confirm that if there are any defaults from credit reference agencies soley in relation to those defaults issued due to the alleged charges, our client will remove these from the claiments account. does the above sufice to a default removal or do i need more. any help at this stage would be very much eppreciated. Thanks CB.
  19. well today i received a cheque payable to myself but with my old ac. no. on after the name i would,t be able to put it into any ac. but it was £980 short the ppi part they won't pay this but they will overturn the default . i have a few options here say resend a cheque for full amount without ac. no.'s on or i could say i will accept but open ac. to pre default and cary on as normal it was a good ac. with gold card. what do people think. thanks in advance CB
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