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  1. certainly was an unexpected little windfall we had beenputting off claiming for ages then just went for it and got 2 repaid beforexmas 2011 which made it even better its a shame we lost out on the big onefrom barclays though unfortunately we both lost our jobs some 2 years ago andhad to put all our debts in to a debt management company thinking that anymoney repaid would be offset against the outstanding balances, but we got somemoney back
  2. Hi, we did wonder about this taxable amount when we thought we would of paid taxin the first instance but if its only the 8% interest that is taxable then itsnot to bad, it never mentions once in any of the replies we received what wastaxable and what wasn’t.............. we stopped trusting banks along time ago and when we received lettersoutlying what we had taken out with them the amounts and total they would repaymy other half set about checking the figures using some of the onlinecalculators, she was a treasurer for a very large company which helped with usworking out if they we
  3. It never said in any of our replies if it was net or gross just said we had to inform the tax office as it was taxable
  4. Hi, its been a long time since we were last on this forum just thought we would post our success stories with everyone who is trying to claim back PPI. THIS MAY NOT WORK FOR EVERYONE but we hope it helps.............. After seeing all the news on PPI claims and reading up on the internet we decided to claim any PPI we had with our banks etc: we looked into claims companies who offered us untold amounts however they wanted a percentage of what we were awarded this varied from 35% to 47%. So we decided to do it ourselves, after reading some stories and information from th
  5. team work thats what will win over in the end lol
  6. nice one godmother never thought of charging them for our time that we waste in replying to the stupid letters they send good idea
  7. Hi Mikul, as The Godmother says write to them asking for a full explanation we have never heard of 'Evasive' its always LW or NDR, failing that write to them asking for your signed copy of your CCA and see what happens
  8. nice one dpick thats our next battle with the CRA's get all these defaults removed from our files............
  9. got letter from LW regarding complaints made earlier this year only to say not days outside FOS or there own complaints handling system but months, letter we got back was dated 02/07/08 this makes it some 6 months late. Time to get back on top of this and read up on everyone else threads cheers
  10. Thanks Dpick we have checked Experian and found default markers on that one we are waiting for results from other CRA's........... when we have all the info we are going to blast off letters of complaint to everyone of them. cheers
  11. thank you GodMother good luck with the new arriaval
  12. RESULT…………. we got a letter 2 days ago from LW saying that they can not find the signed CCA and are therefore not pursing the debt and that it is not enforceable under the current CCA regulations, however they also say that they will continue to process data with CRA's which is another battle ........ since this letter we have received another 2 letters for demands for payments from NDR..... are they not breaking the law by trying to enforce this debt which LW have said they will no longer be able to pursue………….. just some advice please on how to tackle NDR……………
  13. Even though we have not had any reply to letters sent to LW & NDR last week, we have had a default notice severed under section 87(1) of the CCA 1974 from NDR demanding full and final settlement of the outstanding balance as we are now in breach of the CCA……………we are still waiting for the signed CCA……… we have also allowed them time to do there own investigation work to which they said we would have a final outcome on the 1st April so again they have defaulted on their own agreement. Would we be now right in saying we can take this matter one step further for failure to supply the CCA
  14. well after much thought i think its about time they felt the wrath of my tongue 2 page letter blasting NDR and the same being sent to LW demanding full apologies for the way they continue to harass us for money, and as its coming to the end of their time for the investigation they wanted to conduct felt it best to get in there first giving them an even bigger headache, what a bunch of MUPPETS these people are….
  15. just had a demand letter from NDR asking for full payment, even though the so called account is in default under the CCA request advising them we do not acknowledge the amount debt...... we are sure we read somewhere that NDR/LW can not make demands for payment while the account is in dispute, and that this would constitute a criminal offence in doing so, even though they are already committing this offence by not supplying the signed CCA and which has gone well over 30 days, yet we are allowing them time to complete their investigations and that we should hear from them by end of this month
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