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  1. Hi Maria, there is no set time for getting a court hearing...but be prepared to wait months rather than weeks due to the share amonut of claims Lloyds solicitors must be getting. I started my claim in September last year so that's 5 months before I got a result. One bit of advice is to read the FAQ's and the information on this site very carefully to avoid making mistakes which could add more time to your claim. Good luck Peter.
  2. Thanks for your message Debs. Should not be too long for your results. Let me know if I can help you out specifically with any thing on your claim.
  3. Glad to annouce I won my claim against Lloyds TSB today in the sum of £1172. I only found out when I went to my allocation hearing at the local County Court Today. I was told that no representative from TSB Solicitors had turned up because the court had received a fax stating that TSB were going to settle the claim in full! When i got back home i checked my account and the money was there!. So my advice to anyone going through their claim is to be patient and stick with it. You will win in the end but be prepared for a drawn out fight. This site has been helpf
  4. Hi I've actually obtained judgement against Lloyds (£1505 inc. costs) because their solictors: Sechari Clark & Mitchell did not get the paperwork back to the court in time. So I wrote to them with a copy of the judgement order and gave them a deadline of 15th January before warning them of further action. As today is the 19th and I still haven't heard anything I'm wondering what I can do next to get my cash out of them! I phoned my county court office and they told me using bailiffs against a bank was "not realistic"..... although I am entitled to do that. So my question, is ther
  5. Hi everyone, I got my first reply back from Lloyds today. I have two account with Lloyds, Business and Personal and I am claiming on both (a total of £1992) My first letter was sent on 21st August giving them the 14 days notice to reply. So i calculate that they have waited right up to the wire before replying. Here is the reply: I am writing further to your letters of the 21st August concerning the request for repayment of charges on both your business and personal accounts. I would like to inform you that these letters have been passed to my Customer Services Recovery te
  6. Hi Everyone. This is a great site for us to fight back against rip off merchants who feel they are untouchable. I am claiming charges against two accounts with Lloyds - one personal the other business. My business charges over the last 6 years amount to £1,120 and personal is £872. Does anyone know if I should send the preliminary letter to the same address? and should I keep both claims separate? Thanks for any input and will keep you informed.
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