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  1. Hi all, Have settled with Abbey now - before the CMC of 15th December! Very very very happy!
  2. I was offered to settle in full by Abbey on Friday afternoon ( over the phone) - however when I received the email they had calculated the interest only from the date when i filed Moneyclaim. I have accepted their offer as partial settlement and informed then that I will continue with my claim ( until the resting amount of interest calculated from each date of the offence till 8th dec is agreed to be paid also). I am hoping to hear from them before 15th !! If not, I spoke to the Mercantile court clerk also - I was told no paperwork is needed from my part - only defendant needs to present
  3. Hi guys, My case was transferred to mercantile also - received a letter from them on Friday stating 15th December 2006 is the date of directions hearing ( or sth like that -don't have the letter to hand right now) Does anyone know if we should all attend? Or should I expect Abbey will want to settle before that date?
  4. Hanne

    Hanne vs Abbey

    More updates - received the 50% offer from DLA first week of October - replied on the 9th October ( this monday) rejecting the offer. DLA Piper replied via email ( I have Charlotte Thubron) on the same day now offering 60%. I have just now replied to her rejecting this offer also and asking for the full amount before AQ deadline of 17th October. I am interested to see if she replies, I have not had any communication from them regarding the solicitors change ( yet I guess). I am not expecting more offers before AQ deadline but you never know...
  5. Hanne

    Hanne vs Abbey

    Further update for those interested/ at same stage as me - it is going 'as planned' - MCOL today displays 'Defence' ( rather than acknowledged)...Abbey had till 1st October to defend. Also, emailed DLA Piper ( Charlotte Thubron) who replied that there was an offer on the post for me. Haven't received it yet but assume this is the 50% offer from Abbey. Waiting to receive AQ now and for the case to be transferred to local court. Not much else to report - have started printing out my bundle of papers for the court just in case etc.
  6. I received a letter from the court stating Abbey had acknowledged - that letter has her contact details etc. Now just waiting for her to contact me I guess..
  7. Yes, that's correct. How I know?? My claim deemed to be served on 3rd - Abbey deadline 1st October. I also have Charlotte Thubron..but I haven't received any letters from her/ DLA Piper yet.
  8. Hanne

    Hanne vs Abbey

    Update for people who are in the same stage with their claim ( MCOL - court stage) Filed MCOL claim on the 25th - issued 30th - deemed served 3rd September - acknowledged by Abbey 7th September Abbey have till 1st October to enter defence.. Abbey have made 2 'final' goodwill gesture payments last month - one for £110 - one for £200 direct to the account.. So nothing too exciting to report for now..
  9. Hanne

    Hanne vs Abbey

    Thanks Lula, I phoned the number this morning - it was to do with Abbey but not my current account with them ( I also have Abbey credit card so it was to do with setting up a new direct debit for that..) Thanks again.
  10. Hanne

    Hanne vs Abbey

    My first posting on ANY chatroom ever.. I started my claims process end of July by sending off a few letters as per instructions in the FAQs. Received £110 as a refund -gesture of goodwill from Abbey - how sweet- Since then not much from their side so filed the claim online today..now just waiting for (14 )/28 days to pass as it seems nobody's getting full refunds nowadays until the AQ stage( right?). Wanted to ask if anyone has received phonecalls from Abbey since starting to harass them for refunds? I received a call today ( but I wasn't in) and have been asked to call them on
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