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  1. to be honest its only 22.50 so im not too bothered, but just thought it would be worth a try!! x
  2. Sent my request for payments back today.Its only 22.50 so not much in the scheme of things but we'll see what happens! Wish me luck!
  3. aahh okey. thank you very much
  4. *bump* just incase this hasnt been seen
  5. Sent my money claim yday like I say.. Now its saying "Do you wish to enter Judgment by Default or by Admission? " under the Judgement/Start section - Do I have to do anything with this or will it deal with its self?
  6. Put claim through money claim today (bit late because i sent letter to them late!)
  7. Thats cool, Thanks very much - I'll definatly be giving it a go!
  8. Really? Eek! Not Good.. I'll give it 14 days or so and then I'll send the Data request letter then I think!
  9. Spoke to capital one today, who have agreed to send me copies of my statements for the past 6 years, Im actually scared to think how much the charges are going to amount up to, but as soon as I get the statements Im going to set the ball rolling with claiming the whole amount back. Wish me luck!
  10. Going through all bank statements from Natwest, I have had about £70.00-£100.00 of charges per statement, but these date back to 1994-1995 time, So am I right in saying that I am not able to claim these back? Sorry I know that this has probably been asked lots already, but its alot of money so I just wanted to see if there was anyway around it at all. Any help would be great! Thanks
  11. Hiya, Sorry this has probably been answered loads before - my 14 days from Lloyds is up tomorrow, but they have written to me a couple of days ago saying thank you for my letter, and they will take 14 days to respond.. Do I want their 14 days or just send them another letter asking for payment?
  12. Sent my letter off today, asking for £280 in charges back Wish me luck! Debz x
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