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  1. I brought a Dell laptop from Argos 17 months ago. 8 months later it had a motherboard failure & Dell replaced it. Today the motherboard has again failed. I have spoken to Dell support and they advise that it is going to be 180 for repair as the laptop is over 12 months old. I understand that the warranty covers me for 12 months, however seeing as the original fault occured when the laptop was 8 months old I think that this shows the laptop is not fit for purpose. It is my understanding that under the sales of goods act, items sold by retailers should last for a suitable amoun
  2. Hi guys I am at the end of my tether with this, so really would like some advice on where I can go with this! On the 20th October 2012 I placed at order for a take away with http://www.Just-Eat.co.uk/ it is a take away they recommended under my postcode and one I have used before. My order was accepted, I was given a delivery time and money was taken from my debit card 10 minutes later I had an email from them to advise that the take away I had chosen could no longer deliver to my area as I am too far away (we are on the same street, but that is a different issue!). I
  3. Hi This probably isn't the right place to put this but I wasn't sure where to start. My mum has a number of knitting patterns and she makes the characters (for example her latest one is a nativity set). She wanted to try & sell these, not necessarily for loads of profit but to cover her costs to let her carry on making this. She emailed one of the publishers of one of the patterns and they have told her that she can’t because of copyright. Are they allowed to stop her from doing this? Are there anyways around it? Would some other pattern printers allow her to do what she wan
  4. Thanks for the help. I don't remember having any debt with co-op. As far as I know the only account I had with them was Smile, which was cleared when I claimed by banl charges back. I have been bad with money though so I'll have to double check. With those forms you mentioned where do I get them from? How do I submit them? Thanks
  5. Today I recieved a "warrant of execution" letter dated the 13th July saying I have until the 25th July to pay Co-Operative bank £175.25 towards a £657.63 debt I owe. It says I have no made payments under the judgement as I was ordered. I am in a debt with a few companies which I am paying off slowly, I am not aware of owing this amount to co-operative bank at all. I havent recieved anything from them to say I owe any money because letters I have had from lenders, I have rung and sorted payment plans for. I have not (to my knowledge) had any type of court order etc to pay any amount.
  6. My friend recently signed up for a free weight loss trial online. As part of the trial you were to recieve access to a weightloss tracker/motivation website and a free sample of some weight loss products. She signed up just to see what it was about, understanding that the large charges advertised on the website would only come about IF and WHEN she decided to go ahead with the full product. She has yet has NOT recieved any of the products that they promised. She recently noticed that they had charged her in the region of £150 (debit card payment, not via paypal or anything) and contacted
  7. letter from them today giving full settlement & money in account today
  8. still no word from lloyds, I see alot of people have been contacting LLoyds solictiers the day before court date, is this recommended if I havent heard anything by then?
  9. Sorry didnt see your reply here.. I am asking for all my charges back.. Money claim submitted today.
  10. Went for the easy option & didnt ask for interest. letter sent today!
  11. Have a date for late March for court. Do I need to do anything between now and then? I know nearer the time I have to deliever my bundle to the court etc. Do I write to them between now and then and give them another chance to settle?
  12. My dad has had a cheque from Natwest for the full amount of his claim... I have now got to close his claim with money claim. Can I do this online does anyone know, or do i have to write to the court?
  13. Had my statements from Capital One, and now am looking at claiming back in the region of £922.00 Im a bit confused though - Am I right saying that I can claim 29%odd interest as that is their rate, or do I just go for the standard 8%? Sorry, i know im a bit slow!! lol
  14. Just to point out - The defence was litttered with question marks instead of apostrophes all over the letter, maybe I should point this out as embarrassing lol
  15. Lloyds have sent back a defence saying my claim is too vauge, I have seen a thread with details of what to do regarding this, so doing this now! wish me luck!
  16. Defence filed today 16.11.06. Money claim online now says : The Defendant disputes the whole amount you have claimed. Your claim cannot proceed online and will be transferred to the appropriate court for continuation. You will receive confirmation to where the claim has been transferred to shortly.
  17. just wanted a second opinion. thanks very much
  18. been a bit slack, no statements from them (suprise suprise) sent my Data Protection Act request for data today x
  19. Day 18 out of 28 and no response yet, other than that they intend to defend, I guess I just keep quiet and hope to hear from them soon? x
  20. Hiya! My dad is currently claiming a modest amount from Natwest, he's at the LBA stage, and is due to put in a claim with money claim on tuesday by his timescale.. They have written to him today, to say thanks for your letters, sorry we havent been in touch sooner, we have passed this for review and will be back in touch within 10 days, which I assume is a standard letter. I say we should still do the claim on Tuesday, he wants to wait to see what they say... What would you guys suggest? Hope that makes sense! Debz x
  21. oh well, be worth it in the end eh?
  22. Money claim now says : Acknowledged The Defendant is allowed a total of 28 days from the date from when they are served with the claim to reply. Does anyone know how quickly Lloyds usually take to reply? I bet they wait 27 days dont they? lol
  23. just to update - They tried to add more charges to me today, because I went overdrawn last time they took out charges, I emailed and they removed the charges straight away.
  24. they have emailed me to say that they are going to be crediting the amount to me today Small victory for me!
  25. Oh yeah i know what you all mean, I just meant compared to what Im claiming from other banks.. or what I will be claiming.. Its not much, but definatly better in my pocket than theirs!
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