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  1. Pennypenny - well done! Hope the settlement figure they offer is exactly what you've hoped for. I've got a court date of the 30th Sept with them over PPI cover and would be delighted to be in your situation :grin: Hope the settlement helps you out.
  2. Has anyone been involved in preparing a Case Summary and Draft Order for a Hearing whether by phone or in person?
  3. Hi - I don't appear to have been! In fact, it says that it 'orders the Claimant to arrange the telephone conference'. Meanwhile I've also chased up the Small Claims Mediation Service whose pro-forma I have returned. They asked me for contact details for the Halifax this morning which I have supplied. Frustratingly, I keep hearing about people getting goodwill gesture settlements from the Halifax when passed to the FOS, yet clearly their heels are being dug in here which is a bit annoying, but they wouldn't be the Halifax unless they were being annoying!
  4. hi - the letter days that 20 mins has been allowed for the hearing and then goes on to explain the Scheme for Telephone Hearings. It says that the 'Claimants Legal Representative' (that will be me then!) is ordered to arrange the telephone conference and that a case summary and draft order should be prepared and submitted no later than the last working day before the hearing. Interesting! Never been to this stage before so a learning experience for me. Tbh, I would rather actually go to Court than do it over the phone. Happy to see the whites of the eyes of the Halifax's solicitors in court rather than allowing them to hide behind a phone call.
  5. Got my court date for the 30th Sept. Apparently 20mins have been made available to discuss this on the phone. Blimey, I talk to Directory Enquiries longer than that. Should I be concerned about only getting 20 mins for this?!
  6. I have just received one of these letters today. It comes not long after getting letters from Advantage who were offering me a similar service. Transpires that they've got my details from companies who sell financial leads to these organisations. I'm bloody raging about it as I've never contacted anyone about any credit of late - the only recent financial thing I've done is to get a quote for car insurance!
  7. Well done! In their legal defence against me they deny that there is even such a legal concept as 'mis-selling'. Of course, they also tried telling me that part of HBOS listed as being part of HBOS on their website and in their annual report was not part of HBOS. Chocolates and fireguard? Inflatable and dartboard?
  8. Wow!!! What a success! I've been arguing with them for nigh on 8 months and have court papers lodged! Tell me, did they ever try and say that they were not liable as Halifax Insurance Ireland were the insurers and not them?
  9. There is no communication whatsoever among various parts of the Halifax. The stroppy manner of one of their customer service people cost them my business (although admittedly, I'm not a great customer!), but more seriously, they lost about £250K worth of mortgages which members of my family moved elsewhere.
  10. Is this not one which may be covered for an initial advice session with your household insurance policy if you have legal cover on it too?
  11. Maggie - wishing you luck with this! There are quite a few success stories with HBOS being posted on the MSE site where they've offered full and final settlements after FOS referrals. Hopefully yours will be a success story soon! It's obviously just me they don't fancy sharing their goodwill gestures with (I'm still waiting my court date)
  12. Right - passed my OFT letter to the FOS who have decided to pass it to a case worker (last letter I had from them, they told me they weren't there to 'police' banks and couldn't help ), but it appears that they have had their minds focused by the OFT and their superb letter. Fingers crossed that Sainsburys realise they can't ignore this anymore.
  13. RMW, I've just went back over your thread and note so many similarities in terms of the way you and I have been treated by HBOS, particularly when yu mention being under such a strain from them that it had an impact physically. CAG really an change the course of people's lives - who knows where I'd be right now if I hadn't learned to fight back and claim back so much of what they owed me. Go get 'em, ya' mad mental woman and give them a good old poke in the eye from me too!
  14. I've not put my POC as yet, although it will follow! (once I can work out how to post a word document rather than a photo). Will stick their defence up on here over the next few days (so many other places I would like to stick their defence up!) and get opinions on it. They're relying on the Limitations Act to get out of it, and also say ing that they have no liability as far as misselling goes as the Insurance was through Halifax Insurance Ireland and not the HBoS (and they are denying that HII is part of the HBOS Group). I have filed my AQ and also submitted the Small Courts Mediation Form as I said that I would be willing to consider this in an effort to resolve the case - I'm not out to fight a war, just get my cash back!
  15. Excellent stuff there, Alanalana! I think may just ask for some of that in advance as I will do with Sainsburys too. I should have added that the consistency of response from the OFT would suggest that their understanding and consideration of these points would suggest that there is no doubt in there eyes that what they - and we - are saying is correct.
  16. I've received this from the OFT in relation to a letter I sent to them complaining about Sainsburys and their efforts to insist that a recontructed CCA would suffice in satisfying a request I made to them under the 1974 Act. This is quite useful to me as it also suggests that the failure of Halifax to supply a 'true copy' as opposed to a reconstructed one or one missing in the full prescribed terms is one which they view as unfair and unenforceable. Very handy for me as there is a balance of £700 or thereabouts on the account (all PPI premiums!)
  17. I don't know if that's of any use to you at all, but I'm certainly making sure Sainsburys can see what I got back from the OFT, after all, I did warn them in advance that I would be making the OFT aware of this.
  18. HAK (and everyon else!) here's a copy of the letter I received from the OFT. Please feel free to complain to them about Sainsburys and increase the pressure for someone somewhere to take action against their business practices.
  19. HAK, I have a lovely letter from the OFT whom I wrote to asking them to consider Sainsburys credit licence given that they cannot abide by the CCA 1974 or the OFT's own guidance on Debt Collection. They have written back outlining the law as they see it and provided me with a fantastic stick to beat these shysters with as what they are doing clearly runs contrary to OFT opinion. I feel another letter coming on!
  20. Hey everyone. Just a quick note to say that I have had a great letter from the OFT (similar to that on Alanalana's RBoS thread) in which they state clearly what their view of the law is and where it sounds as if Sainsburys are breaking it. Goodo!!!! Will certainly be making them aware of the OFT's thoughts on the law.
  21. I've lodged court papers with the Halifax and getting nowhere with them but I seem to be hearing about lots of success on here and on MSE with people getting 'goodwill' settlements from the Halifax where complaints have been lodged with the FOS. I avoided the FOS given the timescales invovled and hoped that the Court process would lead to a quicker settlement but it hasn't as yet. So far I've had £85 application fee, £35 to file my Allocation Questionnaire and no doubt face a few more hundred pounds in the run up to the action court hearing. Who knows - had I followed the FOS path, I'd maybe have had a settlement by now!
  22. Well done! I'm still battling against them and waiting for a court date It's your money so ask for it in whatever form suits you best!
  23. Great stuff! Seems like these battles have been going on forever and, at last, some real progress has been made :grin:
  24. Sorry - another one subscribing here! I've got court papers in against the Halifax and one of my issues is over the validity of the application form they have sent me in an effort to satisfy my CCA request.
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