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  1. Okay. Still no settlement from nationwide, the court date is looming. I might just bail out, its only for £200 after all. What is the best way of doing this?
  2. Im scared. It seems I am in over my head here. Im surprised its gone to Court just for a couple hundred quid. Would Nationwide have recieved this today also? Maybe they'll settle.
  3. Okay now im confused. I waited and recieved no allocation questionnaire from the court, but today I recieved the following letter which suggests that questionnaires have been looked at by the judge and my case has been allocated to the small claims track. Furthermore, I now have a court date and have been asked to submit documents! I am at a complete loss as to what to do, Its never gone this far before and I have not heard a peep from Nationwide. Can anyone advise? Im starting to panic here as the court date is scheduled for NOVEMBER! http://img129.imageshack.us/img129/2433/cou
  4. Thanks for the help. So I basicly wait then... (The case HAS been transferred to my local court, but I have not heard from them)
  5. Im confused. I have sucessfully claimed against various banks in the past. Now im against Nationwide for a small amount and have recieved from northampton county court a copy of their defence and notifcation that the case has been moved to my local court. Now I was expecting an allocation questionnaire to be issued with this, but I dont have one, what I do have is a notice stating the following: Without hearing IT IS ORDERED THAT:- 1.The filing of an allocation questionnaire be dispensed with in this case unless the District Judge at the court of transfer orders otherwise. **
  6. Oh I know im well within my rights and have sucessfully beaten Natwest and Capital One. However what concerns me is that I cannot fine a single success story of someone claiming against Egg. All I can see are warnings that Egg will counterclaim and force you to close your account if you still have an outstanding balance. I dont want to close the account (Cant afford to pay the balance up front at the moment) I just want my charges back.
  7. Another thing that concerns me (from reading posts) is that the only way you have a remote chance against Egg is if your account is closed or balance paid off fully. What if we are not in a position to do this? Will it mean Egg can simply counter claim? If Egg are so damn smart, why arent the other (larger) banks using their methods to defend themselves in similar claims
  8. That doesnt really answer my question. Before I take the risk of starting a claim, paying court costs etc, I'd like to know why no one has won. What makes Eggs defence more airtight than say any of the other banks. If they cannot be beaten, then why bother? From what I have read Barcotes situation was a one off that ended up in court. He won because Egg didnt show up and they are now appealing, so he hasnt even won just yet.
  9. I'm about to start a claim, I've searched and searched this subforum and can find no success stories
  10. Let battle commence! Ive sent my SAR and recieved all statements. Charges are minimal and only add up to around £200 - but its MY money. I will work on the PRELIM tonight, but am a little concerned as I cannot see any reports of any sucessful claims against Egg in this thread. Are Egg notoriously difficult to crack (sorry about the pun)? Have THEY ever won? I've sucessfully claimed against Natwest. With Egg, I feel a little uneasy due to lack of specific info on this forum.
  11. Well I cashed the settlement cheque today, just waiting for it to clear before notice of discontinuance is submitted to the courts. Now as I mentioned before, since my original claim began I was hit with three further charges. When Natwest settled I called the customer relations dept to inform them of this and asked for the charges added since the claim began to be refunded. Well, strike me down! They agreed! Not only that, but they waivered a charge due to hit for November. Furthermore the woman I spoke to congratulated... yes CONGRATULATED me on recovering all of my previous charges.
  12. Im at this stage too. Recieved full settlement today but since the claim have had three charges applied. What I will do is 1) ring the bank, tell them you were in litigation, have recieved settlement but further charges were applied when account was in dispute (they should not have been), ask for them to be refunded. 2) failing that, write to cobbetts when you accept their final settlement. say that you would like to give their client the opportunity to refund these charges, but failure to do so would mean you making another claim. 3) Make a claim. prelim > LBA > etc
  13. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/natwest-bank/32234-darthbane2k-natwest-2.html
  14. Well well well!... Got a call from my other half this morning, informing me of a letter we recieved by special delivery. In that letter was a cheque for £2401.00 full and final settlement from Cobbetts. Seemed like an eternity but I prevailed in the end! - and only thanks to the wonderful help, advice and support of this forum. Just waiting for the cheque to clear now before I inform the courts. Thank you again everyone for all your help ,support and encouragement! Mods please add those glorious words **SETTLED IN FULL** however since my first claim a further three charg
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